Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Baubles and Beads – Copper River Book 5 by Cherime MacFarlane

NUMBER 1 Listopia's Books Where The Hero & Heroine Get Married/Engaged
Della Street Jones is everyone’s ‘good little girl’ and is tired of the label. Munk Riley is the skinny little thief she shared her lunch with until the family left the Copper Basin. Riley, caught by the Jones family, is given a chance to redeem himself and earns a diesel mechanic certification.
Munk wants to marry Della and have all the things denied him growing up the only child of an alcoholic mother.
Taking a job without telling her, causes a blow out between them. Embarrassed, Della takes a live-in position at a remote lodge. There she finds something that causes her to send an SOS to her family to get her out. Munk will do anything to get Della home. But does Della belong where everyone else thinks she does? Can they get out without waking the man who controls the underbelly of Alaska? 

Review of Baubles & Beads

An enjoyable read. Recommend!

This was a very enjoyable read. One of the things I like is reading about areas and peoples that I don't know much about. Baubles and Beads allows me to do that with the story centred on backwoods Alaska and the Athabascan natives of Alaska. The Athabascans have issues with alcoholism, drug abuse, unemployment, discrimination and harassment of their traditional pursuits. Yet, there is still a strong, unyielding, hierarchical control from the elders of the community. In this story, "good girl" Della Jones, just wants to shed her image and make some decisions for herself, before she is too old. She is in love with Munk, a boy who came up the hard way, but is now reformed. Della gets a summer job in an exclusive lodge and finds herself in a mess of trouble over a lost USB drive. It is Munk and his rather tough friends to the rescue. This was a fun, enjoyable read and taught me something about the native Alaskans, which is always a good thing. A sweet, romance with a bit of action/adventure thrown in. Definitely recommend this one.

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