Friday, December 09, 2016

I'm Feeling a Bit Like Scrooge

As much as I love Christmas, I've come to dread the holiday season. Starting with Thanksgiving preparation, I begin to stress over the meal. Afterward, I start planning what to give as Christmas gifts and when I'm going to put a package in the mail for my daughter's family. Also, her birthday is a week before Christmas, and I have to find a present for her.
Things I used to find absolutely imperative every holiday season: sending cards, writing a newsy letter, decorating the house, preparing holiday treats— They have become a pain in my butt and I simply don't have the energy for them. I have serious allergies, and almost always have a sinus infection going on. I also have developed asthma over the years, so it's difficult to go out. Too many scents out there to plague a sensitive nose or a delicate set of lungs. Not to mention, my son has to use our truck for his job—he works 5:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. This makes getting out difficult.
I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, but dammit, I feel like it! Okay, getting worked up takes too much energy, so I will quietly state that I don't give a shit about doing it up for Christmas. I like presents, but I hate shopping. I love finding the perfect gift, but I loath trying to decide what that may be. I enjoy the meal, but as I do the bulk of the cooking, it's a pain in the ass. I like spending time with family and friends, but right now, I'd rather spend my time writing and editing, than actually communicating with anyone.
If you're like me, and you dread the holiday season (though you really like cookies and other tasty treats) I have a suggestion for you. Go through the list of folks you have to buy gifts for, and buy them books. Yes, I know, not everyone is a reader. But if you can capture the one thing they find appealing, you've just given them the perfect gift. Cool thing is, even without a Kindle, they can read an Amazon book on any phone, tablet or computer by downloading the free app.
I realize that not everyone likes the same books, so I encourage you to explore some of my suggestions below. These names are by no means the only books I'm recommending. No one paid me to do this, no one twisted my arm to get me to include them. I'm listing people whose books I have read personally, and enjoyed. They aren't in any particular order, mostly just train of thought. 

First of all, my books. Dellani Oakes writes historical (retro) romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, sci-fi and fantasy. To Buy Dellani's Books 

Karen Vaughan is one of my favorite authors. She writes light hearted mysteries. To Buy Karen's books 

Kenneth Weene writes a variety of genres, which will appeal to a lot of readers. To Buy Ken's Books

Amanda Thrasher writes delightful books about fairies, but she also has a hard hitting anti-bullying book that is not to miss. To Buy Amanda's Books 

Ruth Hays writes magical, epic fantasy that gets the heart pumping. To Buy Ruth's Books 

Heather Poinsett Dunbar writes fantasy, that's a bit on the dark side. To Buy Heather's Books 

William Beck writes political thrillers that set your pulse racing from beginning to end.To Buy William's Books

S. A. Bailey writes, what he calls, redneck noir. Think Mickey Spillane with an east Texas spin. To Buy Seth's Books

Mark David Gerson also writes a wide variety of books. From learning to write, to mystical fantasy, he's sure to appeal. To Buy Mark David's Books 

Jo Ramsey writes wonderfully insightful stories for teens who don't fit into the normal mold. To Buy Jo's Books

Rowena Cherry writes sci-fi that carries you into space. Swords clang as a royal alien race tries to out maneuver one another. To Buy Rowena's Books 

Gary D. Henry writes in many genres from retro romance to horror. To Buy Gary's Books

Suzette Vaughn mostly writes romance, but she has other books as well. Sure to appeal to a wide number of readers. To Buy Suzette's Books

J. Conrad Guest – sci-fi, romance, biography, memoir...the list goes on and on. To Buy J. Conrad's Books

Rico Austin from a lighthearted children's book, to memoirs, with a stop off at Graceland to visit The King, Rico has it. To Buy to Buy Rico's Books

Stephanie Osborn's Displaced Detective series brings Sherlock Holmes into the modern age. She also has fantastic sci-fi books that are a must read. To Buy Stephanie's Books

Rachel Rueben's book, Hag, is a wonderfully poignant look at teen life and the problems some face. Rachel also has some great How-To books for authors. To Buy Rachel's Books

