Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome Authors!

Hello Authors! I invite you to post here. Please write a little bit about yourself & your book(s) as comments. Also, if you'd like to be a guest on one of my Blog Talk Radio shows through Red River Writers Live, please indicate in your post. Welcome and good luck with sales! ~ Dellani Oakes


Dellani Oakes said...

My name is Dellani and I'm an author. It's not easy to admit, but I am. After a lifetime of telling stories, writing poems, song lyrics and short stories, I moved on to the "hard stuff", writing a novel. Now, I'm hopelessly hooked. I have to write at least once a day. My 1st published novel, "Indian Summer" is available through or Look for my new book "The Lone Wolf" coming soon from Second Wind!

Dorothy said...

Hi Dellani,
You know me. I'm the Author of the Erie Canal Cousins Series consisting of 4 books (So far) Erie Canal Cousins, Three weeks in Utica-Book2, Albany Homecoming-Book3, Canal Town Christmas-Book 4 and am presently working on Book 5, Stars Over Buffalo.

These books are historical fiction, set in Central New York State in 1840, appropriate for Ages 9 up to Adult. They are a family story with accurate historical information mingled in with the story.

My facebook page is: Erie Canal Cousins Series- The Books

I would be willing to be on one of your shows at any time. It was fun the last 2 times.

Douglas Brown said...

What a wonderful idea. I would love to be a guest on your blog as we get closer to my August 1st fantasy novel launch. Here is my information.

I am a firefighter/paramedic in Columbus, Ohio. I am married with 1 son. My debut novel, "The Light of Epertase: Legends Reborn," will be released on Aug. 1st from Rhemalda Publishing.

Thanks for the great idea. Prepare to be inundated with replies, I have a feeling.

Suzette Vaughn said...

I am Suzette Vaughn. I write romance, stop laughing, I really do. My first two books, "Badeaux Knights" (think southern renaissance) and "Mortals, Gods, and a Muse" (think ummm...there's a few good reviews out there)were published in 2008. My third novel, "Finding Madelyn" (Bonnie sans Clyde)will be out shortly. Number four, "Try Me" (Movie Rush meets Rainman) is in editing and I hope out sometime around the end of the year (hopefully sooner).

Alright that was fun!

Pat McCarthy said...

Hi. I'm Pat and I'm a children's author with 15 books published. Most are historical. The latest is Heading West: Life with the Pioneers from Chicago Review Press. It's a 38,000 word book with 21 activities for kids to do. My next book is also for CRP and will be about American environmentalists. Am finishing it up. I teach for ICL and do school visits. Website is

T L said...


Love the invite you are wonderful.

I am a paranormal msytery writer. Currently working on my second novel of my "Jaded Series". The first book "Jaded Visions" is about a young woman that has the gift of visions and she feels compelled to act on them, sometimes landing her in trouble.
You can find Jaded Visions at my web-site

I would love to be a guest on your radio show anytime. Just say when.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Terri a.k.a. T L Jones

Dellani Oakes said...

I'm so happy to see you all here! Direct your friends, have a look at one another's sites & come back to visit often!

diannagraveman said...

Hi, Dellani! What a great idea!

I write training by day, teach in an MFA program two quarters per year, and freelance as a writer, journalist, and copywriter. I'm also coauthor of four books on Missouri history. You can find me at

And although you were kind enough to invite me on your show once last year, I'd be happy to talk with you again if the opportunity ever arises! Thanks so much, Dellani!

frans all genre reviews said...

Hi Dellani: It's Fran
Great site and glad to add something about myself to it. Fran Lewis: Author, Radio show talk host of Book Discussion with Fran Lewis. Host of Children's author's show , book reviewer for authors all over the world, manic readers and Bookpleasures. I am an educator by profession and I do online interviews with authors. I have the author of 6 books: Three children's books and three non-fiction. Fran

Bill Kirton said...

Nice idea, Dellani. I'm Bill Kirton, based in Aberdeen, Scotland. I used to lecture in French at Aberdeen University but took early retirement to write. At first it was stage and radio plays, then I moved to short stories and novels. 5 of my crime/mystery series have been published so far, plus a historical novel that started as crime but, thanks to its female lead, also became a romance. I write children's books under the name Jack Rosse and my latest for adults is a crime/spy spoof called The Sparrow Conundrum.
My website's at and my blog's

Dellani Oakes said...

