Thursday, February 06, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 9

Dessert is forgotten, as they two of them enjoy a kiss.

Morgan stiffened as her phone rang. He seemed to gain a modicum of control of himself as he released her. She rose and walked to the phone, frowning at the number. Davida. Sometimes that girl had lousy timing.
"Yeah, D. What do you want?" she sounded waspish and took control of her voice.
"I'm sorry, Tanya, did I call at a bad time? I thought you might still be up. I just wanted to chat about Dr. Hunk."
"Oh." Tanya blushed, embarrassed by Davida, even if Morgan couldn't hear her. "Um, I can't really talk about that right now, D."
"Is he there? Oh, my God, he's there, isn't he?"
Trying to appear casual, Tanya turned away from Morgan. "Yes, that's correct."
"Oh, crap, I didn't interrupt anything important, did I?"
"A little, yes."
"Oh, I'm so sorry! Okay, well all the details tomorrow! I'll let you go!"
"Thanks for calling, Davida. Yes, I'll take care of that tomorrow."
"Give him one for me," Davida said wickedly and hung up.
Blushing furiously, Tanya hung up the phone. She was feeling like a girl again, trying to hide the details of her love life from her parents. She sometimes forgot the boy she'd lost her virginity to, but not the feeling of being naughty and wonderful all at once. She was having the same feelings again, and she suddenly got shy. She sat quietly at the table and took up her spoon.
"I'm sorry," Morgan said calmly. "I should leave, Tanya."
"No, please...." She spoke too abruptly. She didn't want him to leave, but she wasn't sure what she did want. "You don't have to go, Morgan."
"I should go, Tanya. We just met.... this wasn't supposed to happen. It was supposed to be two colleagues sharing a good meal. I'm sorry. It's just been a really long time...and I'm babbling, aren't I?"
Morgan shoved his chair under the table with his knee. He stood with his head down, hands in his pockets, looking like an awkward, nervous schoolboy on his first date. Tanya giggled, her own nervousness ebbing slightly. His confused expression made her stop for a moment, then she continued.
"Oh, it's not you. Please, I think I'm just having a delayed reaction to the day. I'm exhausted, but I'm not the least bit sleepy. I'd be pleased if you'd stay, we can talk, have our dessert, drink some hot coffee. I don't want to be by myself right now, and I get the impression you don't want to be alone, either."
Morgan lowered his head, shaking it slightly. "No, I really don't. If I went home right now, I'd drink too much vodka, and wake up with a horrible hangover. I'd enjoy finishing our dessert and a fresh cup of coffee." He smiled up at her. "We can sit down and make up something really wicked to tell Davida tomorrow."
"Oh, God! You heard her?"
He nodded, shrugging slightly and looked sheepish as he tapped his ear. "I have exceptional hearing, and Davida wasn't exactly quiet."
Tanya was so embarrassed, she dropped her head to the table top and covered it with both arms. "Oh, God! I can't tell you how mortified I am at this moment!" Her voice was muffled, but Morgan heard her and started to laugh.
"It's all right," he chuckled. "I don't mind. Frankly I'm flattered. I've never been the subject of a sexual conversation before...well, that I know of."
"Not helping," Tanya whined, still buried under her arms.
"Maybe this will help," Morgan said from behind her. He put his hands gently on her shoulders and started to rub. "It's all right, you don't have to be embarrassed." He continued to rub her neck and shoulders. "God, you're tied in knots! Do you ever unwind? I can feel every muscle back here, and they're all strung like steel."
His fingers dug in deeper, working at her tense muscles. Despite herself, Tanya sighed heavily, almost moaning as his hands worked out the sore places.
"That feels incredible," she mumbled, head on top of her arms as she relaxed against the table.
His hands worked down the spine, kneading and rubbing as he found new kinks. He had strong, precise fingers, a surgeon's hands. He used them skillfully, and she found herself getting aroused again. If he had intended to get her excited, he didn't show it. He kept up a flow of calm, quiet babble designed to help her relax. She jumped slightly when he got to the small of her back and his fingers rubbed the sensitive spot that always sent a thrill up her spine. It was the one, sweet spot that her husband had always avoided, because he said it made her too wild.
"Did I hurt you?"
"No," she said, trying hard to conceal her true feelings. "That's just a really tight spot."
Morgan continued to rub and she felt the tingle spreading down and outward, lodging in her loins. Soon she would be on fire, and nothing would put the fire out except.... She broke off that line of thought as she shivered again from his touch.
"Tanya, we need to stop dancing around this delicate subject," he said with finality as his hands moved around on her back.
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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