Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Don't Follow the Industry

I admit. I don't follow the industry. I have no idea what's hot or what's not. I don't care about vampires, werewolves or bondage. I couldn't tell you any title that's on the New York Times Best Seller List – except my books aren't there yet.
Maybe I should. Maybe I should spend my precious time reading all about writing and marketing and what's hot. Maybe I should write to what the industry says sells. But I can't.
It's not in me to write to what sells. I have to write the stories that come to me. If I get a story that is about vampires, fine! If I get one that's sick and twisted bondage, okay. Honestly, I don't see my mind going that way.

I write romance, romantic suspense, historical romance and futuristic romance. Are we noticing a repetition of the “R” word here? I like love and lovers. I like love scenes and first meetings. I like the excitement I feel when the new lovers share their first kiss.

Yes, my stories sometimes get explicit, so if you don't like reading about sex, I'm not your gal. But you won't get hard core, whips and chains either. I'm not into that and I don't know enough about it to write a bondage scene.

On the subject of vampires – I have written two stories and have a third in the works. My short story, Vampire Hunter, is pretty straight forward. Someone hunting a vampire. It's free on Barnes & Noble or Smashwords if you want to read it. It's short. It's free. Enjoy.

My second story about vampires is very tongue in cheek. My sister challenged gave me the idea. She had been reading some series that had vampires in it – getting teased by her husband the entire time. She'd also been reading about caterers who solved crimes. “I think someone should write a story about vampire caterers who solve crime,” she said, with a pointed look at her little sister. “I think someone would have fun with that.”

Someone did. My story, Take a Bite Outta Crime was shared in serial form on my publisher's blog, www.secondwindpub.wordpress.com One day, when I grow up, I'll get it in novella form, but until then, people have to read it in sections.

One thing you'll learn about my romance novels, you won't get a formula. I'm not the kind who follows a set storyline with details plugged into the framework. I don't care for the boy meets girl, boy kisses (or has sex with) girl, boy and girl have a big fight, boy and girl split up, boy and girl are miserable and finally get back together after the reader screams and threatens to beat them over the head with a stick.
If you want that kind of story, again – I'm not your gal.

If you like a story full of romance, stolen glances, fleeting kisses, barely concealed lust and snappy comebacks, I invite you to read my novels. There's lots of action, romance (and the occasional hot love scene) that will keep you laughing and lusting as you read.

My novels are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords as well as through my publishers, Second Wind Publishing and Tirgearr Publishing.

Look for me on Facebook! I'm always around. Above all else, read and enjoy my books in the spirit they were intended – to entertain.

~ Dellani

Dellani Oakes is an author, radio show host, mother, wife, grandmother (oh, the agony of admitting that) and former English teacher. She currently works from home, but also substitute teaches at local elementary schools. She's a prolific writer and hopes one day to have all her novels in print. Dellani currently lives on the east coast of Florida with her husband and youngest son.

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Anonymous said...

I finally self-published my novel after many kind rejection letters. The common thread was they all said they liked my story, well-written, etc. But it didn't fit the romance formula. The last one would be happy to reconsider my book if I did a HUGE rewrite, that had my main characters meet within the first 5 pages, that shifted the POV from mostly my female lead to half her and half him. I had already written 100,000 words and been told it was good. Why did I have to change it? So I politely declined and took the plunge into self-publishing. I haven't sold a ton, but everyone who has told me how much they enjoy it. That works for me.

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