Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Poplar Mountain Part 43 by Dellani Oakes

Dollie disappears. The men follow, and find signs that she's marked the way for them.

They had gone another half mile or so when they saw a figure in the woods ahead of them. The moon filtered through the trees, giving the figure an eerie glow. It huddled and shivered under a tree. When they got near, they saw that it was Dollie. She launched herself toward Lucius, kissing him furiously.
"You're all right?" His hands examined her carefully. "He didn't hurt you when he took you?"
"Goodness no, he didn't take me. I followed him when Patty fainted. He came in the bedroom window, I left the same way. I lost him though, about ten minutes ago, I think."
"Lord have mercy, Patty!" Will took off the way they'd come.
Lucius and Dollie followed more slowly. Luke gave her back her shoe, which she gratefully put on. He helped her as she limped down the rough slope. The terrain was good for goats and men in hiking boots, not girls in tennis shoes. When they got to more level ground, Lucius picked her up and carried her quickly to the girls' dorm.
When they arrived, they couldn't find Will and Patty in the apartment. Luke left Dollie to make coffee and headed toward the room the brothers had shared. It didn't take a genius to know what was probably happening. The sounds coming from the locked room confirmed his suspicions and he wished like hell Dollie was the kind of girl to give him a tumble. He needed one badly.
He hurried back to the apartment. With a screwdriver from Dollie's tool chest, he fixed the door, locking it. He then inspected the bedroom windows. All were secure, though the screen needed replacing on one of them. Feeling slightly better, he went back to the kitchen. Dollie had set out their coffee and a plate of cookies. Luke attacked the food like a starving man.
Dollie got out bread and cheese, putting some of the leftover barley soup on to heat. Luke drank his coffee and she poured him more. It was partially the fact he'd hardly had any solid food for three days, and partially the excitement and exercise running around the valley. It was also the fact he had to keep himself occupied or he was going to concentrate on how good Dollie looked, even though she was dirt streaked in a torn robe. The gown was slightly damp from her nighttime tromp in the woods and the sheer fabric clung to her luscious curves in a way that invited a man to consider clinging to them the same way.
"So," he said, his voice louder than he intended. "He got in through the window."
"Yes. I couldn't see him well at all. Just this big, huge dark spot lit from behind by the moon. Patty screamed and fainted. He turned and ran, hopping through the window like Old Scratch was after him. I followed."
Luke chuckled. "In a way, Old Scratch was after him. Remind me not to make you angry, Dollie. You'd likely half kill me."
Dollie giggled, tossing her hair over her shoulder. It fell in damp waves, a halo of blue-black around her head and shoulders. Luke wanted to bury himself in her hair. The urge to kiss her was stronger. She smelled like outdoors and sweat and a little fear. The combined scent excited him.
"Why did you follow him, Dollie? Patty thought he'd taken you."
"I imagine he would have if we'd been alone. I think that was his intention. He didn't expect you and Will to be here. I guess following him was pretty stupid."
"He could've kilt ya, Dollie."
Shivering, she put her cup down, her hands shaking uncontrollably. "I didn't think. Oh, Luke!"
He took her in his arms, holding her close. She continued to shiver and shake, harsh sobs wracking her slender frame. He lifted her easily, carrying her to the couch where he wrapped her in an afghan. When that wasn't enough to stop the shaking, he held her on his lap, cuddled up like a child.
Dollie clung to him, sniffling and crying. Soon, the shivering subsided. She rested her head on his shoulder. She was still so long, he thought she might be asleep. Lifting her gently, he carried her to the bed and set her down. When he stood to go, she held him.
"Don't leave me!"
"I won't, darlin'. I'm here. Lemme get my shoes off and I'll lie down with ya."
He took off his shoes and socks. When he looked at his pants, he realized they were both filthy.
"You need a bath, Dollie. We both are dirty as all get out. I'm gonna take you to the bathroom and wait right outside."
"What will I do while you bathe?" Her eyes grew wide with fear.
"Reckon you can sit on the commode if you think you can handle seeing me...."
Could he? He doubted it. Just knowing she would be in the bathroom with him while he was naked filled him with an almost overwhelming lust. Dollie didn't bother to comment. She got her clean clothing and brought him some of his clothing she'd laundered. He didn't even know she had it.
"Ladies first."
She was quick, barely ten minutes. Luke's turn came all too fast. He got in the shower, drawing the curtain, before he undressed. He dropped his things out the back. Dollie picked them up and put them in the hamper. When he got to his boxers, he was embarrassed. Instead, he wadded them up in the back of the shower and started the water, glad the pipes were warm.
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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