Monday, September 24, 2018

Character Scene from Love Among the Lumber by Dellani Oakes

Jak Foster just started dating a wonderful woman named Arden Templeton. They were having a lovely time, when his former boss, whose job he was just given, broke in and beat the tar out of him. Jak did a fair amount of damage to Evan, but his injuries have finally caught up to him, and he's gone to the hospital.

"You're a mess, Jak," she said after giving him a thorough going over. "Why didn't you go to the hospital last night?" Dr. Clayton crossed her arms, glaring up at him. She was a short woman, maybe five feet tall in her shoes with special lifts. She reminded him a lot of Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy.
"Would you believe, I hurt too damn bad? I didn't want to have to sit in the cold waiting room for hours on end. I took a pain pill, that I had left over from my last beating, and went to bed."
"The good news is you don't have any broken ribs, but there are some bruised ones. We're going to wrap you up, anyway. I don't like how a couple of them look. You have to promise not to let yourself be a punching bag again."
"Scout's honor."
"You were never a Scout," she said with a playful frown.
Jak held up his hand and gave her the Scout's pledge.
"Memorized that from a book," she said with a smirk as she left.
The nurse came in and did up his ribs. Jak winced as she wound the ace bandage around him.
"Jesus, that hurts more than I realized," he hissed as he put his shirt on with her help. "Thanks."
"Doctor says to take the rest of the week off."
"I have to get into the office this afternoon. I promise I won't overdo, just something I have to take care of."
She frowned. "Doctor won't like that."
"I know. I promise I'll only go in for thirty minutes."
The frown deepened.
He explained briefly what he was going in to do. "Fifteen?"
"Twelve and a half." She winked at him.
"You drive a hard bargain, Helen. Okay."
"And you're not to drive. Let your lovely girlfriend drive you over."
"If she can't, I'll have someone do it. I promise."
"Okay, I might be happy now."
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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