Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Author of Love by Dellani

I told the nurse at the station who I was there to see and she pointed me toward the waiting room. A few minutes later, she came in with a cup of coffee.
"Just made it fresh. I hope you take cream and sugar."
"Yes, thank you."
"Grace has talked about you non-stop for days," she said, taking a seat across from me. "My name is Tammy."
"Hi, Tammy. I'm Blake. So, anything good?" I took a sip of the coffee and complimented her. It was just right.
"All good. Though I take it it hasn't progressed."
"I just met the woman." Why does everyone expect me to be a womanizing man-whore? "Great kisser," I complimented Grace. Or, for all Tammy knew, I could have been talking about myself. "I have no intention of hurting your friend," I told her without being asked. "I like Grace, she's pretty fantastic."
"But you aren't from here."
"No, but I can be. I can do my job from anywhere. I know she didn't put you up to this."
Grace is too direct for that. If she wanted to know, she'd ask me. Or, I'd tell her without her asking. I have no secrets from her. That wasn't for Tammy to know. I'm not involved with her.
"But would you?"
"I don't see how it's your business. No offense, but I don't know you well enough to share that information."
She nodded, amazingly understanding and accepting that. "She and I have looked out for each other for awhile. She's my person."
I've seen Grey's Anatomy. I know that phrase. "I understand. It's good to have someone to look after, who looks after you. I get it." I have Dray as my person. Best friends and business partners for close to twenty years.
"Yes, it is."
We sat in awkward silence. She fiddled with her fingers in her lap. I sipped my coffee.
"May I be brutally honest?" I asked.
"I like Grace—a hell of a lot. Would I like things to progress? Well, duh! Will I push to get that result? No. Sex is no fun unless both people are totally into it, don't you find?"
Tammy blushed, nodding quickly.
"So don't worry about your friend. If she wants me, I'm here. If she decides she doesn't, I'll find a dark corner and play with myself."
Tammy burst out laughing. "That's one solution."
"Not my favorite, but it does the job." And it had been the extent of my sex life for the last few months. I didn't share that with Tammy.
She excused herself and went back to the desk. A few minutes later, Grace arrived, breathless, damp haired and smiling.
"Sorry it took so long. I had to drain an abscess and you don't want to know a thing about it."
"No, I surely don't." I pulled her close, kissing her deeply, letting her know how glad I was to see her. "Feels like I was gone a lifetime. A lot happened in a few days."
We walked to the elevator arm in arm and headed to my car. With her giving me directions, we went to Canal Street for lunch. There's a nice sandwich shop on a corner and we had a great meal. I told her about the crazy women in Key West.
"Must be something in the water," she said. "Or it's just the fact that you're hot as seven kinds of hell."
"Could be that, I reckon. Only one woman I want in my bed," I said very softly. "And I'm lookin' at her."
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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