Marta Moran Bishop is another versatile author. Her books are mostly for children or young adults, but they are great for adults too. To Buy Marta's Books

Barbara Ehrentreu The same can be said of Barbara's books. Though geared toward teens, they are an enjoyable read for adults. To Buy Barbara's Books

Fran Lewis has books in so many genres, I can't name them all. Very approachable, they are sure to entertain. To Buy Fran's Books

J.D. Holiday's books for children are cleverly written and beautifully illustrated by the author. To Buy J.D.'s Books

Dianna Graveman's books will appeal to those who like history. She has wonderful books on a variety of subjects. To Buy Dianna's Books

Whit McClendon's fantasy novels are cleverly crafted and full of action.To Buy Whit's Books

Janet Morris has been a favorite author of mine since the Eighties. If you like sci-fi, fantasy or historical fiction, Janet has something for you. To Buy Janet's Books

Viv Drewa writes mystical mysteries with a hoot of a hero—an owl! To Buy Viv's Books

Kemberlee Shortland writes romance with an Irish flavor. To Buy Kemberlee'sBooks 

I will continue to update and add to this list as I think of new people. Share this with your friends! Above all, have a Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah! Dellani

The List Goes On

I started going through my past reviews to collect the names of more amazing authors, and I was boggled. So much so, I decided I can't link all these names, because it will take for ever. I will, however, list them under categories for you. Also, if you look at any of the monthly categories on the side, you will be able to access anything back to the day this blog started. These categories are very general. For more accurate designations, check them out on Amazon or read my reviews. A couple other reviewers used to post there, so check out their author picks as well!

Romance, Erotica, Romantic Suspense:
Claire Collins
Mairead Walpole
Margay Roberge
Sherrie Hansen
Jerrica Knight-Catania
Diana Duncan
Gracen Miller
JP Lane
Bernadette Gardner
Richelle Mead
Elizabeth Haysmount
Olivia Jaymes
Vella Day
Lindsay Downs

Mystery, Thriller:
Norm Brown
Pat Bertram
Christine Husom
Michael Tabman
Michelle McGriff
Mickey Hoffman
TL Jones
Steven Hildreth
Jean Henry Mead
Larry D. Thompson
Lee Kelley
Ken Farmer

Fantasy, Science Fiction:
Barb Caffrey
Robert C. Roman
Katherine Tomlinson
Barbara Custer & Tom Johnson
Marie Bilodeau
S. Evan Townsend
Chantal Boudreau
L.A. James
Dwight Zimmerman

Paranormal, Horror:
Tim Greaton
Pauline Holyoak
CL Bevill
Rod Marsden

Children, Young Readers, Young Adult:
Jennifer Walker
Deanna Meyer
Anne Maro Alanina
Kai Strand
TL Wood
Linda Boyden
Ellen Feld
Lori Z. Scott
Cindy Springsteen
Sherrill S. Cannon
Daniel Ferry

Various Genres:
Michael Murphy
Karina Gioertz
Noah Baird
Marsha Casper Cook
Susan Winlaw
Anjuelle Floyd

Historical Fiction, Memoir:
Paulette Mahurin
Uvi Poznansky
Brian M. Hayden

Barbara Virag


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Dellani, thank you so much for including me in this and I wanted to add that I have a poetry book:

You'll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal, which you can find on It is about my experience and it is a memorial to my husband. Great for anyone who might need some way to deal with the loss of their love.

J. Conrad Guest said...

I've been complaining about the holiday season for years, as my dad before me used to. It's no longer about the birth of a savior but instead a measuring stick for how well the economy is doing.

The older I get the faster it seems to come around every year. I enjoy gifting my wife, but I can do without the rush, the tree-decorating (I do it for my wife because she enjoys it). I find it tiring, too. It's nice to visit family, but why can't we do it throughout the rest of the year?

Thanks for letting me vent. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Oh, and thanks for the promotion!

Merry Christmas, Dellani.

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