Thursday, May 16, 2019

Take a Bite Outta Crime Part 31 by Dellani Oakes

Thanks to Scott, they are able to breach the tunnel and find some of the captives. Tommy is among them. Someone drops a gas bomb, injuring Tommy badly.

"Call Margo," Kirk said as he watched the young man choke. "I don't think....." He gulped, not wanting to admit that his friend was dying.
Nero contacted Margo's team leader. Meanwhile, the crouched by the young human, guarding him against the others. So far, no one had found their hiding place. A few more vampires struggled up the stairs behind them, gasping and coughing. They had obviously been prisoners. Their clothing was tattered and filthy. Many of them looked like they'd been brutally tortured and beaten. For a vampire to show damage, it had to have been horrific.

Margo and Sandra joined up with Phillida and Drea before the assault on the castle commenced. Phillida had a laptop propped on the trunk of the car. Rapidly tapping keys, she frowned with concentration.
"Got it," she said with an evil grin. "On my mark!"
The vampire warriors fanned out around her. Drivers revved the cars as the others assembled on foot. There was no visible fence, but they knew that the barrier around the house was more effective than any stone or wire. There were sensors buried in the ground. If someone not wearing a special chip crossed the line, an ultrasonic sound was emitted, disabling the vampire in question. The sound had been known to kill humans.
Phillida hit the button on her laptop. Signaling her warriors, she advanced across the line. The cars surged forward, one vampire in each riding shotgun, laid down suppression fire as the others followed. Screaming like a banshee, Phillida led the charge.
Vampires appeared at every window and at the crenelated turrets on top of the castle, firing their weapons into the crowd. Many of their party were hit, some killed, their bodies dissipating in the breeze. A whirlwind of hatred, Phillida fired weapons with both hands, hitting everything she aimed at. Margo did nearly as well.
Drea wasn't as good as Margo, but she certainly was no slack. Sandra, who was a crack shot, felt somewhat intimidated by the skill of the other women until she remembered they'd all been alive far longer than she. Advancing quickly, they made the relative protection of the building's front. The opposition seemed to be concentrated on the roof, though there could easily have been people waiting for them on the first floor.
Moments after they reached the door, Nero yelled that they were being attacked from underground. Horrified, Phillida cased the area where they stood. The earth looked as if it too had been disturbed.
"Fall back! Regroup by the cars! I think they're under us!"
Heading back to the vehicles, more of the warriors were hit. Margo, Drea and Sandra dragged fallen comrades to safety. Phillida stood amidst the raining bullets like Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now. And like that fearless commander, nothing hit her. She pulled something from her belt, tossing it over her shoulder toward the house as she walked back to the cars. A massive explosion rocked the armored limos and shattered the windows across the front of the castle. A huge, gaping hole appeared in the ground.
"Flash grenades in the hole," Phillida yelled.
A dozen grenades landed in the hole. Screaming and howling followed as the brilliant light took its toll. Once more, the assault team stormed the house, finishing off anyone that got in their way.
"Margo, where are you?" Kirk's voice held a note of panic.
"Coming in the front now."
"It's Tommy...."
He didn't have to finish. She understood.
He told her their position. With Phillida, Drea and Sandra running interference, Margo made her way to the stairwell where they hid. Phillida stood in the center of the great hall mowing down the enemy, reloading as quickly as she ran out. Drea ran with Margo, knowing her friend needed her more than Philly did. Sandra stayed with the vampire leader, following her lead.
Margo found the men hunkered down in the stairwell. Kirk and Oded joined the melee while Nero and Clovis stood guard over Margo and Tommy. Drea checked on Scott, reporting to Sandra that her fiance was alive and well.
Margo wasn't so lucky. She knelt by Tommy's side. His breath came in labored gasps, his pulse, weak and thready, raced. His color was terrible, pale and waxy. He was sweating, but his skin was cold to the touch.
"Tommy! Sweetheart, I'm here!"
"Margo," he gasped, trying to touch her face.
She grasped his hand. "You're gonna be okay, Tommy."
"No, I'm not, Margo. I got a lungful of gas. I can feel it eating away...." He coughed up blood.
"Tommy, no!"
"Turn him," Nero said gently. "He'll live if you turn him."
He couldn't speak, but nodded once. Closing his eyes, he raised his chin, exposing his neck. Margo kissed him, then let her fangs grow. Tears running down her face, she bit down. Tommy flinched, his body sagging as she drained his blood. Quickly, she bit her own lip letting a few drops of her blood trickle between his slack lips. For a moment, she thought he was gone.
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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