Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Which One Next?

As many of you know, since November 2009, I've been posting one of my stories in serial form. I never expected "Take a Bite Outta Crime" to last as long as it did. Now that it's done, I feel rather at a loss. Where do I go now?
I decided to appeal to my readers. I've got several stories to choose from. Below I've written a short synopsis of each and I'm asking for people to pick the two that most interest them. I'll tally up the votes and narrow down the list. Hopefully, people will give me some feedback and I won't have to decide myself.

Set for Love: Bern Cortland is a small town boy. Having come to the big city to work in live theatre, he thinks he's also found love. Unfortunately, that relationship ends in disaster. Paige Russo is the leading lady with an attitude problem. She has her own burdens to carry. Can they make a go of it or are they really Set for Love?

Fragrance Lingers: Mara Cross has spent the last ten years of her life building a career instead of a relationship. Lonely, but not really looking for love, she goes on vacation for the first time in five years. Enter Cole Bayard. When his volleyball goes awry, he finds himself falling for the saucy redhead. Is this true love or merely a vacation fling?

Love Undercover: Saige Ingalls has been living with Ben Watson for three years. He's always been distrustful of her relationships with other men, but his jealousy of her boss has gotten out of hand. In a fit of spite, he throws her out of her apartment, tossing her things out the window onto the street below. Romany (Romy) Cross is the guy downstairs. He's tall, dark and handsome as well as being a bit of a bad boy. Little do either of them know that danger stalks them both.

Love Afloat: Kyle Scott is a young widower with three children. He's not dealing well with his wife's death, so his boss & friend, Web, insists he take a vacation and tells him to book a cruise. Kyle, his children and their housekeeper, Carmelita, embark on a voyage to Mexico. On board, Kyle meets the lovely and frail Emily Geraci. Having just watched his wife wither away from cancer, he knows an ill woman when he sees one. There's a priest who claims that he can take away any disease and Emily is on her way to see him. Unfortunately, meeting the priest wakes old monsters for Kyle. Can their new blooming love survive?

Posed for Love: Ianna Eaton is a talented art student who works as a bartender part time. She dreams of finding someone to love, but feels she isn't pretty or interesting enough to attract a man. Her luck changes when Reed Owens walks in the bar. Taking refuge from the rain when he has car trouble, the handsome young man appeals to Ianna. The night of their first date, someone breaks into Ianna's apartment. Police think it was Reed. Is he really the man the police say he is? Or is he the man that will win Ianna's heart?

Those are the choices. Tell me which you'd most like to read and I'll set it up. Meanwhile, "Take a Bite Outta Crime" has a few more episodes left. It ends May 24th. Thank you for your support.


Christina Giguere said...

"Posed for Love" seems interesting!

Dellani Oakes said...

Thank you, Christina!

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