This is great! Let's keep it going. Please link back to this site and share the link with your friends. This is a chance for free, shameless self-promotion. Go for it!

Eden Baylee said...

I write erotica full time under the pen name of Eden Baylee after leaving a 20-year banking career in Jan 2010. I have one anthology published called Fall into Winter - a book of 4 novellas. I live in Toronto, Canada, and am working on my 2nd anthology while continuing to promote my current book. Visit me at to connect to my website and blog.

Thnaks for providing a platform Dellani.

Mickey said...

Mickey Hoffman here. Author of the mystery novel School of Lies, a darkly funny tale pitting teacher vs. administration and which gives insight into what high school teachers really think about the state of today's public schools. My next book, Deadly Traffic will be out soon when I get my act together. website and I have a blog on Wordpress under my name.

Robert C Roman said...

Hallo Dellani!

My name is Bob Roman. I write under the 'pen name' of Robert C Roman. Not much of an alias; it's just my full name, because the URLs for all the other variations of my name were taken.

I'm a storyteller. It's what I do. Around five years ago, I moved from the medium of verbal storytelling to text, and people really seemed to like it. I write Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, Romance and Comedy. Typically all at the same time, not unlike Chris Moore or Terry Pratchett. I've actually had my editor tell me I remind her of Pratchett. I was geeking out about it for days.

I'm published (1 short, 3 novellas, and 1 novel coming soon) by Decadent Publishing. I've got novels all over the place waiting in slush piles. I blog on an irregular but not infrequent basis over at

Dellani Oakes said...

Bill, not sure how to find you on Facebook. Please send me a private message. I'd like to talk to you about being on my show. Thanks, Dellani

Sarah Butland said...

Thanks for this opportunity, Dellani.

My most recent work is Arm Farm, my young adult novel which tells the story of Natalie, a forensic science student, who is studying to solve a cold case but finds herself a victim of her own case.

I've also published a short story collection titled Brain Tales - Volume One and a children's book titled Sending You Sammy.

Come over to my website at to keep up to date on what I've been up to.

Juliet Waldron said...

HI Dellani:

Thanks for the opportunity! I've got a gorgeous new cover and a new publisher for a book that's had rave reviews, but has been around awhile: my award winning historical "Mozart's Wife." I'm excited about the fantastic new cover; and it will be re-released soon by Books We Love Publishing Partners, BWLPP for short.

It's spring, which means I'm hard at work at another related book, part of a series also set among the artists of Vienna in the 1780s. It's a story I've been tinkering with every spring--in honor of the heroine's April birthday--for the last twenty years.

All my historicals, all set in the late 18th century, are available in print and and in ebook formats at

Sheila Deeth said...

Hi Dellani

I'm Sheila Deeth and I have two ebooks out with Gypsy Shadow publishing, both spiritual speculative fiction. I've self-published a collection of Bible story and gift-books, and I've signed a contract for my first novel with (Woohoo!). I'm still dreaming of getting some of my children's novels and other writing published, still writing, still reading...

Oh, and my website is

Dellani Oakes said...

Hello, Authors! Thanks for sharing your wonderful books and good news!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dellani! I'm Pat Bertram, author of four stand-alone books: A Spark of Heavenly Fire - All Kate wants is a good night's sleep, and she gets the red death, martial law, and a quarantined state.

More Deaths Than One -- Bob returns home after eighteen years to discover that the mother her buried before he left is dead again.

Daughter Am I -- A treasure hunting tale of finding oneself in a most unlikely way.

Light Bringer -- If you have been fascinated by stories about the lost continent of Atlantis or rumors of the advanced technologies of ancient Egypt or China , if you are fascinated by weather and the current rapid succession of natural disasters one after another, you will most probably be fascinated by Light Bringer.

My books are available from Amazaon and

Where I hang out: Bertram's Blog

Karen Vaughan said...

Hi Dellani --You know me from facebook. Like you I am hooked on the hard stuff. I have 2 published books: DEAD ON ARRIVAL and DEAD COMIC STANDING.I do mail orders for DEAD ON ARRIVAL and DEAD COMIC STANDING but DEAD COMIC STANDING IS ALSO available through and Barnes & Noble online. I also dabble in comedy writing which includes contributing to status shuffle on facebook. I am about to have a long awaited sequel to DEAD ON ARRIVAL called OVER HER DEAD BODY.

