Thursday, March 05, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 17

Molly explains to Tanya about Morgan's relationship with Cullen.
They stepped outside the trailer and the cool wind whipped around the corner, making Tanya shiver. Molly hooked her arm through Tanya's and they walked back to the stage together. The set crew had already started to disassemble the pieces, loading them on the truck.
"Why didn't Morgan stay in the band?" Tanya was curious, but didn't want to broach the subject with Morgan for some reason.
"The band was getting too successful. It wasn't a hobby anymore and he didn't have time."
"A doctor's life is not his own. Believe me I know. I can't go anywhere, without worrying that they'll call me in. Except today." Tanya smiled. "Morgan makes me forget to worry. It's a good feeling."
"Part of his gift of healing, is his love of life. He amazes me all the time."
"I could fall in love with him so easily. But I'm scared to let myself."
"I've had my share of hurt too." She told Molly a brief recap of what had happened to her.
"Wow, if my husband ever pulled that kind of shit with me, I'd shoot him! You know, not kill him, just really make it hurt!"
Tanya chuckled. "Believe me, I've considered it more than once. I don't fancy the jail time, so I keep those impulses closely guarded."
Molly laughed, hugging Tanya's shoulders. "I can see why Morph likes you, Tanya. I think you'll be good for my brother."
"So, do we get the Molly Seal of Approval?" They hadn't heard Morgan come up behind them.
"Is it that important to you, Morgan?" Molly turned around, concern in her eyes.
"Yeah, Molly. It's that important." His eyes held a pleading look.
"Yes, Morgan. You have my approval. Take care of each other." She hugged her brother and turned to go back to the catering trailer. "Oh, we're getting together for dinner, just the crew and the family. Seven o'clock at the restaurant. You'll both come?"
"I wouldn't miss it, Molly," Tanya told her honestly. "Provided I don't get called in, I'm there."
"Great! I'll see you then."
"You won't get called in," Morgan told her confidently. "I told them you were sick, and under a doctor's care. Of course I didn't tell them which doctor, or what kind of care.... I led them to believe you were suffering from exhaustion, and needed the weekend to recuperate."
"Oh, you're wicked! And I'm thrilled! I wouldn't have thought of that."
"That's because you are innately honest, and I'm innately dishonest. It works well, actually. The two traits balance one another out."
"Do they?" her tone was skeptical.
"Yes, I'm sure I heard it in a lecture by Steven Hawking."
Tanya giggled. "Oh, right. Somewhere in all that talk of black holes, came up the discussion about honesty?"
"Actually, it was later over drinks and dinner. I'm sure it was Steven Hawking, or maybe it was Steve Martin." He shrugged.
"You've met Steven Hawking and Steve Martin?"
"Yes. At least I think so. One's in a wheelchair, the other plays the banjo, right?" He nodded as if confirming the information for himself.
"Sometimes I just don't know when you're kidding, or when I should believe you," she said with an exasperated sigh.
Morgan took her gently by the elbows and looked deeply into her eyes. She was startled again by the color and the emotions she saw in them.
"Tanya, I promise you something. I may dissemble, twist words or tell shades of the truth to others, but I will never, ever lie to you. Of that you can be absolutely sure."
"I believe you," she said, kissing him.
They stood kissing for several minutes and Tanya found her desire for him growing once more. All she had to do was be near him for a short time and she started remembering how his hands felt on her body. It was wonderful, but disconcerting at the same time. Morgan's eyes flew open and he looked at her curiously.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?"
"Time to take over the world?"
"No, time to go find a big bed."
"Exactly what I was thinking," she admitted with a smile. "How did you know?"
Morgan grinned and looked down at how they were standing, locked together, arms tightly around one another. "You snuggle in and clamp down on my ass when you want my full attention."
"I do not!"
"I swear!" He held his hand up as if swearing an oath. "But I do this." He kissed her lips and let his mouth travel down her neck. He nibbled her earlobe and let his hands find the sensitive place along her spine. "And I find that sweet spot, so I guess we're both sending signals."
"Too bad we have to drive all the way back to town."
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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