Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't Think and Drive

Admit it – you've done it too – let your mind wander when you're driving. One day, I let it wander a little too far....
I was working on a romantic suspense novel and had gotten myself painted into a corner. All the evidence pointed in one direction, but I knew that character wasn't the guilty party. Well, who was? I didn't know.
The story, like many of mine, is set here in Florida. In fact, I was driving past one of the major locations when inspiration struck. It struck so hard and so fast, I almost had a car accident! Fortunately, my destination was nearby. I did my shopping, still thinking about my story, and got back in my car to head home.
Inspiration struck again and I nearly had another accident. Less than a block away, another near miss! After the fourth almost accident, I realized I'd better concentrate on the road, not my story, but the details were flying fast and furious. Unfortunately, I was nearly 20 minutes from home and couldn't stop to write it down. Instead, I took back roads, driving slowly, so I could concentrate on both the story and the road.
Once I was in the door, I headed to my desk, my purchases forgotten in the car. My husband and boys had to unload because I was typing fast and furious, trying to finish my tale. And finish I did! It took another day or so of typing, but finally, A Tangled Web was complete.
It's a story of love lost and found, betrayal, mistaken identity and retribution. No, it's not out yet, though I'm trying. I'm very proud of this book and can't wait to see it in print.
Now, I keep a notebook in my purse so I can jot down notes. I try harder to concentrate on my driving and leave the book writing at home – or the pharmacy, doctor's office or anywhere else I have to wait.

© Dellani Oakes

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Unknown said...

Writers really have a tendency to do that. They never really know when their muse or inspiration is going to strike them. It's really convenient to keep a notebook close by. Although I think it’s a bit inconvenient to have it strike while driving as it can really lead to accidents. Take care always. :)

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