Dellani Oakes said...

Welcome Karen! Karen will be my guest August 24th on What's Write for me!

Author Concetta M Payne said...

Hi Dellani,
This is Concetta M Payne author of three children's books "BoBo the Race Car", "BoBo Races on the Tricky Triangle" and my new release "Bess the Book Bus" co-authored by Freda Roberts.

All three books are available online at Barnes & Noble,, and more detailed information about me please visit my website Video trailers of my children's stories can be seen on UTube.

It would be a pleasure to participate on your Blog Talk Radio Show again. Not only is it a learning experience, but so much fun.

Looking forward to hearing from you. God Bless!

Warmest personal regards,

PS There are many little ways to enlarge a child's world. Love of books is the best of all. ~ Jacqueline Kennedy.

thrasher321 said...

Well Dellani what a wonderful site you have created. 'Thank you!'

I am the Author of the Mischief series, Amanda M. Thrasher. My intent is to bring back a lovely story, that has a classic fairy tale feel. New fairy tales without the scary characters of the original tales. I hope that I've done that, and I think that I have.

Lilly, Boris & Jack, my lovely little fairies, may be found in the following books, 'Mischief in the Mushroom Patch' and 'A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch.' But the mushroom patch is not just for girls, it has engineers, scientists,factory workers and more. Lilly, Ivy and Pearle can be found there too, along with their friends.

My books maybe found at the usual sites., amazon, and through my publisher Strategic Book Publishing Group,not to mention my website,

If you happen to be in the Fort Worth, TX area, they may be found at some of my local Barnes & Nobles stores.

Barnes & Noble, 4801 Overton Ridge Blvd. Ft. Worth, TX 76132

Barnes & Noble, The Parks at Arlington Mall, 3881 S.Cooper St. Suite 2027, Arlington, TX 76015,

Barnes & Noble, Down Town Sundance Square, 400 Commerce St. Ft. Worth TX.

writerchick said...

Hey Dellani--My long awaited(and trust me the readers of my first two books are happy about this)release of OVER HER DEAD BODY IS OUT and for sale at, Barnes and Noble online as well as

Rico Austin said...

Hola Amiga Dellani, Gracias for allowing fellow Authors to put our story or novel information on Your website. My epic, award winning and adventure, mystery novel "My Bad Tequila" is avaiable on most websites such as,,, as well as many others. I am proud to announce that "My Bad Tequila" is the number one ranked novel on eKindle in the Mexico Travel genre and I am the first Author to have paid corporate sponsors on the back flap of my book. Hopefully, this will help give other Authors ideas of how to self promote, etc. Again, Gracias mi Amiga Dellani! Would love to be a Guest on Your show now that the book has been completed.

Cindy McDonald said...

Hello Dellani,

My name is Cindy McDonald, and I am a new indie author. I have been a professional dancer for 26 years, 5 years ago, I started by writing telescripts and now have decided to write a family saga series known as The Unbridled Series. The first book of series, Deadly.Com released September 2, 2011. My second book should be release in June 2012. I would love to do your show! My facebook is: DEADLY.COM-The Unbridled Series and my email is: hope to hear from you soon!

Jo Ramsey said...

Hi, Dellani and all,
I'm Jo Ramsey, and I write young adult fiction. I have two urban fantasy series, Reality Shift and The Dark Lines, both available from Jupiter Gardens Press, a small press. Books 1-4 in Reality Shift are available, with bok 5 coming Nov. 17, and books 1 and 2 in The Dark Lines are available, with book 3 coming in January. I also have a YA contemporary novel, Cluing In, coming out hopefully by the end of the year from Featherweight Press, another small publisher. You can find out more about me and my books on my website,

Thanks for letting us talk about ourselves and our books here!

Dellani Oakes said...

So good to see some more authors here. I'll keep reposting this thread so that we can pull in some more views.

Books are my passion and authors are my friends. I wish all of you the best in sales! ~ D

Mitch Haynes said...

My name is Mitch Haynes and I'm the author of HOLLYWOOD AGENT PROVOCATEUR, which like almost all novels, can be found on Amazon. However, the reason I'm writing here isn't to promote my novel but rather to tell everyone about the LEXICON WRITERS CONFERENCE, which will be an interesting opportunity for anyone who writes, wants to write, or reads. Check out the website at for more information.

