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The Convergence - Ruth Davis Hays - with Special Guest, Keinigan

Today, the Fantastic Blog Hop heads back to Orlando, Florida to talk once more with Ruth Davis Hays. She has a special guest visiting her, the handsome and intriguing Keinigan. Welcome, milord! Tell us a bit about yourself.
What is your name?
Keinigan Laphae and I am the protagonist from The Translations from Jorthus series.

What is your biggest fear?
The Journeymen Council finding me. That, and pointy metal going in my skin…yes, that’d be bad, too.

What would you give up everything to have?
Everlasting love!

What is the biggest mistake you've ever made and are you going to be able to rectify it?
Stealing that figgin’ money from the Wayward Inn. Oh! I’m still paying for it, and may be doing so for the rest of my life.

What food would you never eat?
I’ll try most things, but I draw the line at eating human or fae flesh. I know that sounds strange, but it is not unheard of on some worlds.

You've dressed to impress. What are you wearing?
Oh, just something I found…pick up…er, stole from someone. I prefer frock coats with lots of pockets, and comfortable breeches. A nice, embroidered linen shirt helps! It impresses the ladies.

What one thing have you found unattainable thus far in your life?
Getting Lylith in my bed. I’m not writing it off completely, yet.

What is about to change for you?
I have a feeling that my entire life may be changing. Where I call home; my opinions on who I can trust and who my friends are; how I view myself. I’m a bit scared, frankly.

Where do you live?
I wander around the cities of Myretrae, mainly. That’s a continent on Jorthus. Just so you’ll know where to find me.

Who are you?
I am a Faerlin, a noble fae race by most accounts, but we have our flaws. I’m an opportunist, a scavenger of valuable items, a trader (as it were). But, most just label me a thief. I may not be well educated, but I get by; mimicking those around me.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Frustration. Some days, I just can’t bear to look myself in the eyes. I’ve done some things that I’m not terribly proud of in the past, and for the sake of self-preservation, I continue to do some.

Who do you hate and why?
Several people, I suppose. I hate those that take advantage of others, it’s unjust. And, anyone who is trying to kill me. That usually puts people on my hate list.

The Convergence - A Review

Picking up about a year after The Dawnstone Tale ended, The Convergence follows the lives of Dharromar, Keinigan and Lylith once more. Though cast apart at the end of The Dawnstone Tale, the three former companions' paths seem destined to cross once more.
Subdued by her betrayal by Dharromar, Lylith returns to her secluded home. There, she begins magic lessons with her father's friend, Master Calbraum, a dwarf magda. She decides to present herself to the magda grand council for acceptance in their ranks.
As he travels home from Daie, Dharromar encounters beasts that even the Changeling learns to fear. Almost killed, he makes his way home to heal. Even as he's occupied with added dangers, his mind dwells on Lylith and the relationship he's lost.
Locked in the king's dungeon on Daie, Keinigan discovers he has a new talent—he can see the future. Though this saves him from death, he'd far rather give the gift back. The young faerlin thief feels compelled to warn people of the things he sees, often making things worse. A free man once more, he is delighted when he finds Lylith again.
Though it answers many questions left dangling after Dawnstone Tale, The Convergence poses many more of its own. The novel is fast paced and well laid out, making it easy for the reader to follow the divergent character lives.
The Convergence introduces new friends—and complications—for the three former companions:
Rachel – a young woman transported from our world to the world of Jorthus.
Hamlin – a farmer warned by Keinigan, who then finds himself running from the law.
Trevalin – a bold warrior who catches Lylith's eye.
Oramatsu – an elf unfortunate enough to cross Dharromar's path not once, but twice.

Ruth Davis Hays has a real flair for descriptive passages. Her words set the scene beautifully, capturing the reader's imagination. Her characters come alive, hopping off the page to guide the reader through the story. I found myself drawn back into the world of Jorthus and look forward to my next adventure there.
I highly recommend The Convergence to any reader who enjoys a well spun tale, especially those who love true fantasy at its best.

Five Golden Acorns.
© Dellani Oakes


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