Tuesday, October 04, 2016

First Meeting from The Ninja Tattoo

This isn't specifically their first meeting, but that was so short, I like to use this scene instead. Teague inadvertently ran into Vivica when opening the door at Dunkin' Donuts. To apologize, he bought her a cup of coffee, but had to rush to get to work. He did, however, make sure to drive slowly by the windows of the building so she could see the name of the business on the side of his truck.

Teague stopped at Taco Bell and picked himself up a late lunch. He ate in the restaurant, going over this plans for Scott so that the plan would be fresh in his mind when he went to the nursery. He was making a list of necessary items when his phone rang.
"Wild Gardens. Teague speaking. How may I help you?"
"So, it is you," said the cheerful female voice on the other end. "It's not every day a man buys a girl a cup of coffee and runs off without a word. I had to beg Jenny to tell me your name, but she wouldn't give me your number."
"It's right on the side of the truck," he said with a laugh in his voice.
"So I noticed as you drove slowly by. You did that on purpose, you sly devil. Peak a girl's interest and satisfy her curiosity at the same time."
"Damn, I'm good. I didn't know I was that slick."
"Sneaky, you mean. So, hit any other women with doors in the past few hours?"
"No, but I've been kissed by a beautiful, older woman."
"Ooh, I'm jealous! Tell me who she is, I'll pay her a visit."
Teague laughed, picturing this nameless, exotic beauty coming up against Daisy.
"You might give the old girl heart failure," he said. "Daisy's spry, but I think you'd scare her half to death. Why don't you just let me buy you dinner to make up for my infidelity?"
There was a short pause. She sounded somewhat surprised when she answered, though whether with him or herself, he couldn't tell. "You know, I'd really like that, Teague."
"Great! Are you free tonight?"
"You're sure not shy. Do you always ask mysterious women out right after you meet them?"
"Only the ones I hit with the door. The others have to wait the standard three weeks before I ask them out."
"Am I setting myself up to get played?" She sounded concerned.
Wanting to immediately kill that thought, Teague got very serious. The laughter left his voice and he was very quiet before replying.
"I promise, I'm not like that," he said solemnly. "I don't even know your name."
Did he hear a sniffle? Had he made the woman cry? Cursing himself silently, he waited. She cleared her throat before replying.
"That's a beautiful name."
"Thank you. So, is Teague your first name?"
"Yeah. My mom's maiden name. Originally McTeague. Dad talked her out of that, thank God."
She giggled, then laughed louder. "Fine Irish name it is," she said with a fairly decent brogue.
"Aye, so it is, lassie. So, about dinner?"
"Talk about persistent! Okay, what about dinner?"
"Where, when?" Please let it be soon, he added as a silent prayer.
"You tell me."
"I don't know your schedule."
"I work from home. I'm very flexible."
That statement could have been taken a variety of ways. Teague didn't let his mind dwell on the subtler, more risque meanings, though his heart jumped when she said that.
"Alright. Would it be presumptuous of me to invite you out for tonight? That's assuming that a beautiful, vivacious, resilient woman like you hasn't already got plans."
"Beautiful, vivacious and resilient? Baby, you aren't being presumptuous, but you are pulling out all the vocab stops. If I had plans, I'd reschedule because no other man I know can string those words together with any intelligence."
"Damn, I'm good."
His voice dropped to a silky, dark chocolate range that made Vivica shiver with anticipation. It was a voice designed to be seductive and it worked. She hadn't any plans and the idea of going out with Teague was incredibly appealing.
"I believe I can reschedule," she said. "Move a few things around and clear a window at, say, seven?"
"I can do seven. You like seafood?"
"I love swordfish," she countered.
"I happen to know a place that serves the best swordfish in the county."
"Really? Where?"
"That would be telling. See, this way, I have to come pick you up."
"I see. Handsome and sneaky."
"I'm told it's a large part of my charm."
"Oh, I thought your charm was simply your ability to run into women with doors."
Teague laughed happily, enjoying this conversation more than just about any he'd ever had. He could tell that Vivica would keep him hopping, and he looked forward to it eagerly. She gave him her address which he wrote on a napkin, putting it in his wallet before he misplaced it.
"You can find that alright?"
"I grew up here, I can find damn near everywhere."
"Good. I'd hate for you to get lost and be late."
"I'll see you at seven on the dot. You don't mind riding in a pickup, do you?"
"Why would I?"
"Some women don't like trucks."
Vivica laughed. He could picture her tossing her magnificent mane of chestnut colored hair.
"It's got four wheels and it goes vroom. I don't care. My brothers all drive trucks. As a matter of fact, I do too."
"Then I guess that's a moot point."
"Don't be so worried, Teague. You had me at 'oh, shit.'" She hung up with a laugh.
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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