William Maltese said...

Well, Delani ...

I'm an author who has been around for four decades, having written pretty much every genre there is ... lately even writing my WILLIAM MALTESE'S WINE TASTER'S DIARY series and several cook-books (THE GLUTEN-FREE WAY: MY WAY; BACK OF THE BOAT GOURMET COOKING; EVEN GOURMETS HAVE TO DIET)for mainstream Wildide/Borgo's "Traveling Gourmet" imprint. I wrote three SuperRomances for Harlequin (as Willa Lambert), plus six other romances, including, most recently DARE TO LOVE IN OZ and my SEVEN CONTINENT series -- AFRICA: SPICE ISLAND LOVE.

Presently I do believe I have about 92 entries on, including print, ebook conversions and originals, contributions to anthologies. And, yes, all 92 books are by me, despite their variety, since I don't believe there is another William Maltese, author, out there. I've only run across one other name-the-same, and that was on GOOGLE where a bio-scientist turned up.

Best way to get an idea, I guess of what I've done at least until the midpoint of last year, is the new reference book put out by Wildside/Borgo Press (302 pages of attempt to get at least 180 published books of mine, as well as my one-time 29 pseudonyms in some order -- DRAQUALIAN SILK: A COLLECTOR'S AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL GUIDE TO THE BOOKS OF WILLIAM) MALTESE 1969-2010). Haven't counted the books I've written since mid-2010 but I'm closing in on 200 if I haven't already passed it.

Would be more than happy, someday, to put in an appearance on your radio show -- if and when.

Web page:

All sorts of additional info available, interviews, and such, by merely GOOGLING "William Maltese", keeping in mind I'm the author and not the scientist.

Dellani Oakes said...

I am combining the sites & names listed here to post. I will edit and add to it every few days. I'm going to TRY to do by category. Bear with me if it's messy at first.

Anonymous said...

I am James Edwin Branch or at least I was yesterday. I'm a Western Author and slightly out of balance according to Dellani. Don't worry I don't write that way. I've written 22 Books and by the grace of God and sheer will power I will continue to do so until the grocerys run out. You can find me on, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Make sure to get my name right, sometimes they confuse me with the really good looking guys...

skdonner said...

My name is Sandy Donner and I am taking advantage of Delani's lovely offer for artists to post to her blog! I am a jewelry artist who works with flame colored copper, mixed metals and other items to create unique pieces. I am willing to custom design a piece if you have something special in mind. Please feel free to out my website:

Noah said...

Hi Dellani! I'm Noah Baird, and I need sanctuary.

I'm also the author of Donations to Clarity. I would love to do an interview with you.

Craig Douglas said...

Hi Dellani, I'm Craig and I'd first like to apologise for the size of the comment I've posted here, but I think you have a wonderful facility here and I can see it's catching. This blurb is about a collection of Short Stories I published recently.

I began writing ‘A Scattering of Ashes’ 22 years ago when I joined the Army. The way I was dragged into the machine, into its gnashing maw and spat out the other end of 22 years like some chewed up piece of meat for civvy street to look at with mild curiosity. The time I was being chomped on, spat at and kicked at has a bearing on what I write and ‘A Scattering of Ashes’. It’s a set of tales that tell you the world isn’t the nice place we’re led to believe.

Through the book there’s a skein of a common theme. That struggle many of us face to do the right thing, to be what we’ve always wanted to be, to face up to reality and deal with it because there’s nothing else we can do. There’s guilt, jealousy, murder, betrayal and revolution.

I began work on a short story on revolution in the UK back in October 2010 while north Africa was in the grip of an societal epidemic of turmoil to overthrow their governments. This proved a catalyst to what was to become ‘Thunder on the Horizon’. Linkin Park proved to be a great inspiration for this short story with their song, ‘The Shadow of the day’. This was originally called ‘Freedom Fighters and Fools’, but I changed this at the last moment.

It’s a collection of stories told in places of conflict such as Afghanistan and I draw from personal experience some of them. I hasten to add that the first story’s main character is the sole survivor at the end and this isn’t true to events. I have a wealth of experience in these areas and can draw from personal experience as I’ve felt the heat and had the privilege of being under contact with an enemy by shooting, bombing and rocket attacks. You could say I’m a bit of a sensory vampire – I like to use that term. If it’s happening I want to experience it and when I’m in the zone I may regret it, but I just get on with it.

