Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet Linda Kozar - Red River Radio Host

I would like to welcome one of Red River Radio's hosts, inspirational author, Linda Kozar. She and her co-hosts present Gate Beautiful on Blog Talk Radio.

What prompted you to become a show host?

April (Robins) contacted me out of the blue one day. Though I’m an author now, I worked for community newspapers before and was used to the interview process. I was excited at the prospect of interviewing live on air. And as it turned out, doing it on air was a whole lot more fun.

How did you decide on the subject matter for your show?

Interviewing fellow inspirational authors seemed a natural fit since I had access to them and wanted to focus on readers, fans and writers who aspire to become published authors.

How do you balance being a show host, author, artist, etc?

I’m still working on that part! Promoting the show, organizing the other hosts and putting together our script takes a lot more time than I thought it would. And yes, working off of a script gives us a reference, but we have license to deviate from it and wing our questions. Having a script is also nice for emergencies, when one of us has to take over for another host.

Before you became a host, did you ever think you would have your own talk show?

No way! I never envisioned it. But I lovelovelove it and can envision myself in radio for a very long time.

Do you have books out? If so, share with us where they can be purchased.

Yes, I’m a hybrid author in that I am both traditionally published and indie published (as many are these days). Go to my website., where I have links to take you to Amazon, etc. Some of my books are available in bookstores as well.

If you're an artist, where can we find your work?

I love to paint in oils, but don’t get to do much of it any more. Some of my oil paintings are on one of my Pinterest Boards if you want to check them out.

What do you like best about doing your shows?

Discovering the story behind the story. People’s lives are so intricate and interesting, their backgrounds so diverse and different.

When beginning your shows, what was the easiest thing for you?


What has been the most difficult aspect of hosting your show?

Having to interrupt someone else when they’re talking and I’m running out of time.

Who is the best guest you've ever had?

One of my favorite guests was Terri Blackstock who wrote “The Restoration Series” (Last Light, Night Light, True Light, and Dawn’s Light). We had such fun relating her books (about what would happen if we had a global catastrophe--lost all modern conveniences, electricity, gas, access to food, health care, etc.) to current events and the Doomsday Preppers show.

How do you select your guests?

At first, I asked my close friends to be on the show. Then I began to contact more authors I knew on Facebook, or the authors who are clients at the same literary agency I’m also a client of. Now I have relationships with publicists and marketing people and have a wider range to choose from—which is great. I like to interview authors in a wide range of genres, as do two of my co-hosts, Jeane Wynn, and Lena Nelson Dooley. Carla Hoch interviews all the speculative fiction authors as that is her specialty. The show has gained a wider audience since we started three years ago. I’m booked well into 2014 and my slots are almost full.

How can people who would like to be on your show contact you?

They can message me on Facebook, but as I said, I am booked for 2013 and for almost all of 2014. My co-hosts might have some openings available in 2014, but none in 2013. Although we wing it at times when we interview, we try not to wing it when it comes to booking our guests

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