Thursday, March 07, 2013

My Name is Thoeba

My guest today is a visitor from the great beyond. Please make her feel welcome! Hello, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

     My name is Thoeba, and I’m a refugee on your planet.
     It seems like ages ago that I was forced to flee my home in the heavens to save the Energy from the minions of evil.
     At first, I wondered why the Energy brought me to Earth. Your kind are a selfish lot, given to cruelty and self-destruction. What could you offer myself and my God in the way of salvation when you cannot save yourselves?
     And I struggled. Demons hunted me. I feared I would be forced to accomplish my mission alone—to save the Energy without my brethren and to find a way to break the Energy free of Its prison to save all life as we know it. Failure is not an option, otherwise all life will die.
     I met Peter, and through him, I met his children Zack and Kayla. They changed my mind. As we fight together for a common goal, I am learning not all humans are war-like and self-serving. I watched you come together...helping each other to save your own planet.
     Truly I am glad to have met your species. You are worthy of my allegiance and friendship. You are worth fighting for...and with.
     Your planet is beautiful and your vast cultures are fascinating. I could spend eons here and never learn enough. So many things to read, eat and experience. I like it here on Earth.
     And it is a good thing, because my work is not finished. I look forward to knowing you humans, and to rescuing our worlds together.

Thoeba - Donna Milward

Thoeba is a creature of light. As all things must be in balance, when the Energy created her kind it also created the darkness. Theoba's world fell to darkness forcing her to flee. She came to Earth to protect the Energy, losing everything in the process. Darkness has found a way to follow her and threatens to take this world as well. With only humans as allies, can she succeed?

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