In the August of 2012, I plan to release my Afghanistan Diary and hope to contribute to some worthy cause such as the Poppy Appeal or the Royal British Legion.

Both my websites are Close2theBone - and Gritfiction at

Stephanie Osborn said...

Hi! I'm Stephanie Osborn. I am a retired rocket scientist turned writer who likes to mingle science fiction and mystery with a strong element of action thriller and a touch of romance. My style has been described as, "Hard-edged SF that wraps a compelling mystery around 'this is the real thing' space science... tight, tense, and gripping--- Osborn tells a damn good story, and tells it well."
~ Holly Lisle, author of The Ruby Key: Moon & Sun I

My very first book, Burnout: The mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281, "is a compelling, impossible to put down, first novel in the class of Skylark of Space or 'Lifeline.'... It may perhaps be the most realistic view ever published in fiction about what happens behind the scenes at NASA."
~ Jim Woosley, Ph.D. physicist and Heinlein essayist

My next book, The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival, is called, "A glimpse into our future as knowledge expands and is put to new uses. A great tale of suspense, romance, intrigue and action with murder added to the mix that draws Sherlock [Holmes] and Skye Chadwick into danger."
~ Anne K. Edwards, author of Shadows Over Paradise and The Last to Fall.

If you like hard science fiction, exciting cliffhangers, mysterious situations, and determined, passionate characters, check out my site and see what I have going!

lionmother said...

Hi Dellani,
We know each other very well! My name is Barbara Ehrentreu. My first published novel, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, from MuseItUp Publishing was released in September as an e-book. It is now available in both e-book and print for young adults. You can find it on The Muse Bookstore:, on Amazon:

I am a host on RRWL with my show, RRWL Tales from the Pages on the 4th Thursday of every month. I also have a blog, Barbara's Meanderings: on which I interview authors, talk about writing and generally talk about what happens in my life. Also, I write a blog once a week, Saturdays, on DowntownYA:

Thank you, Dellani for this opportunity!

lionmother said...

Hi Dellani,
I realized I didn't tell you anything about me or my book. I am a retired teacher and have been writing seriously for about ten years with a children's story and an adult story published online as well as a few flash stories published in "The Book Breeze".

In my YA novel, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Carolyn Samuels is bullied by Jennifer Taylor all through middle school and then finds she is Jennifer's partner in Math. She is sure this is going to be another year of pain. Then she finds perfect Jennifer has a terrible secret. Adding to this is Carolyn's crush on Jennifer's hot quarterback boyfriend. Will she keep the secret and become popular or bear the wrath of this mean girl again?

sandra sanchez said...

Wow, I just found this site (thank you for doing this for the rest of us) . . . via Pat Bertram. I was privileged to review Pat's book Light Bringer for My first novel, The Nun, was published by Plain View Press back in 1992 and PVP is planning a second edition coming up in 2012. My last novel is forthcoming from Floricanto Press any day now. In between I co-founded an author's publishing collective with Peter Burnham editor of The Long Story lit. journal these past 31 years. We've published 18 titles by 11 authors, two now deceased, all literary fiction. Check us out at: Thanks for giving us sanctuary!

Ruth said...

Hello Dellani,

Thanks for the space and opportunity to share (shamelessly).
My name is Ruth Davis Hays, and I'm the author of a fantasy series, called TRANSLATIONS FROM JORTHUS. I also work on independent films in the Orlando area, am a stay-at-home mom, and create costumes and faery art in my spare time. After graduating with a degree in Theater from FSU, I worked as a costumer at Universal Studios Orlando, part-time with Harcourt Publishing, and participated in a research project with TSR/Wizards of the Coast.

I'm not with any publisher at the moment; although I have the first two novels in the series in print, "The Dawnstone Tale" and "The Convergence", that are available from and on the con tables of Triscelle Publishing (Publishers of the "Morrigan's Brood" series).

There are three books completed in my JORTHUS series, with the third one going to the printer soon, and I have at least three more in progress.

The stories involve a triad of main characters: a young magic user, a thief, and a nobleman, who are propelled along a path to restore the balance of magic in their world before it falls into chaos.

For more information, I have or

Thanks again for this opportunity!

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