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Red River Radio Host Fran Lewis

I'm delighted to present author and reviewer Fran Lewis. When she's not reading or writing, she's talking to other authors on Blog Talk Radio. Fran has more energy than most people half her age (which we aren't telling). She amazes me with all that she's able to do. Welcome, Fran!

What prompted you to become a show host?

A very special person named April Robins asked me if I wanted to become a guest host on a show. Never thinking that I was the actual host I accept the challenge and the offer to be a guest host. As a believe or not quiet and very reserved young child I would never think to even get up in front of an audience and read a composition without my mom sitting in the front row and sister pacing me with her hands making sure that I did not speed read the piece I was reading. April’s own show on Red River allowed authors, such as myself, to read excerpts from the titles and then discuss them with the host. This was my gateway into what has turned out to be a career change for this reading and writing staff developer and author. Added to that my dear friend, Dellani coached me through the first show by becoming my first guest and sending me the information needed to format the show and the area codes.

How did you decide on the subject matter for your show?

The subject matter for each show changes depending on which author or authors I am interviewing and the topics they are writing on. Mystery authors require one set of guidelines and questions whereas memoirs and non-fiction another. I have discussed Alzheimer’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, Health Issues, Cancer, Abuse, Substance Abuse, fear, anger, love, betrayal and just about anything that comes up within the framework of a novel. Paranoia in a non-fiction memoir or even how the author introduces it within a mystery/thriller or murder.

How do you balance being a show host, author, artist, etc?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming having over 25 books to read and review, plan several shows every month and then find time to write the next what you hope will be the Great American Must Read Novel. I have a tendency to keep logs and lists, which help me stay focused and organized. In this way I remember which reviews I want to complete, the ones I still have to post and what preparations are needed for my shows. At times I take a few weeks off from doing my shows in order to catch up on my own writing.

Before you became a host, did you ever think you would have your own talk show?

I never thought I would have my own talk show. When my school decided to have holiday shows and other plays I became the director and coordinator for each event forcing me to have to MC the show in front of an auditorium filled with kids, teachers and parents. I never thought I could do that but I developed a sense of humor, fun attitude and never looked back once I started. I loved doing these shows and I even helped coordinate the yearly reading of The Night Before Christmas where the staff, including the administration had to act out the poem in costume. Just think about this: I was the moon! Enough said!

Do you have books out? If so, share with us where they can be purchased.

I have 11 titles. Ten are on Amazon and all of the online reseller sites. The 11th has to be edited and it is my next Faces 3 book. Presently, I am beginning to outline Faces 4. You can read my reviews on Just reviews on word press,
Reviewingyourbook on facebook
Goodreads, shelfari and all over the net.

I should include that the proceeds from all of my books goes to finding the cause of Alzheimer’s. The Ruth Swerdloff memorial foundation was set up by Montefiore Hospital in her memory in order to raise funds to find the cause of this deadly illness.

What do you like best about doing your shows?

What I love best is spotlighting an author’s work, talking with several at one time, hearing their thoughts on writing and who they developed their characters and storyline. I learn a lot from the talented authors that I interview and the most rewarding part are the thank you’s for reviewing their books and being on my show. Making people smile and feeling relaxed during an interview is so important and the fact that I send them the questions I am going to ask makes a big difference to every author.

When beginning your shows, what was the easiest thing for you?

The easiest thing was knowing that I was prepared, the author was focused and excited and the questions were printed out in front of me. The most reassuring thing is having Bethany there to handle the phones, the chatroom and letting me know that were are going to have a great show and some fun.

What has been the most difficult aspect of hosting your show?

The hardest thing was learning how to handle the phones, the chat room and the questions all at the same time, but I did. The hardest thing was knowing how to format and create a show that people would want to listen to and with the help of Dellani Oakes, Marsha Cook and April Robins I learned quite a bit. Being on their shows as a guest helped me to change my original format several times and even now I look for ways to improve.

Who is the best guest you've ever had?

That is a hard question since I have interviewed NYTimes best selling authors: I would say Steve Berry and Michael Palmer are amazing as well as Tess Gerritsen and Iris Johansen. I love when Michael Tabman, or Mark Rubenstein get together on my shows as well as Dellani and Marsha when we have Mystery Thursday.

How do you select your guests?

After reading a reviewing a book I decide whether my audience would like to know more about the topic, area or message that the author is delivering. I interviewed POW’s, war veterans and even television stars. I interview anyone whose book creates and sends a positive message or a message that we need to hear in order to improve our lives and understand other people.

How can people who would like to be on your show contact you?

If you are an author and have a print copy of your book I will read and review it first and then decide on a time for an interview.

You can contact me at Remember my reviews are detailed, straightforward and stand as rated and written.

Thank you Dellani. Fran

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