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I Love Dialogue from So Much It Hurts by Dellani

Welcome So Much It Hurts, a New Romance by Dellani Oakes

Pia Donovan is a small town girl. Newly in the City from a tiny town in Nebraska, she is overwhelmed by the fast pace. After a long day of getting lost in the worst part of town, she arrives at her destination; an historic, grand hotel in the downtown area. Picking her way across the rutted ground in front of the building, she loses her balance, nearly falling into the arms of Flynn Chancellor. Handsome and friendly, Flynn presents a happy distraction for a girl who's trying to recover from a broken heart.

Pia insisted on pictures before Flynn changed. Once he was back in his grubbies, they sat down on the living room carpet and ate. He told them in vivid detail about his meeting.
"You met Carlos?" Yancy sighed. "You know who he is, right?" he appealed to Pia.
"No clue. Is this a local company?"
"Started local, but has grown to world wide. We get all our camping gear there."
"You camp?" she couldn't picture Flynn in the woods.
"He means his family. My idea of camping is a cozy cabin in the woods."
"Works for me. Indoor plumbing, heat, air conditioning and a big bed."
Yancy blew raspberries. "You haven't experienced the woods until you've had sex in a tent."
"Not even on my bucket list," she countered. "I may be a small town girl, but that pioneer spirit that's attributed to us Midwest girls—it's a myth. I like civilization."
"Here here," Flynn raised his glass.
"To the great outdoors!" Pia said.
"To the great outdoors!" they replied.
"Have you sent Amber your shopping list?"
"I have. I sent it while I was in the bathroom. You know what her reply was?"
"Is that all? What else do you really want?"
"So I told her what I want—what I really, really want!" he sang a snatch from Wannabe by the Spice Girls. His friends groaned.
Yancy threw his napkin at him.
"If you really like that song, we can't be friends," Pia said, crossing her arms.
"You really think I could like that crap?" He rolled his eyes. "Haven't been paying attention."
"When are you going to flesh out your designs?" Yancy asked, hastily changing the subject.
"I'm going to drink a little more. Then I'm going to kiss a beautiful woman. And when I'm good and mellow, I shall design." He leaned back with his head against the divan.
"Then I'm taking my muscular ass to my room, where I shall wantonly defile myself for a little while, and go to sleep."
"Don't let us stop you," Flynn said.
"You can stay. He's not kissing me yet."
"No, but he wants to. And if I'm here, I cramp his style."
"I wish I knew some women I could introduce you to. Back home...." She sighed. "You'll find someone, Yancy. A girl would be an idiot, or crazy, to pass up either of you two."
"Sounds strangely like my ex," he said, bowing.
"And mine," Flynn added.
"Mine wasn't crazy, just stupid. And bad in bed."
"Here's to men who are bad in bed. They leave more women for us!" Flynn raised his glass.
"You know, when you finally make it, you're going to have a lot to live up to," Yancy said as he walked in his room. "Just sayin'."
"Talk's cheap, Chancellor."
"Yes, but time is of the essence, Pia Zamora Donovan. I'd love a kiss."
"Then put your muscular ass in gear, Flynn. What's your middle name?"
"You're so lying."
"I am. My mother's maiden name, Amos."
"I like that. To Flynn Amos Chancellor."
"To Pia Zamora...." He burped loudly. "Don-Donovan."
"You've had enough to drink."
"Step two, kiss the girl." He rolled up and leaned over. "Which one are you?"
"The one doing this." She cupped his cheeks, kissing him softly.
"I really wanna make love to you."
"I know."
"And you keep telling me no."
"Can I know you longer than four days?"
"If you must," he replied regally. "I suppose I do improve on closer acquaintance."
"You seem to."
They kissed a long time. Yancy's TV murmured in the background, muffled by the walls of his room. Flynn started music playing with a remote, and lifted Pia onto the divan behind him.
"Mother of all things holy, you excite me. I was hooked the second I saw you stumble."
"Clumsiness is so sexy, after all."
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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