Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I Love Dialogue from When Tis Done by Dellani

When Tis Done is Book 3 in the Miracle, Mississippi fantasy series. The teens have been through a lot the last few years. Now, it's their senior year. They hope for quiet normalcy—too bad they won't get it.

Last Friday of summer,” Jordan groaned.
Senior year starting,” Marissa giggled, clapping her hands. “Home Coming, Prom, Senior President elections!”
I thought we did those last year,” Jordan complained. “Please tell me we don't have to do that again!”
Polly Chambers moved, sugar. Her mama got scared off by the recent unpleasantness.”
Jordan rolled her eyes when Marissa made air quotes by her head.
I take that you mean the magical tornado at the school, not the Civil War,” Jordan teased. Many of the old ladies in town still referred to the War Between the States as the recent unpleasantness, which she found amusing. A hundred and thirty years wasn't exactly recent.
Of course, silly!” Giggling, Marissa swatted at Jordan's feet, which perched on the edge of the battered coffee table in the Barrett's basement. “Sometimes, Jordan, you are just too funny!”
I'm a riot. It's part of my charm.”
Yeah, that's how I always describe you,” Chase said as he came down the stairs behind her. “You'll love Jordan, she's a riot.”
Chase gave Marissa a chaste kiss on the cheek. She drew slightly away from him, not comfortable with the intimate display in front of Jordan. Face registering disgust and disappointment, he dropped on the faded couch next to Jordan.
Chase Finley is a funny man,” Jordan replied. “I've always said that.”
He chuckled, tapping her lightly on the arm. “Where's big Bri?”
No clue. He said he'd be here half an hour ago, but hasn't arrived yet. Not answering his phone, either.”
You're not worried?” Chase's brow furrowed.
He was watching Elise. I figure Miles and Maribelle aren't home yet. He turns off his phone if she's sleeping. He'll get here.”
Should we go looking?” Marissa hopped up, ready for action. “After everything that's happened....”
No worries, Mar. Brian and I have developed this... something. I know when he's in danger and when he's just running late. It's fine. If you see me hop up and start running, follow me.”
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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