Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Wolf Bane by Darlene Kuncytes

Melinda Chambers has worked hard to carve out a safe, quiet, content little life for herself. She has effectively built solid walls around her that keep her safe from harm and heartache.
She never could have imagined how her world was about to change in the blink of an eye…
Danger is coming after her with a vengeance as the secrets of who she truly is are revealed. Can she accept her destiny and survive what it brings with it?
Who would have ever thought that agreeing to one cocktail would implode everything that she ever believed about herself and the world around her?
Melinda thought her previous birthdays and Halloweens (which just happen to be on the same day) were bad enough? Well…she hasn’t seen anything yet!
Wolf shifter, Colin Bane is fulfilling a promise that he made years ago. He just never expected that that promise would knock him right off of his feet and soundly onto his ass!
Protecting Melinda should have been the easy part. Teaching her about who she really is might be a little bit harder; but what else he discovers knocks the Were for a complete loop!
When these two meet, saying the sparks fly is a severe understatement! It’s more like a nuclear explosion!
Can Colin protect her from the evil that will do anything to possess her? Can he keep his head and his heart in the game to make sure that she is kept safe?
But, most importantly…can he keep the secret that he, himself, is hiding from her? Or will his desires ultimately consume him?
Nestled away at Colin’s secluded cabin, these two find themselves fighting more than just the evil that’s searching for them.
Grab this sexy romance and lose yourself to a world of heart-stopping thrills! Book 3 in The Anthology Novella Series will have you trying to catch your breath as you fall head over heels in love with these characters! 

Meet the Author!

Darlene Kuncytes is the best-selling author of The Supernatural Desire series. She was born and raised in Ohio, and still happily resides there. She's a complete smart ass with a wicked sense of humor who has been told on more than one occasion that she is irritatingly chipper in the mornings. And, honestly-she really couldn't care less! She is the eternal optimist, and you can usually find her with a coffee mug in hand and a smile on her face ~ causing all kinds of trouble.
"A Vampire's Saving Embrace" is the first novel in The Supernatural Desire Series. Hard core romances with no cliffhangers!
Book 2- "A Wolf's Savage Embrace" ~ Luke and Kat's story!! Funny, sexy, romantic! They will have you laughing out loud as your toes curl! Sexy fun!
Book 3- "Marcus' Mortal Embrace" ~ Warm, sensitive...touching. The journey continues with this heart-stopping read!
Darlene is currently at work on Book 4 in the series ~ Harper' Heavenly Embrace.
She also has another contemporary Suspense/romance in the works!! And it is going to be HOT!
She has always loved the supernatural with a touch of suspense - not to mention the allure of finding one's soul mate.
In her spare time, she fosters and rescues Puppy-mill survivors. ( And, yes - she has been a foster failure on more than once occasion! But, she refuses to apologize for it! She LOVES her fur-babies more than anything!)
The Supernatural Desire Series are stand alone reads that fit together and will have you wanting so much more! It's time to join the journey of this wonderfully romantic and sexy band of Supernaturals and get your paranormal on!
Her newest releases are The Anthology Novella Series!
These are fun, sexy, stand-alone short Paranormal Romances that will have your heart beating as you beg for more! Romance at it's best!
And the best part? These romantic reads are ONLY .99 each! Seriously sexy! Seriously fun! Seriously romantic! Seriously MUST Reads! And just .99!!!
Book 1 - A Witch's Hearts Desire ~
Book 2 - Summer Sin ~
Book 3 - Wolf Bane ~
Book 4 - Magical Holiday Love ~ Two romantic shorts!
Book 5 - The Wolf Next Door ~
Darlene also has some hot as Hades Dragon stories!
Promised to a Dragon - 2018 RONE runner up for best novella!
Wynter's Kiss
The Mermaid's Kiss
Last, but certainly not least, if you love a sexy, romantic thriller, Darlene has a contemporary Suspense/Romance available that will leave you completely breathless! This 5 star read will keep you on the edge of your seat!
"I'll Be Seeing You" is a RONE finalist from InD'Tale Magazine!
This incredibly sexy Suspense/Romance will keep you guessing while you fall absolutely in love with the characters!
Darlene absolutely loves to hear from her readers- so be sure to follow her on Facebook @ Darlene Kuncytes Author also...

Follow her on Twitter at @VampireEmbrace
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