Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Love Dialogue from Spying on Love

Spying on Love was inspired when I was getting on a plane, heading to Kansas City a couple years ago. Brick's a unique character. Since he's an airline executive, most people expect him to be a useless “suit”. People underestimate Brick, to their peril. He's in town of his brother's funeral and finds out there is more to Stony than meets the eye—with dangerous consequences.

There was a knock at the door. Brick got up to answer. He checked through the window before opening up. It was Jeremy and he held a laptop.
Hi. Sorry to come by so late, but thought you might need this. We got what we needed off it.” He handed the laptop to Brick.
Thanks. I can sure use it. Mine died.”
Jeremy nodded, backing quickly off the porch. Brick's phone rang as he closed the door.
Brick, it's Tovah.”
Yeah? Hi. Oh, thanks for sending Stony's laptop. I've got to buy a new one....”
What are you talking about? We didn't send it back.”
I'm holding it in my hands.”
That's not Stony's. It's been dismantled. Get rid of it. Now.”
Throw it in the pool.”
Already on the move, he told David to open the door, glad that his brother-in-law didn't argue. Brick sprinted to the pool, holding the laptop like it would bite him. At the last minute, he decided that wasn't safe. Courtney's room was just above the pool. Instead, he put on a burst of speed and ran to the golf course. It was deserted this time of night. A water trap glittered in the moonlight. Brick changed direction, nearly falling. He hurled the laptop toward the water as hard as he could. He was ten yards away when the pond bulged, blowing water and mossy golf balls in every direction.
The explosion lit the night. Motion sensors, car alarms and voices created a chaotic morass around him. Ears ringing, he clawed his way up the embankment. David met him, beating him on the back. It wasn't until David pushed him into the pool that Brick realized his coat was on fire. David hauled him out. Dripping and furious, Brick moved with a purpose. He was out the door, heading to the surveillance house before David could stop him.
The team across the street was already on the move. Brick zeroed in on Jeremy. He grabbed the sandy haired man by the collar, roaring as he slammed his face into the side of the stucco house. Lucas tried to get between them, but Brick was a man possessed. He wanted to kill Jeremy, but he wanted information more. Jeremy tried to fight, but Brick was a strong man fueled by fury. Hands gripped shirt, elbow slammed across shoulders. His full body weight pinned Jeremy to the wall.
Who sent you?”
He hit Jeremy with his forearm. “Tell me! Who wants us dead?”
I don't know. You have to believe me!”
Who?” Slam. “Who?”
Stony—not dead—dangerous—Jesus, Brick! They have my wife!”
The kids are home! Did you know that? Aubra's pregnant. There are five children in that house! You could have killed us all.” He body slammed the other man once more, roaring his anger.
I'm sorry! I didn't know about the kids.”
But it's okay to kill a pregnant woman?”
Spinning the other man around, Brick punched Jeremy in the gut.
My wife,” he gasped.
Brick gut punched him again. “You'd have sacrificed ten people to help her. I get that. I'd give anything for Danai to still be alive.”
You understand?” There was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
I understand that Danai would have gladly died to protect even one child. I wonder how your wife will feel when she finds out.”
Jeremy wilted, sobbing. “Don't you get it? She died the second that bomb went off.”
Then I'm sorry for your loss,” Brick replied coldly, letting him drop.
Colleen ran up to his side. Maverick and Tovah rushed to cuff Jeremy.
Someone kidnapped his wife,” Brick said. Looking around at the confusion, he sighed. “This is gonna be hard to explain.” He nodded at the conflagration on the fifteenth hole.
Colleen threw her arms around him, kissing him desperately. “Are you okay?”
Charred and wet, but alive. Dammit. I really like this suit.”
I'll buy you a new one, I promise.” She kissed him again.
Mr. McMillan?” A tall policeman walked over.
I'm sorry to intrude, but there are a few questions.”
Okay. Sure.”
I need you to come with me, sir.”
To the station? What for?”
Little matter of a bomb on the golf course.”
I'm coming with him,” Colleen insisted.
Sorry, ma'am. Unless you're his lawyer—”
I'm better than that.” She flashed her badge.
He became very cooperative. “Of course, ma'am. My apologies.”
I showed you mine,” Colleen said, holding Brick's arm as she pushed him behind her. “You show me yours.”
The officer handed her his identification. Glancing from his face to his ID, she took her eyes off him a second too long. Brick saw him move before she did. The officer clipped her on the side of the head and lunged at Brick. Taking advantage of the reach, Brick grabbed the officer instead. He yanked forward, pushing the police officer's arm down at the shoulder as he pulled back at the elbow. The man screamed as his elbow popped.
Colleen recovered enough to grab the other man's wrist, hitching his injured arm behind him. He howled as she cuffed him.
Nice move, McMillan,” she said with an impressed grin.
Aikido—ten years now.”
She raised an interested eyebrow.
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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