Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 18

Morgan is feeling friendly, his hands and lips busily occupied. Tanya says it's too bad they have to drive all the way back to town.
He winked at her, taking her hand and tugging her along behind him. "We don't, actually. Well, provided there's no one there right now. The family has a cabin up here, we all use it from time to time, to get away. I like to come up on my days off and relax. I was planning to come up this weekend, so it's been cleaned and aired, fresh sheets on the bed...."
He trotted up a narrow, indistinct path that could only be followed by forest creatures and people who knew it was there. They came to a cabin that was set facing inland with its back to the rapids. It was an elegantly rustic structure sprawling in a comfortingly substantial way. A porch wrapped three quarters of the way around it, with a deck and dock off the back. The river curved around this end of the island, providing a fantastic view.
"Oh, it's beautiful!" She breathed, gazing at the dark, rough wood building. The plaster and trim had been painted dark green, but the logs were bare bark.
"All ours!" Morgan shoved the door open and walked boldly inside. "Anyone here?" He called loudly, walking from room to room. "Hellooo the house!" There was no answer. "Excellent!" He locked the doors and closed the blinds on the ground floor.
They spent the remainder of the afternoon occupied as they had spent the night before. Tanya hadn't thought that she and Morgan could top the night's performance, but she was even more delighted. Morgan thought of more ways to bring her to ecstasy, and she tried to do the same for him. It seemed that by giving her pleasure, he gave as much to himself. About an hour before they were due at the restaurant, they took a shower and got dressed. Tanya hadn't noticed, but Morgan had planned well, he even had packed some clean clothing for her.
"You snooped," she said, playfully scolding.
"Yes, I did," he replied boldly. "And aren't you glad I did? Otherwise you'd be putting on the same panties, and I know you wouldn't be too happy about that."
"True. A girl has to have clean undies to feel shower fresh all day!"
Laughing, they walked to the dock, holding hands and chatting the whole way. They crossed the river in the same small boat and walked up to the parking lot. Morgan took the second bit of road that Tanya had seen when they parked earlier in the day. It twisted and turned for about half a mile. They came to a low, substantial looking metal bridge which took them to the island. They continued on a gravel track and passed the area where the video had been filmed. Morgan drove slowly until they came to a narrow bridge that looked as if it had been there since God created the world.
"We're going across that?" Tanya looked apprehensive.
"It's okay, really. The superstructure is steel. We just put the original stones over it so if anyone gets here without permission, they'll be too scared to try it." He chuckled. "It's worked well. We don't get many trespassers." He started across the bridge and Tanya was pleased to see that it held.
Dinner was great and the party went late into the night. Around two o'clock, Morgan and Tanya made their apologies and returned to the cabin. They spent the rest of the night in one another's arms. Tanya hated to think about it, but she knew they would have to return to reality soon, and it tugged at her heart. She'd greatly enjoyed her time with Morgan, and didn't want it to end.
Tanya woke around eight o'clock in the morning with the realization that her magical time with Morgan had officially ended. She went downstairs knowing that they both had to go back to work, and she hated it. They were doing the evening rotation, so didn't have to be to work until three o'clock, but that didn't make it any easier for her to face.
"Hey, beautiful!" Morgan had again fixed breakfast. This time it was Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
How he managed to guess her favorites, she didn't know, and didn't question. She sat down with a cup of hot, strong coffee and tried to smile. "Hiya, handsome."
"No long face, okay? Promise me that. There will be other weekends together."
"I know," she said sadly, warming her hands on the coffee mug. "But no more first weekends. This one is special, I don't want it to end."
He walked around the counter and sat beside her on another stool at the bar. "I know, but everything wonderful has to end sometime. It's the ordinary and the bad times that make us appreciate the good ones. I mean, if we had that incredible sex every day, pretty soon we'd get tired of it." He shrugged and then flashed his prize winning grin.
"Not!" She nudged him in the ribs. "I'll never get tired of that! You're going to have a problem though," she told him, trying to hold a serious face.
"Yup, you've raised my expectations. Now you have to perform up to standard, or I'm going to be very disappointed."
"Oh, I see. Is that your professional assessment, Doctor?"
"It is, Doctor."
He kissed her softly, smiling into her eyes. "Then I'll do my best not to disappoint. Now eat up! I like my ladies strong and healthy! Can't have you passing out again. In fact, you and I are having dinner together so I can be sure you'll eat. If I guess right, you'll lose track of time in that dark, little hole of yours."
"I do," she admitted. "I can't wait."
On the way back to town, they kept conversation light. He dropped her at her house so she could get dressed in her professional clothing, and comfortable shoes.
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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