Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Game Junkies by Dellani

Colby and Avery have been just friends since they were kids. They also hang out with Gavin and Stan, making Avery the only girl. When Stan hurts her feelings earlier in the day, Colby does his best to comfort her. He stuns himself, even more than Avery, by kissing her. Still confused by his sudden attraction to Avery, as more than just a buddy, he gets a call from Gavin.

Avery hung up so suddenly, Colby jumped, nearly dropping his phone. Stunned, he flopped onto his back, staring at the stains on the ceiling. His thoughts spun out of control. He was still trying to figure out the dynamics of the conversation when his phone rang. It was Gavin.
So, how did it go?” he asked as soon as Colby answered.
Not bad, I guess. Kind of confusing. But pretty good.”
Okay—clarified it—not at all.”
I'm still trying to figure it out. When I do, I'll let you know.”
Start by telling me what happened after you left.”
I went to Avery's and gave her the game time.”
I kissed her.”
There was a stunned silence.
Hello? Gavin?”
I'm here,” was the choked reply. “Kissed—like Kissed?”
Lips meet, tongues dance—yeah. And she showed me her tits. Well, she had her shirt on—”
Should you have told me—any of that? I swear, I'm scarred for life. I heard tits.”
She's a girl. Do you expect her not to have breasts?
I know she's a girl, somewhere under all that baggy shit. So, did you cop a feel?”
Chill, bro. You brought it up. I could've gone my whole life not knowing that.”
There was another pause.
So, were they nice?”
I'm not going to discuss Avery's assets.”
They're assets now, not breasts?”
Excuse me for not talking about my girlfriend's chest with my perv friend.”
Your WHAT? Dude, if you're jerking me around, I will fucking kill you in your sleep.”
That came up after she showed me her—um.... Yeah.”
What a day of surprises. Stan asked out the blonde goddess and you kissed Avery after ogling her tits.”
I didn't ogle!”
Yeah, right. You're a man—they are breasts—you ogled. Admitting you have a problem is half the battle.”
Colby burst out laughing. Gavin was right, he had ogled and more than just a little. He'd copped a feel or two (or three) as well. Not only were they nice looking, they felt good too. Just as he imagined, warm, soft, perfectly formed hemispheres of bliss.
Dude!” Gavin yelled. “I do not want to know that!”
Know what? I didn't say anything.”
You were waxing poetic on the configuration of Avery's—assets.”
I wasn't!”
Swear ta god! I'm going to have to go wash my ears, man. And scrub my eyeballs. Cause you've given me two images I don't want to carry another second.”
Perfectly formed hemispheres of bliss....” Colby repeated, sucking in his breath sharply.
The phone went dead. Colby laughed, tossing the phone onto the couch.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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