Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Love Dialogue from We Are the Champions by Dellani

Asher works as a comedian in an improv group called Cheesers Champions. He meets Ruby whe she's chosen to do a sketch with him. When Asher is injured by one of the cast members, he finds out that Ruby is really a doctor. Smitten with the sultry brunette, Asher decides to ask her out.

Ruby reappeared as he inspected his back in the dressing room mirrors. She ran her fingers up and down his spine. Asher shivered, feeling his nipples tighten.
"Much improved," she said in her professional tone. "Remember, no red shirts until it's fully healed. In fact, avoid red shirts for at least six weeks. I want to make sure it's completely healed inside and out."
"Yes, ma'am. Never gone against a pretty doctor's orders."
"What about an ugly one's?" She folded her arms across her chest.
"Don't think so. I'm pretty compliant. I figure they're the ones did all the school work, so they might just know what they're talking about." He winked.
"Thank you! Do you know how much some people argue with me? I don't know if it's because they simply argue with doctors or if they argue with women. It's really irritating."
"Want me to come threaten them? I do a real good bad cop." He pulled a comical mad face.
Ruby put her hands over her mouth, laughing hard. "Oh, my God, you look like a bulldog."
"Ooh, don't let my mama hear you say that. We're Gators where I come from. Got my undergrad at University of Florida in Gainesville. You ready to go?"
"I'll walk you to your car, Dr. Ruby."
"I'd like that. What time tomorrow? For our date."
"I was thinking grab a late breakfast, then figure it out. I got a couple ideas."
"Sounds great."
"You're gonna have to tell me where you live, though."
She smiled. "You know the Brodie Building on the river?"
"Yeah. Nice place. You live there?"
"Pricey place. Hope you don't mind goin' out with a poor Southern boy."
"I'm not rich. I'm leasing from the owner, who's a friend of mine from the hospital. Just so happens that poor Southern boys are just my cup of tea."
They arrived at her car, parked not far from his. They were among the only cars in the lot.
He pulled her close, hips against hers. "I'm more of a coffee guy."
"I love coffee."
"Cool. See you tomorrow, ten thirty okay?"

Asher waited until she got in her car and started the engine. She pulled away, waving at him as she eased into traffic. Once she turned, Asher did a happy dance back to his car. It was a short drive, in the opposite direction from Ruby. He was glad that the building had assigned spots or he'd never have a parking space. He also appreciated the fact that his neighbors knew how to park so he never had to worry about squeezing into a spot.
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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