Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Love Dialogue! Sierra

Sierra is the working title for this novel. I don't have a name for it yet, so it's named after the main character.
Sierra McLaughlin finds herself sitting beside David Anders on her way from Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Daytona Beach, Florida. She's on a trip to interview at Stetson University for her Masters in art, and David, having just graduated, is heading home. They hit it off and she shows him some of her pictures for her portfolio.

David took the pictures as she took back the coffee. He opened the book and grinned. "Great shot of the Inlet," he commented happily.
"I like to tell a story with the pictures. I took a few landscape shots when I got there."
He flipped through three more. The next picture was of four surfers in silhouette, the sun and water in front of them. One was bending over putting on his wet suit. His tight ass was nearly center of the frame. The guy to his right was profile, looking down at him. The other two were checking the waves, eyes shielded against the glare. Their boards were planted upright in the sand.
David chuckled, pointing to the ass shot. "Very nice composition. What's this part of the story?" He mimicked a female voice. "I got to the beach and saw this great ass and had to take a picture?"
Sierra grabbed for her book, but he held it away from her, out into the aisle.
"He has a bathing suit on!"
"Yeah, but still! I didn't think Stu had that good an ass. Mine's better."
"You know him?"
"Yeah. I know all of them." He pointed to each in turn from left to right. "Tom, Stu's ass, Brent and yours truly."
Sierra squinted at the picture. The guy shading his eyes and turned slightly to his right, watching the waves was very familiar.
"Oh, my God! It is you! How weird is that?"
"Not very when you figure I spend every available minute on my board."
"But that we should meet on a plane, when we've been at the same school for several years. It's weird."
"When you put it in that perspective, yeah."
Suddenly excited to have met one of her subjects, Sierra leaned over the album eagerly.
"Any more pictures of you in there?"
"Let's see." He laughingly brushed her hand away as the flight attendant passed by.
"You'll have to put your trays up now."
"No problem," David grinned. He put the album in his lap and put up his tray.
The pictures started to fall off his lap. Sierra, not really thinking, made a grab for the album and missed. The flight attendant looked down at them and gave her a knowing smile. With a twinkle in her eyes, she walked to the front of the plane. Red faced and mortified, Sierra watched the photo album fall to the floor. Unmoving, she stared at it until David picked it up and dusted it off.
"No harm done," he smiled, white teeth flashing in his tanned face.
"I'm so sorry," Sierra muttered as the plane began to move.
"Grabbing at the book. I missed," she whispered as she blushed a deep red.
"Not everything," he smirked, raising an eyebrow. "I thought it was some strange Mississippi greeting. Hi," he held out his hand to her again. "I'm David and these are my balls. Would you like to sample a handful?"
Sierra laughed suddenly, realizing he wasn't making fun, just making light of a very embarrassing situation. Putting on her best Southern Belle accent, she replied with a flutter of her eyelashes.
"Why, Mr. Anders, I believe you're a bit presumptuous. I never grab a man's private parts on the first date."
"Too bad," he sighed. "I rather liked it. You can grab my photo anytime you want."
Sierra giggled and nudged him playfully in the ribs.
"You're awful. No wonder they're sending you home."
"I can't be expected to behave," he agreed. "It's true. Cannot play well with others is on all my report cards."
"Mine all say, cannot be trusted with photo albums," she added. Gasping, she grabbed his hand as the plane left the ground. "I hate flying," she whispered and clutched his fingers more tightly.
"It's okay. I'm here. We'll do this together."
"Thanks," she murmured and closed her eyes as the plane climbed.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Playmates

Rada Sample has come home to Mississippi from Orlando, Florida, to bury her last relative, her great-grandmother. Unbeknownst to Rada, Granny Sample had quite a fortune amassed. The only child of a long line of only children, Rada is the sole heir to a fortune—as well as a huge Antebellum mansion. She and Max Van Dorn have been dear friends since they were five years old. Though they never quite got together romantically, they still both carry a bit of a torch.

