Thursday, January 02, 2020

Poplar Mountain Part 61 by Dellani Oakes

Struck dumb, he knew he needed to say something. Deciding to let his actions speak for him, he took Dollie in his arms, kissing her slowly, deeply. Her hands snaked around his waist and her breasts pressed against his chest.
Unable to believe his good fortune, Luke stopped kissing her. "Are you positive, Dollie?"
"Absolutely. I want to share this with you and only you."
"Then, let's go to bed." He stood, holding out his hand.
Dollie took it, smiling up at him. Her dark eyes sparkled, setting his body on fire
Is this really happening?
Shutting the bedroom door, Dollie locked it. She made sure the bedroom windows were closed and the drapes shut. Once she felt comfortable, she led Luke to her bed. Stopping, her hand on her blouse buttons, she paled.
"I don't know what to do," she gasped. "What am I supposed to do?"
Lucius took her hands, kissing them. "You let me worry all that and just let me kiss you."
His hands moved to her blouse, slowly undoing the buttons. Dollie sighed contentedly as he took charge. Lucius took his time, touching her softly, waking her long suppressed feelings. Each gasp and giggle made him smile, exciting him more than he ever thought possible.
"You ready for me, Miss Dollie?" he murmured, his lips brushing the sensitive skin of her stomach.
"Lucius Henry, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Miss Dollie?"
"I reckon one more time—Sookie."
She laughed as his hand dropped between her thighs. Gasping as his fingers touched her, she bit her lip when he penetrated the thin membrane of her maidenhead.
"Reckon you're ready now?"
She nodded, still biting her lip. Luke kissed away her fears, gently taking her body. Their love making was sweet and sensual, everything she ever could have wanted from their first union. Afterward, they lay in bed, arms and legs entwined.
"Is it always that delicious?" Dollie sighed.
Her head bounced when Lucius laughed. "Only when it's you," he replied. "Thank you, Dollie. For letting it be me. For loving me."
"For not making you wait until November?"
He laughed loudly, kissing her. "Yes, that too. I love you, Dorothea Belloit. Since the day we met."
"I love you too, Lucius Henry. Since I first laid eyes on you."

Dollie and Luke were married in the chapel the weekend before Thanksgiving. The little building wasn't big enough to hold all the guests, so they opened the windows and people gathered outside. The reception was held at the dining hall and afterward, everyone followed the young couple up to their house for an old fashioned shivaree. They played music, sang songs and banged metal pots and pans for nearly thirty minutes.
Finally fed up, Lucius went to the door. "Y'all go on home! Think you'd never seen a married couple off home before. Go on now! Git!"
"Take your missus to bed!" his cousin Phineas yelled.
Luke struck a comical pose. "Well, Phin, reckon that's what I'm trying to do, but y'all are making enough noise to wake the dead. How's a man to concentrate. Go on! Git!"
Laughing and singing, their friends and family went home.
When Lucius got back to their bedroom, he found Dollie in a lacy nightgown, waiting for him. He couldn't get out of his clothing fast enough. They made love most of the night, only stopping when they were too tired to continue.
Outside, the sun rose, birds sang and the world came awake. Smiling and content, they fell asleep, safe in one another's arms.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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