Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Being Interviewed!

Listen for me on Blog Talk Radio Thursday April 1st at 6:30 PM (EDT) when I'll be interviewed by Barry Eva on A Book and a Chat.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

There Shall Be Great Rejoicing - Part13

She hopped upon his shoulder, her tiny, golden beak a mere breath away from his feathered head.

"It is a little known fact, but there is a better defense against our poison than that cream you carry." She looked around as if worried they would be overheard. "As with many poisons, exposure in small doses can help one build a tolerance. The cream keeps this from happening, reacting with our poison before it can fully penetrate the skin. How long until her Twittering match?"

"At least six weeks. Perhaps more, if her injuries are slow to heal. She will need time to get her strength back after what Linos did to her."

"Then this is what we shall do. If you will trust me, I will prick her gently a little more each day. I can control the amount of poison I inject. This is also not known and you can imagine why we don't share the information lightly."

"Your secrets are all safe with me, Shen."

"I know, Deliss, or I wouldn't tell you." She chirped happily, dancing on his shoulder.

"Each day, a bit more," he prompted.

"Just so. She will build up tolerance to our poison. It is not full, nor complete, but it will help more than the cream. There can be gaps and inconsistencies in application. The immunity would protect against this."

"Thank you, Shen."

"The gods blessings on you and your future champion," she chirped.

"Many thanks, my colorful, little friend."

Deliss went back to his quarters feeling better about Mai's situation than he had an hour before. He was still worried about her recovery from the battle with Linos, but she seemed to be making good progress. Thanks to the exceptional care she received from Bramble's medical team, she should be back in fighting trim very soon.

Before going to bed, he spent some time in his family shrine, asking his ancestors for their help. "Though she is not one of us, she is like my own child. Guide her steps, bring her to glory. For in so doing, she honors you with her fame."

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part 12: http://dellanioakes.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/there-shall-be-great-rejoicing-part-12/

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's Write for Me on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to Dellani LIVE on Wednesday, March 24th at 1:00 PM (EDT) on Blog Talk Radio. Guests will be inspirational author Lawrence D. Elliot, as well as Jennifer Arzt & Tavia Stewart of The Offices of Letters and Light. The subject of the day: Script Frenzy and The Young Writers Program, as well as NaNoWriMo. Tune in live or listen later to the podcast.


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Meet Bette Lee Crosby!

I just met Bette Lee on Facebook and struck up a conversation. Have a visit and enjoy her blog! Dellani

Sunday, March 14, 2010

There Shall Be Great Rejoicing - Part 9

Mai woke the next day with a dreadful pounding in her left jaw joint. Reaching up, she found an adhesive patch on her skin, giving her an hourly dose of medication for swelling and pain.

Across from her bed, she saw a cot with a neatly folded blanket on the end. Had it not hurt so, she would have smiled. Deliss was being assiduous as usual.

Moving her head caused a surge of dizziness making the bile rise in her throat. Retching and gagging, she fell back onto her pillows. An attendant was at her side immediately, bringing a basin. Mai wiped her forehead with one hand, finding another patch near her left temple. She grunted as the attendant, a pretty blonde Sylph, cleaned her up and changed her bedding, chattering happily. Mai held up a hand to restrain the constant barrage of words. The Sylph smiled.

"I'm sorry, I tend to babble. Perhaps that is because of my name," she chortled, showing Mai her name tag. Mai's eyes refused to focus. The Sylph noticed and looked sympathetic. "Brooke," she said softly. "My name is Brooke."

"Niceameecha," Mai mumbled.

Brooke grinned. "Nice to meet you too. Don't try to talk, Dr. Stalely says not to."

Mai raised a questioning eye brow. No guild physician? Stalely was a private doctor, very expensive. Come to think of it, this was not guild medical, which was stark but familiar. This place was luxurious, comfortable, more like a home.

Brooke saw the question in her eyes. "Lady Bramble thought it best to bring you here for treatment," Brooke fluffed the pillows unnecessarily. "You saved a great deal of time and money
when you fought Linos for her. Not to mention, she won a lot of fame tokens on your match."

"No wonder she was so generous to me," Mai thought ruefully.

She had risen to Tenth Rank, and wondered just how much fame the Centaur had gained.

She leaned over Mai's bed, her face showing lines of disquietude.

"They found the person who cleared that logost he hit you with. Dr. Stalely said it could not have been a normal one, it did too much damage. So they investigated," she dropped her voice in a conspiratorial manner. "However, you did just as much damage to him without the weights," she admitted happily.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Dellani's Tea Time on Blog Talk Radio

Had an absolutely fabulous show today with authors Vonda Skinner Skelton & Nancy Sanders . To listen to the podcast, follow the link. What fun we had chatting about their books & writing in general.


