Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I Love Dialogue - Indian Summer Revisited

I shared an earlier part of this scene here, but I like how it continues. It simply was far too long to use the entire scene. Milan Dimas is a fantastic musician and has recently been offered a record contract by a man who's seen him play at a small restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida. He and his father don't get along, so he took great pleasure in leaving a message for him about his new career. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell his sister, Tess. She just called to give him a hard time and (just to eat at him) told him that she'd made love to his best friend, Clay.

"Who was that?" Clay asked him in passing.
"That was Tess."
"Oh, yeah? How's she doing?"
"She misses you and your tongue."
Clay wiggled his tongue around looking confused. "Me? What for? I thought she hated me."
"Hell if I know. She's in one of her moods."
"Ooh, Evil Tess has come out to play. Must be a full moon." He looked up at the sky.
"Clay, did you ever do my sister?"
"Do what? Oh, Do your sister. No. Not that I wouldn't want to, she's smoking hot."
Malin gave him a black look, saying nothing.
"But in a purely virginal and totally untouchable way. I'm going over there now where no one wants to murder me."
He scrambled over by Dana and started making a mess while he tried to help her clean up. She lunged angrily at him with a fork, so he left her alone too and shuffled over by Carina where he hoped he was safe.
"Damn, he's in a bad mood. I think Mal needs to get laid."
He glanced at Carina and blanched. Her expression was very nearly as deadly as Malin's.
"Sorry. Big mouth, small brain." He wandered off, picked up some of Malin's equipment and followed him to his van. "Now what was all that about? Is Tess mad at you?"
"She was. I told Dad about the recording contract."
"Before you told her? Are you insane?"
Malin gave him another black look.
"Forget I asked. You didn't say anything ugly about Nora again did you?"
"Okay, that's progress."
"You seriously didn't ever—you know—with Tess?"
"Malin, we've been friends a lot of years. I've seen your sister damn near naked on any number of occasions. And, though I was very, very tempted—even when she threw herself at me one night at a party, I said no."
"Threw herself?"
"I swear! Would I lie about that?"
Malin didn't say anything. It was a tough call. Clay would lie if he thought it was what Malin wanted to hear. On the other hand, he would tell the truth if it kept him from getting a beating.
"You might." He loaded his amplifiers into the van.
"True, there are times I might. This isn't one of them. I swear!"
"What party?"
"Um, my twenty-first birthday. I did kiss her. That I did do. It was mildly fantastic," he mumbled quickly. "More than mildly. The other thing—no way."
Malin grabbed his friend and rabbit punched him in the gut. "Good. I'd hate to have to kill you."
"What if I married her and made her blissfully happy by giving her multiple orgasms every night for the rest of her life?"
Malin glared at him over his shoulder as he walked back to the restaurant.
"Okay, that wasn't helping either. I think we've made great progress here tonight. Really!" He trailed behind his friend as he helped load the equipment.

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