Thursday, December 22, 2016

What a Character! Wil VanLipsig of the Lone Wolf Series

Did you ever meet a man so spooky, he's sexy as hell? Did a glance from his dark eyes make you shiver? Then maybe you met Wil VanLipsig from my sci-fi series. He's been described as dangerously handsome, wickedly attractive and (dare I say) smokin' hot. Of course, the smoking part could apply to the devastation and waste he leaves behind him on the battlefield.
Wil is a complex character—at once dangerous and deadly, as well as honorable and protective. He's been an assassin, but only took jobs where he knew for a fact that the target needed killing. He's even gone so far as to protect a target from another killer.
Though he can calculate the percentages of casualties of a battle with a quiet efficiency, he does his best to keep them as low as possible. He doesn't believe in wanton loss of life. The Galactic Marines require the study of his battle plans for all officers in training. A General once said, “VanLipsigs plans are a Symphony of Destruction. As carefully orchestrated as a concerto, he maneuvers the pieces of his chaotic chess set.”
By some miracle, Wil has lived through and walked away from, more battles than most men see in ten lifetimes. Some would say he's blessed, but he's convinced the Devil himself keeps him alive, afraid that if Wil dies, he'll kill Satan and take over.
Despite his brutal background, Wil loves deeply. He's terrible at expressing it in words, but does his best to show his love in other ways. He is generous, protective, cold, calculating, manipulative, loving, gregarious, and introverted. He is a walking, talking contradiction who adheres to a code of honor that very few people can understand.
One thing that everyone can agree on about Wil VanLipsig, it's best to stay on his good side, because his enemies have a very short life expectancy. If you see him coming, it's already too late.
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