Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Portrait of Love by Dellani

Gemma meets Kendrick by chance, and he asks her out. Desperately wanting to paint her portrait, he invites her to his studio. He isn't as interested in dating her so much as capturing her essence on the canvas. When Gemma meets his roommate, Vik, there is an instant attraction. Unfortunately, they aren't able to deny their attraction and Kendrick finds them kissing in Vik's studio. He goes somewhat crazy and beats up Vik. This scene takes place in the hospital when Vik is being released.

You can go ahead and call your driver at any time,” Dr. Hennasy said with a smile. “I'll get the paperwork rolling.”
Thank you so much,” Gemma said.
We're going to miss you,” Dr. Hennasy said. “Not because we like you or anything, Vik. We're going to miss Minerva's treats.”
Giggling, she scuttled out as he hurled one of his pillows at her. Laughing, he lay down once more.
Ow, that hurt. I should know better than to throw pillows at my doctor.”
But isn't that what they're for? The doctors, and the pillows,” Gemma said as she picked it up.
Vik chuckled. “They are indeed. I say that a day hasn't really started well unless one is able to hurl at least one pillow at an unsuspecting medical professional.”
Doctors aren't as much fun to bean as nurses,” Gemma said, putting the pillow at the end of the bed. “But nurses are generally quicker.”
Holding his ribs, Vik laughed softly. “Oh, fuck that hurts!”
I guess laughter isn't the best medicine for a man with cracked ribs, hm? We'll make sure that the level of jocularity is kept at a minimum.”
Jocularity,” Vik chuckled. “Yeah, that'll happen.”
James arrived about forty minutes later, trailing water from his great coat. “I had to park in east hell,” he complained. “The old man with the cart wouldn't give me a ride. He said I was fully fit and able to walk.”
Bastard,” Vik said. “What do they pay the old arse for if not to pick people up?”
I think he was beating it,” James said, with a none to subtle hand gesture. “Can't be sure as the drapes were drawn.”
Ew!” Gemma said.
Sorry, Miss. You'll have to forgive us menfolk. We can't be trusted in public.”
Or private,” Vik added.
Nor there,” James agreed. “Are we about out of here?”
Just need to sign the papers,” Vik said.
I'll tromp back down to get the car, then,” James said with a sign. “I tried calling, but you didn't answer. That's the only reason I schlepped up here.”
Gemma looked at her phone only to realize it was completely dead. “I forgot to charge it last night. I'm so sorry, James.”
Not a problem, Miss. I'll be back,” he said in a good imitation of Arnold.
I need to get dressed,” Vik said. “I can't do this myself.”
I can help,” Gemma said.
Vik's head popped up, his lips clamped shut. “Uh, no. I have no boxers on. Not inviting you to that party at this stage of the game.”
Gemma giggled as he blushed. “I'll get someone.”
Preferably a male someone,” Vik called after her.
A few minutes later, Gemma came back with an orderly. He gladly helped Vik get dressed while Gemma waited in the hallway. He opened the door, propping it open when he left. Vik sat on the bed fully clothed. He patted the bed next to him.
I can't wait to get home and shower. Sponge bathes are okay, but they aren't that much fun.”
Oh, I think I could give you a great sponge bath,” Gemma teased.
You can't say things like that if I'm going to be celibate the next few weeks,” Vik said. “I have some self-control, but an invitation like that gets my imagination pumping. And I have a hell of a good imagination,” he whispered, leaning toward her.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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