Tuesday, April 03, 2018

I Love Dialogue from On the Fairway by Dellani

"Essa!" The short, red haired girl called from the other side of the room. The expression on her face was one of annoyance. "Earth to Essa! We need some help here."
Heath recognized her as the one Essa had been fussing at when he arrived. He bridled when he saw Essa's expression. He took her hand, squeezing. She nodded, inhaling slowly. He saw her expression change from loss and sorrow to irritation. She stepped away, frowning at the girl.
"You can't set a table without me watching? I thought you'd been trained by the best. Apparently, I heard wrong." She stood with her hand on her hip, foot tapping impatiently.
"Sorry, we didn't all go to charm school, Miss Jaymes."
"Get out," Essa said, pointing to the door. "I've had it with your incompetence, and bad attitude. Out. Anyone else want to walk?" She glared at the other waiters.
No one moved, including the redhead.
"You can't fire me," the girl snapped. "You aren't my boss."
"Oh, really? I assure you, I have the authority. Go. Now. Don't let the door smack your freckled ass on the way out.
"You'll hear about this. This will not go away!" She advanced on Essa, taking off her apron and bow tie.
Heath stepped between the two women, putting Essa behind him. "The lady told you to leave," he cautioned.
"Yeah, okay! You're her guard dog now?" She barked, snapping at his face.
"Miss, I'll ask you to stop that."
"Why? Don't like being called a dog?" She barked and snapped again.
"Not the words that I find offensive. What you're doing, that's assault. I'd hate to have to ruin the day of these fine people by making them be witnesses when the police arrest you for it. Cause I can make that happen." He had his phone in his hand, thumb poised over the emergency button. "Leave quiet-like and nobody gets in trouble."
The girl paled slightly, causing her freckles to stand out on her square face. "You're still gonna hear about this," she told Essa. "You and your lap dog."
Heath's smile was cold and dangerous. "Even a lap dog can bite, baby." He tipped his head, smiling again.
The redhead grabbed her purse and ran from the building. The others on the wait staff cheered and clapped.
"Thank you!" a tall, muscular young man said, clapping loudly. "What a bitch! Been bossing us around like she was in charge."
"And she' a dumb ass," a shorter, stockier man said. "Tried to tell me that corn rows aren't sanitary. Dreads maybe, but this here?" He pointed to his neatly braided scalp.
Heath wasn't sure what to think about the reactions of the others. He looked for Essa, but couldn't find her.
"She's in the ladies," one of the young women said, pointing to the restroom door.
"Thanks." Heath tapped on the door. "You okay?"
"Fine," she said in a broken voice.
"You decent?"
"What? Why?"
"Cause I'm coming in and don't wanna see more than a I should."
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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