Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Lord Roeder's Mine by Dellani

Lord Roeder's Mine is a prequel to my Lone Wolf Series. Matilda's father, Ed Dulac, is stationed on a planet named Solaris, where he loses his wife and two daughters. He becomes a Trimagnite miner, and one of his assignments is the infamous Lord Roeder's Mine.

"Gun it," Tarvo ordered.
The pilot slapped his controls and the ship leaped forward, knocking most of its personnel on their rear ends. The interstice snapped shut behind them, taking with it a portion of their rear sensor array.
"What the hell just happened?" Ed called from Medical. "I just landed on my ass, Wayne. What are you playing at?"
"Stubborn interstice, Dulac. Deal with it." He clicked off and made an all ship bulletin apologizing for the inconvenience. "What went wrong?" He asked his bridge crew.
Lieutenant Garrow on navigation answered. "I'm still running an analysis, Captain. So far, nothing is showing up. I'm also running diagnostics of the interstice and my console, sir."
"Tell me when it's done."
"Yes, sir."
"Hail Committee Home Base," he told the communications officer.
"Yes, Captain," Lane Halapay replied. "They are demanding a command code, sir."
"What? Have they gone completely out of their minds? Since when do I...?" He stopped talking when a large and angry reptilian face filled his screen.
"A little warning would have been nice, Lieutenant," Wayne muttered to Halapay.
"They did it without asking, sir."
"Who am I talking to?" Tarvo asked abruptly. "You've got some nerve to override my comunit like that."
"What is your Guild command code?"
"I don't give that out to anyone. You'd know that if you worked around here."
"Name and rank."
"That ain't exactly your business either. I'm contacting Committee Home Base."
"And I am replying."
"Well, I guess we're at an impasse, buddy."
"I believe that the security ships off your port bow have now shifted the balance." The screen flickered to show three gun ships off port.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Grff Sslick, Acting Security Chief for Committee Home Base."
"You new at your job?"
"Why do you ask?"
"You never taught manners back in the swamp?" Wayne recognized Sslick as a member of the reptilian species from a swampy planet called Viotempe. "I got Guild business here. More to the point, I got business with Dr. Savolopis. Now, you either clear me to do that peacefully, or you're going to find yourself in a bind."
"We have superior weapons."
"Maybe so, but I got mining lasers. You ever seen what one of them can do to a spaceship? It ain't pretty."
"I demand you identify...."
"And I demand you follow protocol. I don't have time for this shit. I'm completing my mission as ordered. If your ships fire on me, you're gonna have Emmelia Spenser on you so fast, you'll piss your britches. Blackmore," he said to the pilot.
"Yes, sir."
"Get me down there, boy."
"Yes, Captain."
"Get those lasers on line."
"Yes, sir."
"You cut down anything that tries to get in our way."
"You got it, sir."
"Sslick, you got ten seconds to get outta my way. Ten, nine...."
The three gun ships moved back, but flanked the Guild vessel as it made its descent to the gigantic asteroid that was Committee Home Base.
Tarvo's private comunit on his chair flickered. He glanced at it.
"Dad, what's going on? The entire base is on alert."
"Some dickhead who thinks he knows what he's doing."
"Some lizard."
"Oh, him! Give me a minute. I think I can clear this up." The screen flickered off.
Moments later, another face appeared. This was the Base Command Station.
"Wayne Tarvo, are you who's causing all this trouble?"
"Ben Drexel, thank God! Who's that turtle brained idiot who thinks he's in charge?"
"Last minute replacement for the Security Chief. The other one met with an accident. We're looking for a permanent replacement. I'm not sure where he came from, but he's got bilge for brains."
The gun ships tipped their wings respectfully and flew off.
"Thank you. First the damn interstice wouldn't open, then that bozo came on demanding my command codes."
"He had security locked the gate from this side. I'm not even sure how he did it. I didn't give the order. Give a lizard a little power, he suddenly thinks he's in charge."
"I'd throw the fucker in the brig."
Ben grinned. "I've got you on my scope now. Your nav should have the orbit coordinates."
"Aye, sir," Garrow said clearly. "Locking in now, sir."

"Thank God for the Marines," Tarvo said with a dry chuckle.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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