Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Tennessee Whiskey by Dellani

Noel Gentry owns a bar in an aging, but still nice, neighborhood. When his neighbor, Mrs. Culpepper, falls ill, he accompanies her to the hospital, where me meets Dr. Ziva Bodie. He and the doctor hit it off, so he invites her to a Sardonic concert, complete with front row seats and back stage passes. She's delighted with the concert, and is even more excited after intermission, when surprise guests join Sardonic on stage.

This time, the band took the stage with the lights on. Two other men walked out, ones that Noel and Ziva hadn't seen backstage. One was very tall, with waist long black hair. The other was shorter, with shoulder length blond hair. Ziva recognized them immediately. Grabbing Noel's arm, she jumped up and down, squealing. The sound and movement caught Cullen's attention. He stopped, dropping to a crouch.
I think one of my fans is deserting me for our special guests. Do you know who these guys are, babe?” he said into the microphone. He held it out to catch her voice.
Yes!” she squeaked.
Well, suppose you tell these nice folks, in case they don't recognize them. To my right?”
That's Malin Dimas!” She hopped up and down like an excitable child.
And to my left?”
Johnny Caesar! Ohmigod!”
The audience went insane. Noel, who liked and recognized both musicians, couldn't help but laugh at Ziva's antics.
Noel, man, I think your lady's about to abandon you for a rock star.”
Nope, cause she knows they're both married. And she knows what I can do with my tongue.” He flickered it like Gene Simmons. Since the camera was focused on them, his antics made the big screen above the stage.
The audience went insane. The men on stage laughed loudly.
Friend of yours?” Malin came over to stand by Cullen. Dropping down, he held out his hand to Ziva. “Hi there. What's your name, beautiful?”
Not to be outdone, Johnny joined them.
This is Ziva. She's a doctor,” Cullen said. “And, unfortunately, she's dating my friend, Noel.”
You know our songs, Ziva the Doctor?” Malin asked.
What's your favorite?”
Put on the spot, she blanked out on all of Malin's titles. Since she couldn't remember the name, she sang a snatch of it.
You wanna hear that right now?”
Boys, Casa Nova!” Playing a wicked riff, he strolled away from the edge of the stage.
Cullen hopped up, followed by Johnny. Not to be outdone, he played his own riff, and the two had a head cutting duel before even starting the song. Trying to outdo one another, they played more intricate things. Johnny finally played something so bizarre, Malin couldn't seem to do it. Stopping for a second, with the band playing behind him, he put his hands on his hips in disgust.
You aren't supposed to play my own song better than me, Caesar!”
Laughing, Johnny flipped him off and started to sing.
Fucking sings it better than me, too!” Malin hollered. “You want my job?”
Johnny just laughed again, and kept singing. Cullen took over vocals and the other two sang harmony. When the song finished, the crowd went crazy.
I swear to god, you both sing it better than me. That settles it, next album, you're both on it.”
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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