Sunday, March 07, 2010

There Shall Be Great Rejoicing - Part 8

"I have a student who needs a mentor, Deliss," Riza told the injured duelist.

Deliss' body had mended, but when Riza looked at his friend, he saw a man whose spirit was wounded more deeply than his body.
"What has that to do with me? I am nothing, Riza, but a shell of a man who aspired to a greatness for which I was unfit."

"It was a fluke, Deliss."

The bird featured man held up a taloned hand, stilling Riza's protests. "I miscalculated," he said simply. "What difference does it make?"

"It would mean an elevation in rank to be her mentor," Riza insisted casually.

That got Deliss' attention. Any fame was more than he had at present.

"A mentor shares rank with his pupil. As she gains fame, the points are awarded to both parties equally. She is about to take her first trial in a week. If she wins, she will rise to a high first, perhaps a low second rank."

Deliss did not answer right away, considering his position. Riza would not have come to him without reason. Either the girl was an embarrassment doomed to fail, or....

"What is the girl's name?"

"Her name is Mai. You may remember her...."

"I do," Deliss interrupted sharply. "Why me? What can a broken down, poor excuse for a bird to for her? I cannot even show her how to move." He rubbed his injured hip unconsciously. Riza cleared his throat pointedly.

"I've made arrangements for virtual training sessions."

Deliss' expression was stony, his bright eyes, razor sharp, cut through Riza's well controlled demeanor.

"Have the Champion train her. Surely he is better suited than I."

Riza shook his head. "She needs the best!" Riza's anger flared.

"The Champion...." Deliss yelled.

"Is not the best!" Riza roared forcefully. "We both know it, Deliss. You were the best."

Deliss snorted derisively. "Thank you for qualifying that remark, Riza. My pride might have gotten the best of me." Turning to go, he hobbled slowly toward the door leading from Riza's office.

"She needs you, Deliss." The crippled warrior froze. "Her mother just died, her father is very ill. You know the work they do. None of the others will treat her with fairness."

"No, the daughter of slaves must find it difficult," he whispered, remembering his own humble beginnings. Sighing heavily, he put his hand on the door. "All right, bring her to my quarters. We begin tomorrow."

Riza watched the door shut and allowed himself to sigh with relief. "Thank you," he addressed himself to Dajed the patron god of duelists. "For the sake of them both, thank you."

Monday, March 01, 2010

There Shall Be Great Rejoicing - Part 3

He stood carefully, favoring his bad left hip, moving gingerly toward the door. She watched him leave in silence, ignoring his infirmity. It was one thing they never discussed, although everything else they did. Deliss had once been in line for the Championship, but in his final match, he was injured, nearly killed.

His opponent, a Minotaur, grappled with him, spinning him above his head. He hurled Deliss into the crowd with such force, even his wings had not spared him the fall, for he had been unable to open them quickly enough in the confined space. Instead, his left hip shattered, seven ribs broke, left arm dislocated and his wings were irrevocably damaged. He never fully recovered. As his fall killed or injured six high ranking, influential people, his reputation was ruined along with his body.

As a mentor, he was invaluable to the guild, who kept him on despite his injuries and disgrace. As Mai was the youngest and least prestigious of all new students, they were foisted off on one another. But the match was smiled upon by the gods of fame, for she had won many duels where she was outmatched. Side betting would be heavy. Many fame tokens would exchange hands today.

A servant came up to her, gesturing for her to follow. "It is time, Duelist Sta," the servant said respectfully. She followed him into the arena quietly.

The sky had cleared, the sun shown brilliantly on the crowd, making them resplendent. Mai blinked as her second eyelid flickered in place to protect her eyes. Her glance wandered across the arena where the accused had been led in by guards. He wore fetters on his wrists and ankles, but even so, he looked proud and haughty.
His black hide absorbed light, while the gold ring in his nose flashed and flickered as if it laughed at her. A minotaur? No one had said what species her opponent was. Mai was horrified
for here was a creature no less than three times her size!

Raising his arms above his head, he shook his chains as he roared his anger and humiliation.
"It is an insult!" He bellowed. "How can you expect that child to best me?" Turning to his guards, he lowered his voice, but it still carried to Mai across the arena. "I do not wish to lose, but this is madness! Would you see justice served? Bring in someone else!"

Mai knew she had been chosen not so much because of her skill as because it was an incredible slap in the face to the accused. Her employer had a keen sense of the ironic.

"It is her turn," the larger of the guards said gruffly.

"She was the only one of her rank available," the other explained.

Mai knew neither statement was the truth, but did not show it.

Muttering and gesticulating angrily, the Minotaur stood still for his shackles to be removed and waited. The proctor stepped forward to read the charges. He was tall and willowy, his skin dark brown, with eyes leaf green and laughing, though he strove to keep his humor in check.

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