Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Ring Up the Curtain

Shaine finds herself desperately attracted to Colt, but she's in a relationship with Brent. They have always kept things loose, each thinking that's what the other wanted. Now, Shaine isn't so sure. The entire cast and crew are out for a party, enjoying a casual dinner at Uncle Jay's Pub. Shaine finds herself talking to Colt, Brent and his cousin, Romy.

"When's your next rugby match?" she asked, by way of changing the subject.
Romy laughed, tipping his chair. "No matches for awhile. Practice is Saturday at ten like always. Want to come watch?"
"It depends on if I've got something more important to do. You know, laundry, washing the car. . . ."
Romy grabbed his chest like she'd shot him. "Oh, you wound me, love! Bunch of handsome blokes dashing about the field pummeling one another? What's not to love?"
"Take your shirts off, I'll come."
"We'd be out of league uniform."
"Then I'll pass. Violence on the field doesn't do it for me. Violence and shirtless men on the field—does."
"What's your feeling about hockey?" Colt asked her.
"Too much clothing. At least the rugby guys wear shorts."
"Brent, dude, you are one lucky man." Colt grinned at him. "You've got a woman who doesn't mind telling you what turns her on."
"Naked men," Brent chuckled.
"Nearly naked, thanks. I like a little left to the imagination. I mean, when you've seen one dick, you've seen them all."
Three men groaned loudly.
"That hurts," Brent said. "We like to think we're all unique."
"Baby, that's like asking me which skateboard I want to ride, the long or the short one. They all have wheels, they all have sandpaper on top and they get me where I want to go. The decoration is different, the wheels faster or slower, but they're all skateboards."
"You're comparing a man's package to a skateboard?" Colt looked confused and somewhat disheartened. "That ain't even right."
"You cut me to the quick, love," Romy said. "We men are rather attached to our personal units, you understand. Are you saying size isn't a factor?"
They leaned toward her, curious. Shaine giggled, tossing her head.
"It matters some. Too big is almost as bad as too small. Each woman has her own idea of just right, kind of like Goldilocks."
"Well, the three bears here wanna know, what's just right?" Colt smirked.
"You really want to know?"
They were hanging on her every word. Nodding, they scooted closer as she leaned over the table.
"Ask Brent, cause it's in his pants." She smiled sweetly, excusing herself from the table.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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