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Which One Next?

As many of you know, since November 2009, I've been posting one of my stories in serial form. I never expected "Take a Bite Outta Crime" to last as long as it did. Now that it's done, I feel rather at a loss. Where do I go now? I decided to appeal to my readers. I've got several stories to choose from. Below I've written a short synopsis of each and I'm asking for people to pick the two that most interest them. I'll tally up the votes and narrow down the list. Hopefully, people will give me some feedback and I won't have to decide myself.
Set for Love: Bern Cortland is a small town boy. Having come to the big city to work in live theatre, he thinks he's also found love. Unfortunately, that relationship ends in disaster. Paige Russo is the leading lady with an attitude problem. She has her own burdens to carry. Can they make a go of it or are they really Set for Love?
Fragrance Lingers: Mara Cross has spent the last ten years of her life building …

Next on What's Write for Me!

This month, I'm delighted to have two fantastic authors. Join Christina and me on Wednesday, March 28th at 1:00 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio! Our guests will be Katherine Tomlinson, author of Toxic Reality and Allen Malnak, author of "Hitler's Silver Box".

Katherine Tomlinson is a former reporter who prefers making things up. This story is from her collection Toxic Reality, available on Amazon and Smashwords. Her chapter in Paul D. Brazill’s Drunk on the Moon series comes out in March, the same month as her short story collection L.A. Nocturne II: More Tales of the Misbegotten. You can find more of her fiction on her blog, Kattomic Energy. Amazon link Smashwords link Kattomic energy link

After c…

Hammer of Thor by S. Evan Townsend

Hammer of Thor is unexpected. I thought it would be about gods and goddesses of Norse mythology, but I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of being all about Valhalla, it's about a man named Frank Kader. Frank is an ordinary guy—except for the fact he wields magic. An adept, he heads from Minnesota to California to join the West Coast Guild. The year is 1939. Frank's skills save him from a long series of incidents that would have killed a lesser man. He travels the world across the U.S., to war torn Europe, and all the way to China. Along the way he makes an interesting group of friends as well as some powerful enemies. He must pit his skills against theirs in order to save himself and his friends from disaster. Hammer of Thor is an incredibly complex novel that intertwines true events with a great deal of imagination. Spanning eleven years, readers watch Frank as he grows more powerful and finally faces the ultimate foe—a god of Valhalla! I greatly enjoyed Hammer of Thor and …

The Mother Load - Adventures of Life as a Mom and Artist: Sound Clips from the 3.12.12 Radio Interview

The Mother Load - Adventures of Life as a Mom and Artist: Sound Clips from the 3.12.12 Radio Interview: I had a really fun time on Monday afternoon speaking with radio host Dellani Oakes during her author based web radio show, Dellani's Tea...

Excerpt from "Under the Western Sky"

This is from my retro novel, Under the Western Sky. Set in western Nebraska in 1976, the novel follows Libby Marshall, her boyfriend Bobby Menendez and their friends during a troubled time. There are organizations who don't think that the races should mix. They hide in shadows on the fringes of society, they are still very influential.

Libby and Bobby get dragged into a crisis not of their making, when Bobby's best friend, a white boy named Danny Emerson, is forced to attack Bobby to pave his way into a group he doesn't want to join. Threats of violence against his family coerce him into making a decision he could regret the rest of his life. This scene is where Danny confronts Bobby on the street between Libby and Bobby's houses. Unbeknownst to Danny, there are several federal agents camping out at Bobby's in order to protect his family after another group boys from the same organization, brutally beat Bobby's cousin.

Strolling across the street, Bobby was thin…

Spring Cleaning - It's for the Birds!

I belong to a small writing group which meets once a week. We get a writing prompt every week and (usually) write on that subject. One week, it was spring cleaning. This is what I wrote.

"Effie!" Mama screeched from the back porch. I'd almost made it. I was halfway over the fence between us and the Mason's when I heard her. Had I been on the other side, I could've claimed I didn't hear her, but she'd see me in a second if she looked. "Effie Marie!" "Coming, Mama!" I hollered, pouting. "Dang it, just about got away!" I shuffled my feet as I approached the porch. "Where you runnin' off to? Today we start spring cleaning." "Mama, we just cleaned up the house last week." "But that was just regular cleaning. Now we got to open up the house, freshen the air, beat the rugs, scrub the floors...." "Why, Mama?" "Because it's spring. Need to greet the new season with a fresh house.&qu…

Qwantu Amaru - One Blood

For Every Action...
Lincoln Baker, born a ward of the state, has gone from orphan, to gang banger, to basketball superstar, to lifer at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in the space of eighteen years. During his prison term, he meets Panama X, a powerful and mysterious father figure who gives Lincoln a reason for living – he must assassinate Randy Lafitte, the sitting Governor of Louisiana.
There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction...
In order to force a pardon, Lincoln orchestrates the kidnapping of Karen Lafitte, Randy’s only daughter. But Randy Lafitte is a man who built his fortune by resurrecting a family curse from slavery to kill his own father. A curse that may or may not have been responsible for his son Kristopher’s death in the gang crossfire that sent Lincoln to prison for life. Randy will stop at nothing to save his daughter, even if it means admitting the curse is real. Even if it means committing greater atrocities.

Too bad for Anyone Stuck in the Middle.

Three days after Kare…

Mountain Mystery

This story is unique. It's historical, set in the early 1940's prior to our involvement in WWII. My mother was fortunate enough to work at Pine Mountain Settlement School in the Kentucky mountains outside Harlan. Though this story isn't about her, her experiences there gave me the inspiration for the story.

Dollie Belloit and her sister, Patty, work at the settlement school. Patty has just become engaged to one of the local men, Willem Henry. Dollie is interested in Willem's brother, Lucius. Looks like it might be a match made in heaven, until a dead body shows up in the creek. This excerpt takes place at the end of the school year party. Dollie and Lucius are on their first official date.

Willem met Patty at the door and the four of them walked in together. Music played on the record player. One of the men had rigged it so that it was piped through the speakers. This would do for a time, but the play party games music would be played by a group of local men and one woma…