Monday, December 30, 2013

Me Being Rotten

 The worst spanking I ever got, I was four. We lived in married student housing in Cambridge, Massachusetts while my father attended Harvard. Being an internationally recognized institution, Harvard attracted students from all over the world. Occasionally, my parents would invite someone over for dinner. Of course, we girls were supposed to be on our best behavior.
Our guest on this occasion, was a young Chinese man named Dam Wong. Being four, I found great humor in his name. I ran around the house saying, "Dam Wong. Dam Wong," in a singsong voice, giggling happily.
"Stop that right now," my father said sharply. "You're being rude."
I didn't.
"I said to stop that!"
I continued. Daddy sent me to my room before dinner. I calmed down a little, but started up again over our meal. I was sent to my room again. Instead of staying there, I sat at the top of the stairs saying, "Dam Wong! Dam Wong".
"I—have—had—enough!" My father bellowed as he charged up the stairs.
He grabbed me up in one hand, carried me to my room and tore my butt up. I can't remember if he made me apologize to Dam Wong, but I doubt it. There was no telling if I'd start up again and break into hysterical giggles. Needless to say, the after dinner talk was cut short and our guest went home.
I've never forgotten that spanking. I went out of my way after that to avoid being spanked by my father. If I got in trouble with my mother, I would hide before he got home so he wouldn't spank me again. Once, I hid for so long, my parents were nearly frantic. By the time they found me, deep in the closet upstairs, the desire to spank me had passed.
I don't remember anymore spankings after that, but the "Dam Wong Affair" is indelibly imprinted on my memory.

© Dellani Oakes

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