Miss Sally served their meals with a flourish. Both of them had ordered fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and corn on the cob. She waited a moment until Rada took her first bite.
Rolling her eyes with pleasure, Rada chewed and swallowed. She smiled up at the old woman. "Delicious as always, Miss Sally. Your fried chicken is the best in the world."
"Well, aren't you sweet to say so," Sally replied. "You been gone too long, chile."
"I know, Miss Sally. But I'll be here awhile yet."
"You ought to come back for good. Your roots are here, not in Florida." She said the word like it was covered in slime and filth.
Rada grinned. "Well, I've got a good job there. Reckon I'll stay."
Sally sniffed to show her disapproval and stalked off. For a tiny woman, barely five feet tall, she could sure strut like a super model.
"You'll be the talk of the town now," Max said, watching the old lady retreat.
"I've been so before. Why's now any different?"
"'Cause now you're a rich woman. Got a big house and a fortune."
"Much of which I'll have to spend fixing up that old place. I looked at the roof today. Did you see it?"
"Junior Simmons supposedly repaired it," he began.
Rada tried to interrupt. Max held up his hand.
"Didn't say he did a good job. He hammered the damaged shingles down with six penny nails and declared it done. Granny was in no shape to inspect it. I did, but she didn't want to fool with it anymore. I got that first on my long list of things to do."
"How long's that list?"
He held out his arm, then the other. They both laughed.
"Reckon we'll see a lot of each other," she replied.
"Reckon we will."
"How much would it cost to put in air conditioning?"
He puffed out his cheeks and bit his lower lip. "Woof. I dunno. I'm not an a/c man. I got some friends who can come give you some estimates. They're all good men. Just depends on what color you want."
She frowned. "What color?"
He took a sip of his tea, winking at her over the top of the glass. "Blond, brunette or redhead?"
"Any of them as good looking as you?" She immediately regretted what she said. Dropping her gaze, she stared at the table, knife and fork poised by her plate. "I'm so sorry. That wasn't right. I'm real tired."
Max chuckled. "Miss Rada, I take that as a compliment."
"Good. I'm glad. You know me. If it's there to be said wrong, I'll say it. Once again, I embarrass myself." But you are gorgeous. You're handsome, jacked. . . . And it's been a long, long time. . . .
"Lost ya again, baby doll."
Rada shook herself, concentrating on her food. How long had it been since she'd last had a man in her bed? She couldn't remember. She stayed so busy as an executive for a movie company, she hardly had time for a love life. Most of the men she knew were petty and egotistical. They weren't like the men she'd grown up with. They were too concerned with stock portfolios and fancy cars. They were like girls with three piece suits and dicks. The image she'd conjured up made her giggle. Covering her mouth, she tried not to spew her food.
Max frowned, leaning toward her as she started choking. "You okay, baby?"
Rada nodded, eyes watering as she continued laughing. "Sorry," she gasped. She couldn't tell him why she was laughing. Not here. Later, when they were alone, she'd tell him.
"It's official. You're finally plumb out-your mind," he said with a knowing smirk. "But I been saying for years that Rada Sample wasn't quite right."
Purposely copying his accent, she met his gaze with narrowed eyes. "I done said Maxwell Van Dorn ain't right neither."
Max laughed loudly, slapping his knee. "That's what I love about you, Rada. You don't take my shit, you give it right back to me."
"Watch your mouth, young man," Sally called from the kitchen.
Rada laughed when Max blushed. "You ought to know by now, she's got ears like a polecat. She can hear everything you say," she whispered.
"Only when it's something I can completely embarrass myself with." He hesitated a moment, wiping his lips with his napkin. "I've sure missed you, Rada."
"I've missed you too, Max." I live in the Sunshine State and my skies are gray without you. Got to stop thinking like that!

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Love Dialogue - First Love Excerpt 3

First Love is set in 1975. A church youth group is on a mission trip to New Mexico, helping to build a model of a Spanish torreón , or tower, with adobe bricks. Working along side them is the minister's son, Gabe. At first, Maddie thinks he's the man for her, but soon Clayton tells her how much he loves her, and has since they were kids. Though she's still friends with Gabe, Clayton is her first love. There have been all kinds of problems during the trip. For the time being, most of the youth group is at the church auxiliary building, more or less alone—except for one chaperon who's having heart palpitations.

