Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Analysis of Love by Dellani

Quaid Jennings is a psychologist in the City. His business partner and best friend, Boyd, introduced Quaid to his favorite cousin, Faydra. She's from Alabama, and is just visiting the City. As a treat, they take her, and Boyd's girlfriend, Petra, out to dinner. A band is playing, and they're very good. Faydra doesn't recognize them, but it's pretty clear that Petra does.

The band went on break. Seconds later, a tall, dark haired man hopped off the stage and approached the table. Dressed in a skintight silk T-shirt and leather pants, he was quite the tasty sight. Faydra smiled as he approached. Petra's mouth fell open, then she gulped, turned pale and blushed in the space of a few seconds. When he flopped in an empty chair, she inhaled sharply.
She has no clue who I am,” he said to Quaid, taking Faydra's hand. “Cullen Fellowes. Of Sardonic. Pleased to meet you, beautiful.” He turned to Petra, laughing. “Don't have a heart attack, babe. Or Boyd will slay me.”
I'm sorry!” she gasped. “So.... Oh, my god!”
He glanced again at Faydra. “Still has no idea. Don't they listen to our band where you come from in Outer Mongolia?”
Outer—hm?” She squinted at him. “I'm still trying to place you. Reckon it will come to me.”
I don't know whether to be flattered or very disappointed,” he said to Quaid. “Your girl hasn't got a clue.”
I live in a little bit of a bubble,” Faydra admitted. “Full time college and helping with a sick mom.”
Then you're forgiven.” The dark haired man stood and kissed her hand. Blue eyes twinkled as he took his seat. “Your friend knows me. You okay, babe?” He kissed Petra's hand too.
She held it with her other, eyes glowing. “Yes. Fine.”
I knew I should have become a rock star,” Boyd complained. “No one's ever looked at me that way.”
Not me, either.” Cullen moved side to side. Petra's head followed his movement, mesmerized. Cullen chuckled. “Sorry, Dude. I think I broke her.” He took a sip of water from Petra's glass. She followed this movement too, watching his Adam's apple bounce in his throat. “So, Boyd, Quaid, how you guys been?”
Better and better,” Quaid said, taking Faydra's hand and kissing it.
Boyd was watching Petra, who watched Cullen. Faydra squinted, trying to figure out why he looked familiar.
This is the most awkward conversation I've ever had,” Cullen remarked with a chuckle.
More than when Morgan gave you and your girlfriend a sex lesson?” Quaid winked at him.
Yeah. I'm gonna....” He pointed over his shoulder at the door he'd entered from. “Guy's will be out soon. Catch ya on the next break.” Nodding, he got up and left.
Petra blinked, looking dazed. “Omigod!” she squeaked and ran for the ladies' room.
I've got this,” Faydra said and followed.
Dude, better me than you,” Quaid said. “Maybe you should get a Cullen makeover. Dye your hair black and get blue contacts.”
Boyd punched him, hard. “Not funny. Fay didn't look at him like he was on the menu.”
She has no idea who he is. Which is, in itself, hilarious. I bet he never had that reaction from any female, ever.”
Ya know what? Not helping.”
Boyd,” Quaid spoke in a quietly commanding tone.
His friend turned unfriendly eyes on him. “What?”
Whose bed is she in?”
Boyd glowered.
Who's giving her most excellent sex and making her scream his name over and over?”
His friend still didn't reply, merely took a gulp of his drink.
Because it's not Cullen's name I've been hearing half a dozen times a night. He isn't the one making her smile like the Cheshire Cat.”
Boyd signaled for another drink after knocking back the first one. Monica brought another for him, removing the empty glass.
Cullen isn't her first love—or any love. Yeah, he's hot and famous—”
If looks killed, Quaid would be on the floor, bleeding.
But he's not you.”
No, he's a famous rock star who held my girlfriend mesmerized. Like a fucking python with a mouse.”
You've known him all your life. She just met him. It's a little bit of a shock. I have to admit, when I first met him, he had a similar effect on me.”
You didn't want to have sex with him,” Boyd grumped.
Quaid laughed. “Well, I wasn't getting the full Cullen Effect. Trust me, even straight as I am, I feel the magnetism. He's the most charismatic person I ever met. If he wanted to run for president, he'd win by a landslide vote.”
Strangely, this isn't making me feel better. Fay didn't fall all over him.”
He wasn't turning his charm on her. She didn't even recognize him.”
Still—not feeling better.”
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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