Thursday, May 02, 2019

Take a Bite Outta Crime Part 27 by Dellani Oakes

A young vamp attacks Scott in the restroom. Kirk subdues him, demanding information, but Scott tries to stop him.

"He would have bitten you, Scott. Maybe turned you. If you were lucky, he'd have ripped your throat out."
"I wasn't going...."
Kirk hit the vampire, shutting him up. "I can get this information if you'll let me," Kirk replied. "We need to find Tommy, before something bad happens. If it hasn't already. Time is rather important!"
Scott made up his mind. Holstering his weapon, he backed away from the downed vampire. "Do it."
Kirk's fangs extended again. He leaned over the vampire, his fangs brushing the other's throat. "It's very painful," he whispered hoarsely. "It burns as you change. Like your insides are on fire."
"Y-you said eu-euphoria."
"I lied!" His teeth sank into the other vampire's throat.
A scream echoed in the bathroom. Kirk did not begin to feed. He let the other feel his fangs, letting him think about it.
"Okay!" The young vampire whimpered. "Okay, I'll tell you!"
The fangs receded. The dual holes closed slowly. Kirk kept the other man pinned to the floor.
"Where have they gone?" Scott demanded, weapon trained on the downed vamp.
"There's this house—more like a castle—outside the city. It's way out in the middle of BFE...."
The police officer and Kirk exchanged a look.
"Specifics," Scott demanded.
The vampire babbled several minutes, telling them everything he knew. When he was done, Kirk nodded. Before rising, he broke the vampire's neck. Rising, he dusted his hands. Scott eyed him warily.
"Why did you kill him? I could have cuffed him, arrested him."
"Your cuffs won't hold us. Having him in the car would have been deadly for us both. Now, he can't call anyone and tell them—can he?"
Scott shook his head. "Just not the way I like to do things."
Kirk washed his hands and put on his tie and jacket. "Me either, but it had to be done."
"Shall I call it in?"
"No need."
Black spots appeared on the vampire's body. Suddenly, he fell to dust, which disappeared with a soft poof. Nothing was left, not even a hint of what had happened. Scott shuddered.
"That's disturbing."
"Somewhat," Kirk added with a disdainful sniff. "Shall we get the others?"
"Lead on." What Scott didn't say was that he didn't want Kirk behind him. He'd held it together, because the vampire wasn't against him. However, he'd feel better where he could keep his eye on Kirk.
Kirk understood the other man's concern. He didn't say anything, but was careful how he moved, making no threatening gestures.
They found the women near the elevator. For some reason, it wasn't working. Sandy frowned. Margo bit her lip, drawing blood. Kirk staggered at the sight and smell of the drop of fluid on her pale chin. He reached out to taste it.
Margo knocked his hand away, slapping him. Scrabbling with something in her pocket, she extracted a vial of pills. Taking one, she forced Kirk's lips apart and put it under his tongue. Clamping his lips shut, she encouraged him to swallow. Closing his eyes, Kirk let the pill partially dissolve before swallowing it. Inhaling slowly, he nodded his thanks.
"Had to vamp out, huh?" Margo asked.
Kirk nodded once more. Scott told her what he'd seen. Having been unconscious for most of the fight, he didn't tell her about that. Seeing the bruises disappearing on Kirk's face, she reached her own conclusions.
"The elevator isn't working," Sandra said, touching the cut on Scott's brow.
"Then we take the stairs," Margo replied.
"It's sixty-seven stories!" Sandra exclaimed.
"Did you try the freight elevator?" Kirk asked.
"Is there one?" Scott queried.
"Place this size, has to be. Rich people don't want to see the hired help. Probably this way." He pointed down the hallway.
"Have you been here before?"
Kirk shrugged, shaking his head. "Nope. Acoustics are different down that hallway."
"And you saw the sign," Margo said with a smirk, pointing to the freight elevator sign on the wall.
Kirk winked. "Of course, but where's the fun if I spoil it for you?"
Fortunately, the freight elevator was working. Unfortunately, it stopped at nearly every floor. Fortunately, there was no one in the parking garage. Unfortunately, Kirk's rental car and the unmarked police car were both heavily damaged.
"How did they know which is yours?" Sandra asked.
Kirk tapped his rather impressive looking nose. "Superior sense of smell."
"That, and the Barr Nunne brochures on the front seat. Kirk, quit trying to out vamp us!" Sandra said with a grin. She punched his arm playfully.
"Seriously, even without that, there's a faint odor of Margo's perfume and my cologne that would alert them to the right car."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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