Daniel got up and went back to the boys' room. No one was sure if they should follow him or not. Finally, Patti got up and went after him. Clayton and Maddie decided to join them, leaving Richard with Denise. He trailed in a few minutes later.
"Jeesh, please don't leave me with her ever again. She wanted to make out. Huhhh." He shuddered.
"She's nearly as insufferable as Claire," Daniel said. "The only one of them who came out of this a better person, is Beverly."
"At least she's calm enough to sit with Les. I'm a wreck. I'm worried sick about Gabe," Maddie said quietly.
Clayton's face clouded. Maddie touched his hand.
"He's my friend. At one point, I kind of hoped he might be more, but I'm delighted with my choice. I would be more worried about you."
They kissed lightly on the lips, as did Daniel and Patti.
"I'm gonna go check on Beverly and Les," Richard said, rising quickly. He stumbled out the door.
"I'm going with," Brad mumbled as he backed toward the door.
The boys laughed.
"Way to clear a room, bro," Daniel teased. "If we want privacy, we have a sure fire method. Shall we?" He opened his arms, grinning at Patti.
"Don't be getting ideas with all the sleeping bags around," Patti chided.
"What ideas?" Daniel tried to look innocent. "—that we haven't already had a million times over. Give us some credit, huh? Kissing. I promise. I'll sit on my hands." He did so.
Patti leaned over to kiss him and the lights went out. Denise screamed from the girls' room. Richard stumbled to the door, a lighter in one hand.
"What the fuck, dude?" He looked scared. "Anyone got flashlights?"
"I have a flashlight," Patti said. "A little one on my keyring." She dug through her purse, dropping it in disgust. "Which I left at home because I don't need my keys in New Mexico!"
"There are some candles in the kitchen. I saw them in a cupboard," Maddie said. "Maybe there's a flashlight too. Can you see well enough to find them?"
"I'm not going alone," Richard said. "I've seen enough horror movies. It never ends well for the guy who goes looking for candles."
"Oh, for heaven's sake! I'll go," Maddie said.
"And me," Clayton added. "Not letting you out of my sight."
"Someone should stay with Bev," Patti said.
"Brad's there. What about Denise?" Clayton asked.
"You stay with her, Richard. We'll borrow the lighter and go get candles," Maddie decided.
"We'll come with you," Patti said. "I'm not staying up here in the dark. If I'm gonna get hacked to pieces, I want a running start."
"I'll protect you," Daniel said, putting his arm around her.
"Be glad it's not me," Richard said. "I'd trip your ass so they got you first."
"And yet you wonder why you have no girlfriend," Patti countered.
Richard chuckled. He handed Clayton his lighter and walked into the room with Denise. There was a little light from the outside.
"We'll find candles or something," Clayton promised. "Just stay put."
"I assure you, I'm not going anywhere," Denise said.
"I'm here for the duration," Richard replied. "So, you still wanna make out?" he asked Denise as the others left.
"Are you serious?" They heard her say as they closed the door.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

I Love Dialogue - First Love Excerpt 2

First Love is set in 1975. A church youth group is on a mission trip to New Mexico, helping to build a model of a Spanish torreón , or tower, with adobe bricks. Working along side them is the minister's son, Gabe. He's their age, but seems much more mature to the girls from the youth group. He's clearly interested in Maddie and, to Clayton's dismay, she seems very interested in him. This scene takes place during lunch one day. Patti is Maddie's best friend.

