Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 22

Morgan invites Tanya over to his place. He shows her a statue he bought.
"You didn't seduce anyone for that, did you?"
"Seduce? No! God, it was a guy! No, I just made him an offer he couldn't refuse, paid for my pearl of great price and brought it home. But it's been worth every penny I spent, just to see your expression. That's how everyone should look at it. It has to be admired." He grinned proudly.
"It's the saddest and most majestic thing I've ever seen," she whispered. "It reminds me of your song. He looks like he's lost all hope, but he still has his dignity, and he wears it around himself in tatters."
"I know exactly what you mean," he said softly. Taking her by the hand, he led her down the hall, showing her the office and guest bedrooms. "Now, the most important thing," he told her as he led her up the stairs. "Close your eyes."
The last three steps were awkward because her eyes were closed, but he insisted that she stand at the top of the stairs and turn half way around before she could open her eyes. He got her in position, told her not to peek and dashed across the floor. "Okay," he said triumphantly. "Open them!"
The room was like a jungle, surrounded by plants of all kinds. The outer wall and ceiling were tinted glass. Ferns and vines hung from the ceiling, creating a lattice work across the open space. Palm and Ficus trees ran the perimeter of the room. Plants she couldn't name, filled every corner. In the center of the room was a koi pond with a small waterfall made of real stone.
On the far side of the room, where Morgan stood, was the bed. It was king sized and round, covered in a puffy, white duvet. Colorful pillows littered the top of it, like a spectrum had fallen through his roof. He plopped down on it and it undulated.
"A round water bed?" She was shocked. That wasn't exactly his speed.
"Well, it was built into the house. I didn't want to wait for renovations, so I left it. It's a little weird, but hey, it's the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. Not that I intend to sleep at the moment. Come try it out!" He rocked on the bed, making waves dance across the surface.
Grinning happily, Tanya flopped onto the bed and looked up through the ceiling. "What an incredible view! I never saw so many stars!"
"Do you really want to star gaze?" He leaned over, kissing her lingeringly. "The only thing prettier than the stars, is seeing them reflected in your eyes." He kissed her again. "So, you like the house?"
"The house is great," she sighed. "It's an amazing house! It's almost as amazing as you."
She grinned up and him, seeing desire growing in his eyes, matching her own. This time their kisses didn't stop, and they made love slowly, enjoying the wave motion of the water bed beneath them.
Tanya woke the next morning with Morgan cuddled up beside her. She gazed at the lightening sky and wondered how anyone could sleep past dawn in this room. Even though the glass was tinted, it was bright and getting lighter with every passing minute. The edges of the glass were bevel cut, something she had not noticed last night. Each edge acted like a prism and the combined spectra were breathtaking. She had never seen anything as awe inspiring as Morgan's bedroom at dawn.
Morgan yawned and stretched beside her, blinking against the glare. "Oh, I forgot," he said, reaching over to a small button on the night table by the bed.
One by one the panels turned opaque and shut out most of the morning light. He rolled over and cuddled up again with rainbow pillows all around him. Tanya watched him sleep, noticing the tiny laugh lines around his mouth and eyes. He looked so content, so happy.
Quietly, slowly, to minimize the waves, she got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. Roughly the size of her kitchen, it was done all in black granite. The fixtures were burnished steel and ultra modern. The shower stall was huge and had jets on three sides, as well as at the top. The water at the sink came directly out of the wall in a smooth stream, falling into a shallow bowl that was carved out of the stone. There was also a raised tub with Jacuzzi jets and a separate stall for the commode.
Tanya stopped just inside the door. "Wow," was all she could say.
"Cool, isn't it?" Morgan had come up silently behind her, sliding his hands under her nightshirt. He kissed her neck and massaged her belly and down her thighs.
"Beautiful! You and your home are full of surprises," she told him, turning to face him.
"Sorry if the light woke you," he said. "I forgot to activate the opaque filters. I was a little preoccupied last night." He kissed her and nibbled on her earlobe.
"I liked seeing the sunrise," she told him honestly. "I don't see it very often."
"Come back to bed," he teased, tugging on her hips.
"In a minute," she blushed slightly. "I did come in the bathroom for a reason," she smiled at him. "I'll be right back."
"I'll warm the bed," he grinned and slipped back out, closing the door behind him.
Tanya found herself staring at the bathroom again and forced herself to stop goggling like a tourist and pee. That was, after all, why she had come in, in the first place. When she got back out to the bedroom, Morgan had put on some quiet music and started the fountain. It was lit from below and the shifting colored lights played along the ripples of the pool, casting rainbows around the room.
Tanya belly-flopped on the bed. Morgan crawled over, lying beside her on the duvet. He kissed her tenderly, his eyes open as he nibbled her lower lip. She could feel him firm against her thigh and rolled over to face him, pulling his face down to hers.
"I was thinking," he said softly. "What could we do differently? I like variety, how about you?"
"That's an interesting point," she said, her expression turning clinical. "We haven't made love on a trapeze yet."
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