Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Drenched

Elizabeth Slaton is new in town, having recently moved from Colorado. She's been looking for a job and finally had a line on one with an elder care facility. She spoke to the director earlier in the day, setting up an appointment for the following morning. He calls her out of the blue and the conversation isn't exactly what she expected.

Her cellphone rang, startling her. It wasn't a number she recognized, but since it was local, she answered anyway. “Hello?”
Elizabeth Slaton?”
Yes. Who's this?”
Dylan Marshall. We spoke earlier about the job.”
Of course.” Her heart fluttered. Had he found someone else? Was he calling to cancel their appointment? She hoped not. She needed the job and he was the only one who had called her back.
Could you possibly come in earlier than one? I got handed a job I don't really want and can't say no to. I have to be at a Yacht Club cruise and schmooze luncheon. I don't know when I'll get back.”
Certainly. Until I have a job, my time is entirely open.”
Great! I look forward to it. Hey, did you get home okay?”
Yes, but my power is out. I'm sitting here in the dark and it's a little creepy.”
Seriously? I love sitting in the dark. It relaxes me. Of course, Darla thinks I'm completely crazy. My dog, Darla. She's a fawn Doberman.”
Your dog thinks you're crazy?” she giggled.
Yeah, well, since I think that, I probably am, right? I don't know, she has a very disapproving look on her face when I do it.”
Maybe she's just trying to see.”
Dogs have good night vision—don't they?”
Mine didn't. Stone stupid and blind as sticks.”
You don't mean blind as bats?”
No. Bats see just fine. But have you ever seen a stick that had good vision? I ask you.”
He paused. “I have not. Okay, I'll give ya that.”
What time tomorrow?”
Nine thirty or ten. Which works better.”
Let's make it ten. I'm not sure enough of your location. I don't own a GPS. I never needed one until I moved here.”
Where are you located? I can give you great directions and can almost guarantee you won't get lost.”
Almost? That sounds dubious, Mr. Marshall.”
Well, I can't factor in your ability to follow directions, so I can't say they are definitively, one hundred percent fool proof.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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