Gabe sat next to Maddie. Very close. Clayton could barely see daylight between them. He was sharing her plate of chips and pico de gallo. Maddie rarely shared her food. Clayton bridled when he saw them. Patti's hand on his arm made him relax a little. Taking a deep breath, he walked toward Maddie, grabbing a Dr. Pepper from the cooler as he passed.
"Hey, Mads. Need a beverage?"
Maddie looked up, puzzled. "I've got one, Clayton. Thanks."
Clayton popped open the can. It spewed all over him, bubbling and frothing. Fortunately, he was already damp, so the additional fluid didn't matter. Had he been dry to begin with, it would have made him look like he'd wet his pants.
"You're gonna want to wash that off," Gabe advised, glancing up at him. "The wasps and ants really love that stuff."
"Thanks. Yeah." Shaking Dr. Pepper off his hands, Clayton went to the back of the building and turned on the garden hose, rather than the fire hose. He had no intention of spraying himself into oblivion.
Patti followed. "That went well."
"Shut up."
"You want her? Bring your A Game."
"What if I don't have one? What if bumbling buffoon is my A Game? Huh?"
Patti crossed her arms, eyeing him in disgust. "What I saw last night in the bathroom, that was A Game. This—I don't know what this is." She waved her hands angrily.
Clayton leaned close, talking quietly. "I'm terrified! I can't go up to her now and lay one on her. And I sure can't go up and flirt when she's with him."
"Fine. Sneak another grope in the bathroom." She stalked away.
Clayton shut off the hose and put it away. He wanted to be alone, but knew better than to run off. Instead, he wandered behind the building and sat on stack of lumber.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I Love Dialogue - First Love

First Love is set in 1975. A church youth group is on a mission trip to New Mexico, helping to build a model of a Spanish torreón , or tower, with adobe bricks. Working along side them is the minister's son, Gabe. He's their age, but seems much more mature to the girls from the youth group. He's clearly interested in Maddie and, to Clayton's dismay, she seems very interested in him. This scene takes place during lunch one day. Patti is Maddie's best friend.

Clayton sat in the shade of the adobe building, hands folded, head nearly resting on his up-drawn knees. Patti settled beside him, handing him half her sandwich. She invited him to share her heap of chips. Clayton managed a half smile.
"She doesn't want him," Patti said with confidence. "She might think she does, but it's the whole tall, dark and handsome thing."
"Oh, thanks. I feel so much better."
"She has known you, literally, her entire life. Until recently, you never showed any real interest, am I right?"
"I've tried, Patti. She's never seen me as anything but a brother."
"Until last night, did you ever say, I want to be more than your friend?"
"No. I'm a schmuck, okay? I thought she'd laugh at me."
"She wasn't laughing when I found you."
Clayton chuckled, it had an earthy undertone. "No, she wasn't." He took a bite of the sandwich. "But I can't compete with—that!" He waved his hand in the general direction of the others.
"With what—That?"
"That guy is better built than Charles Atlas."
"Have you looked in a mirror lately—at all?"
"Yeah. So?"
"So, what do you see?"
"A scrawny guy who needs a haircut. Why?" His tone grew defensive.
"Because I don't. I see a guy who lacks confidence, but who's just as hot as the guy over there. The difference is, that guy doesn't lack confidence. That guy sees exactly what you see—a pretty girl who wants to be kissed. And you know what she sees when she looks at him?"
"Yeah, a guy who isn't like a brother. If she could see past the fact we've known each other our entire lives. . . ."
"She sees," Patti interrupted. "A guy who's got balls enough to show her what he wants. Do you have balls, Clayton?"
"Excuse me?"
"Confidence, bravado, chutzpah. Do you, Clayton Ash, have chutzpah?"
"I—don't know."
"Pussy." She rolled her eyes in disgust. Rising from the ground, she took her chips and sandwich from him.
"Hey!" Clayton stood. "You're going to insult me and steal my food?"
"Take it back." Patti held it away from him, behind her back.
"That's insane. I'm not going to fight you for food. I'll go get more."
"Okay. And while you're at it, tell the woman you love—that you love her. She doesn't need some week long fling with a doomed long distance relationship to follow. She needs you, Clayton. Yeah, he's hot and sexy, but so are you!" She stamped her foot at him, nearly spilling her food.
"Okay! Okay. You talked me into it." He shuffled his feet. "Can I have my sandwich back?"
Laughing, Patti handed it to him. They walked back to the trees together.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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