Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Love Dialogue from The Great Mandrake by Dellani

Drake Mann makes his living as a waiter, and a comic magician, at a local comedy club. He's also finishing up his last semester of college. He's kept a low profile, for the most part, but suddenly finds himself the topic of female scrutiny. Completely out of the blue, one of the girls in his class, asks him out. He says yes.

Megan looked back at him, a smug expression on her face. He had a feeling he was in for more than a few drinks after the show. But hell, maybe that was a good thing. Some casual sex would feel pretty damn good right about now. Being a single father, working two jobs and watching Davy, he hadn't had much of a social life. He'd see if Randi could babysit late. While he was thinking about it, he called her cell. He didn't think she would pick up, but she did.
Too surprised to speak right away, he paused.
"Drake? That's you, right? What's up?"
"I didn't expect you to answer. Aren't you at school?"
"Lunch break, duh. Whatcha need?"
"Can you stay longer Friday? A friend asked me to get drinks or something after the show."
"Ooh, or something? Can I guess? Is she tall, blonde and gorgeous?"
"Not too tall, light brown hair, pretty."
"But female, right?"
He laughed, nodding. "Yes, female. Why?"
"Cause you need to get laid, bro. I'd do you myself, but that would make our working relationship strained."
"And I won't do anyone under nineteen, so our working relationship is safe."
"If I was nineteen and not your babysitter, would you do me?"
"If you were nineteen and not my babysitter, I'd do you in a heartbeat."
"Cool. Just so we know where we stand."
"So, can you stay longer?"
"Of course. In fact, I'll bring an overnight bag and camp out on the couch. That way you can stay out all night."
"I don't figure on it getting quite that serious, Randi."
"In case. That's all I'm saying."
"You are a absolute gem, Miranda."
"Thank you, Drake. I pride myself on my ability to shine! Speaking of which, I'm in the school play. I'm playing the lead. You'll come, right?"
"Absolutely. Reserve me two tickets front and center. I'll bring Davy."
"Shit no, bring your new lady."
"Not that kind of relationship, Randi."
"Oh, I get it. This is a casual drinks and fuck date?"
"God, I hope so!" He laughed, gathering up his books. He heard a bell ring on her end. "Get to class, kid."
"Yeah, on my way already."
"No problem, D." She hung up. Moments later, she messaged him. "Go 4 it!"
Laughing, Drake walked to his next class.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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