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I Love Dialogue Indian Summer Revisited

I have an historical novel called Indian Summer, about a young woman, Gabriella Deza, the daughter of the Spanish governor, who falls in love with his confidential aid. They have a series of wild adventures during the spring and summer of 1739, in St. Augustine, Florida.
I love the city of St. Augustine and felt as if there were more stories waiting to be told. On a visit there, I felt another one nagging at me. I named it Indian Summer Revisited. It centers around a musician named Malin Dimas who has recently met a woman named Carina who works as a waitress at the small restaurant he's just been hired to play for. He's an overnight hit! He takes great pleasure in telling his disapproving father that he's working as a musician and has been offered a record contract. He neglects to tell his sister, Tess. She calls, after having a chat with their furious father. In full fury, she gives him hell.

Malin knew he couldn't win. Tess was in full swing and he was totally screwed. If he thought he was going to get her to understand, he was dead wrong. It was better to ride it out and let her have her fit. Once she was done, then he could get a word or two in. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like that was going to happen anytime soon.
"Tess, I need to get my stuff packed up."
"Don't you have servants for that, Mr. Rock Star?"
"No. I'm not a rock star, I'm just singing at a local restaurant."
"Why didn't you tell me, Mal? God, I had to find out from him!"
"Was he mad?" He couldn't keep the gleeful anticipation from his voice.
"He was livid. I've never seen him so angry. He was all red in the face and spitting. It was a beautiful moment." The anger in her voice subsided, changing to glee.
"He didn't threaten you with a loaded gun, did he?"
"No. The Nora Bitch took them away and locked them up after the time I told him I was pregnant with Clay's love child."
"Why would you tell him a thing like that? He hates Clay."
There was a slight pause and a snort of laughter. Malin gathered up some of his equipment.
"Okay, answered that one myself. I'm sorry I forgot, Tess. The last few days have been completely surreal. I've had exams, the new gig and a new girlfriend all since Tuesday."
"Is she amazing?"
"She bypassed amazing when she rammed me in the gut with her elbow. Honestly, I can't find words good enough to describe her. She's symphonic."
"Oh, I have to forgive you now. You're in love, you prick. How dare you?"
"Am I? How can you tell?"
She repeated what he said, giving it her own twist. "Gag me now, I might throw up."
"Wouldn't you like to be described as symphonic? I think it's pretty cool."
"I'd love it, but Gary doesn't know any words that big. He gets as far as hot and sexy and starts to drool. I'm thinking of breaking up with him."
"Why's that? I thought he was great in bed."
"He's okay. Clay was better."
"I'm kidding. We never got that far. Not that I wasn't interested, but we knew you'd kill us both if we even tried it. He kisses well, though. Is he dating anyone?"
"Yeah, he is," Malin sounded very annoyed. "I can't believe you liked Clay."
"Malin, I know you're just a guy and all, but Clay is nearly as gorgeous as you. It makes me sick to say that, but my brother is one of the best looking men I know and his dumb friend is pretty jacked and hot and I'd do him in a heartbeat."
"Tess," Malin was getting uncomfortable. "Remember that conversation where it was way too much information?"
"Yeah, so?"
"So, we've reached that point again, only it's your turn."
"Grow up, Malin! I like sex just as much as you do."
"Not listening."
"I'd venture to say I'm nearly as experienced as you are."
"Still not listening."
"I did have a thing with your friend Benji a few months ago. He's kind of kinky, but the things that man can do with his tongue!"
He hung up, flushed and angry. He really didn't think Tess had screwed Benji because she was always complaining that he smelled like last week's dirty laundry. He still didn't like hearing her talk like that and he certainly hadn't appreciated what she had to say about Clay.
"Who was that?" Clay asked him in passing.
"That was Tess."
"Oh, yeah? How's she doing?"
"She misses you and your tongue."
Clay wiggled his tongue around looking confused. "Me? What for? I thought she hated me."
"Hell if I know. She's in one of her moods."
"Ooh, Evil Tess has come out. Must be a full moon." He looked up at the sky.
"Clay, did you ever do my sister?"
"Do what? Oh, Do your sister. No. Not that I wouldn't want to, she's smoking hot."
Malin gave him a black look, saying nothing.
"But in a purely virginal and totally untouchable way. I'm going over there now where no one wants to murder me."

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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