Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vile Villains Number One from Full Measure

Full Measure is one of those stories which has more than one villain. Each of them is nasty, though some more than others, and each is strongly motivated to get exactly what they want. This particular villain is a hit man called Domino, who was hired to take out Daphne and Ralan, who have just escaped an explosion.

A man in uniform approached her. He looked slightly familiar, but she couldn't place him. Her ears rang and she was dizzy. The man was tall, dark haired, with a penetrating gaze and a pleasant smile.
"Miss Winstead?"
"Mr. Hendrix is asking for you."
"He's okay? Oh, thank God!" She almost hugged the man, but he dodged, grinning.
"He's fine. Follow me. I'll take you to him."
Daphne looked around to see if any of the team were around. She didn't see them. Hoping the man knew what he was talking about, she agreed. Disoriented, her steps were unsteady. The man grasped her arm at the elbow. His grip had a familiar feel, more of control than aid. A tingle started at the base of her scalp as the hairs on her neck rose. The man was leading her further from the crowd. Despite her dizziness, Daphne realized she'd been tricked. She yanked her arm away, but his grip tightened, fingers digging into her flesh.
His dark eyes burned angrily. "Try it, girlie. Anything you can dish out, I can take. I'm not a pushover like your boy."
"Ralan will kill you if you hurt me."
"Ralan isn't gonna kill anyone." He jerked her toward a nearby building. Shoving her through the door, he propelled her toward an idling SUV.
Pushing her roughly in the back, he slammed the door. Daphne heard a groan from behind her. She looked over the seat and saw Ralan sprawled in the cargo space. His clothing was scorched and rumpled, his face blackened, bruised and lacerated. Too horrified to speak, she stared at him. His dark eyes flickered open and he winked one swollen lid, adding a dramatic groan. A vestige his rakish smile twitched bloodied lips.
"What did you do to him?" she demanded loudly of her captor.
"Nothing he wouldn't do to me given a chance."
"You bastard!"
The man had removed the uniform top and she saw his domino tie. He smiled, eyes icy cold. "You'll think more of me later—much later." He leered at her and Daphne had the uneasy feeling that he intended to do horrible things to her while he made Ralan watch.
"You'll regret it," Daphne said, lifting her chin defiantly.
"Regret what?" his voice was as cold as his eyes, his accent reminding her of a bad Dracula movie.
"Regret hurting us."
"Oh, I doubt that, darling." It sounded like darlink.
"Never doubt me," Daphne said, her voice harsh.
She sat back, arms folded across her chest, dark eyes glaring into Domino's. He blinked, surprised, and withdrew slightly, her anger following him across the seat. Daphne knew she and Ralan had the advantage. Although he was harshly bound at wrists and ankles, she wasn't.
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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