Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Love Dialogue from Driving Blind

Zenobia Vlachos works as a computer repair person at a local chain store. On her way home, she gets pulled over by a handsome motorcycle cop named Ax (also Greek). He didn't write her a ticket, he was concerned that she was having car trouble. He also wanted an excuse to get her name and number. Once home, she gets a call she wasn't expecting.

It felt good on her tight shoulders and aching back. She relaxed under the power massage setting, sighing with relief. At tap on the door roused her from her reverie.
Zennie, it's your young man,” her mother said.
You answered?”
Of course. He called three times. I let it ring twice.”
One minute.” She grabbed a towel for her hair and wrapped another around her body.
Her mother handed her the phone and she answered.
Hello?” Her voice sounded like a breathless little girl.
Hi, it's Ax. Sorry to drag you from the shower. I told your mom I'd call back.”
Not a problem. I lost track of time.”
Are you busy tonight?”
No, not really.”
Would you like to be?”
Zenobia giggled. “Depends on what you have in mind.”
I could take you to dinner and a movie, but that's so lame, I didn't consider it for more than five seconds.”
That long?”
I needed coffee. So, I thought maybe dinner, followed by dancing—but I have no idea if you like to dance and I need to polish up my Electric Slide.”
Decade or two behind, but okay.”
I almost said the Hustle, but I think that dance is older than we are.”
She giggled, grabbing her towel as it slipped.
So, I opted for something totally different. Do you have a head for heights?”
I guess....”
You look like you have good upper body strength.”
Where's this going?”
Hopefully, the Wall.”
Um.... As in Pink Floyd?”
Ax laughed. “Not exactly. Pack your gym clothes and I'll come pick you up.”
I can meet you.”
Zenobia, I'm a cop, not a stalker.”
That's not why.” She lowered her voice. “Are your parents both Greek?”
Do you have sisters?”
Ooooh, gotcha. Too early to meet the parental units.”
Not unless you want to plan our wedding thirty seconds after you arrive and marry next week.”
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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