Friday, June 21, 2013

My Fantasy

This is something I wrote for my Fun in Writing group on Wednesday.

I was walking down the street the other day, when a glint of metal caught my eye. I spied a battered, metal, oil lamp. I picked it up and carried it home, intending to recycle it. However, when I examined it, it looked like it was very old – perhaps antique. I thought I might clean it up and try to sell it on E-bay.
I got out the brass polish and gave the ancient metal a gentle bath in warm, sudsy water. I lifted it from the water, intent upon applying the polish. My fingers brushed it and I felt a raised place. On closer inspection, it looked like an inscription. I rubbed away some grime, staring at the words I found there.
With a whoosh and a puff of fragrant, purple smoke, I found myself face to face with a handsome man dressed in a tuxedo. He had a muscular physique, black hair and the bluest eyes I've ever seen. He smiled, taking my soapy hand in his.
My name is Ax and I'm the genie of his lamp.” His voice was deep, sexy – like melted, dark chocolate. “I'm here to fulfill your every wish and desire. You need only think of what you want and it shall be done.”
I blushed as I gazed into those limpid, sapphire pools. “Yes,” I whispered. “Oh, yes!”
Suddenly, I found myself in a beautiful gown, drenched in diamonds. My hair was beautifully coiffed and I stood on the deck of a yacht in the middle of the ocean. I was surrounded by handsome men and beautiful women, enjoying a lavish party. Afterward, I went to sleep in the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in, with Ax by my side.
When I woke, he held me close, gazing deeply into my eyes. “I can fulfill every wish,” he murmured huskily.
Really?” I replied, holding him close.
I need only read your mind.”
What does my mind say now, Ax?”
In a flash, I found myself at home. My floors were washed and waxed. The drip under the sink was fixed, the bathrooms were scrubbed to a dazzling shine and there wasn't a speck of dust to be seen. Not only that, my book marketing was done and my manuscripts were typed and edited.
Ax had my feet in his lap, massaging them gently and I held a glass of fine wine in one hand, a book in another.
This truly is bliss,” I sighed. “Kiss me, Ax!” I closed my eyes and felt his lips brush mine.
Funny,” I thought. “He smells like bacon.”
I opened my eyes to find my Labrador Retriever standing over me, licking my face. I clutched the soapy lamp in one hand, a sponge in the other. A pool of water surrounded me. The leak in the sink had finally become a full on flood.
I struggled to sit up, still holding the lamp. Determined to see what was written on it, I rubbed diligently. No puff of purple smoke came, but I did see the words – Made in Taiwan.

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