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Excerpt from "A Novel Romance"

Dr. Lionel Pettigrew is the epitome of the absent minded professor. A true genius, he's been a college professor since he was 17. Arista Lockhart doesn't think she's smart, but she takes the job as his research assistant because she's desperate to get out of town after her most recent boyfriend has dumped her for not one, but three women. Their first meeting doesn't go all that well....

Dr. Lionel Pettigrew approached the metal detector with caution, alarm & foreboding. It never failed. He could empty his pockets, divest his person of any kind of metal, and still have the damn thing go off. Why did they need metal detectors in his office building anyway? It was a college campus, for god sake, not a war zone.

He put his personal possessions on the table, laptop and cellphone out. His belt was off, loose pants hanging helplessly from his narrow hips. Keys, change, wallet, even his shoes....

The guard saw him and frowned. Lionel bit back on his diatribe …

What Kind of Writer Are You?

I've posted about this before, but I think it's worth repeating. Beginning writers get bombarded with materials telling them how to write – or more precisely, how not to write. The fact is, there is no perfect, magic formula that works for everyone.

Some how to authors will say it is mandatory to know the outcome of the story before beginning. They will also demand that the author outline everything. I read such an article when I was a fairly inexperienced writer. I was shocked - actually, horrified might describe it better.

I don't outline – not anything. Outlines are things English teachers demand for term papers. (I know, because I used to be an English teacher.) I outline after the paper is written – and only because it's required.

I don't know the ending of my story before I begin. I don't know the middle either. In fact, if I have a structure in mind, chances are good that the story will bog down and not go anywhere. I make notes, jot down ideas, t…

A Tangled Web - Excerpt

Zoe Hamilton, owner of a small day spa, thinks her life is pretty good. She's got a thriving business and good friends - the only dark spot is the lack of a man to share it with. However, once she meets Rhett Archer, her life takes a sudden change. Her business is robbed, then burns to the ground and someone is stalking her. Her friend Roger, a police officer, and Rhett vow to protect her. In this scene, she's at her mother's home when shots are fired outside & a couple of police officers are hit, apparently by rubber bullets. Roger goes out to investigate.

Roger was puzzled by the apparent lack of deadly force. If this woman wanted to kill Rhett, she certainly wasn't going about it very systematically. He had been less concerned about his own safety and more worried about Zoe, taking chances himself more than once. The mystery woman wanted something else. Before they could stop her, they had to figure out her motivation.

The search of the woods around the Hami…

I've Won An Award!

I recently won the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Jo Linsdell-Feliciani for choosing my blog for this wonderful award! I'm very flattered and thrilled. This is my first award and I hope it won't be my last.

Character Interview - Matilda Dulac from "The Lone Wolf"

Last week, I posted an interview with Wil VanLipsig - the Lone Wolf. Now I'm posting an interview with his female counterpart, the love of his life, aptly nicknamed "Romance". Matilda Dulac isn't a push over. She's her own woman, strong, confident, up to the challenge of loving Wil and fighting by his side.

Dellani: What is your story?
Matilda: My story is found in “The Lone Wolf”

D: Who are you?
M: My name is Matilda Dulac. I'm the eldest daughter of Edmund and Mary Dulac.

D: Where do you live?
M: Wow, that's a little complicated. I was born on the planet Saltulle. The most infamous planet in the galaxy. The Mining Guild blew it up 10 years ago. Now, I live on board a small mining ship.

D: Are you the hero of your own story?
M: I don't know. Depends on your definition of hero, I suppose.

D: What is your problem in the story?
M: Most of my problems are caused by Commandant John Riley. He's psychotic & wants to murder the man I love a…

Nine Questions to Ask Your Character

Writer's Digest recently published these nine questions for an author to use to get to know their characters better. I decided to use it to interview a few of mine. I've done interviews before, but these questions were different and I was anxious to learn their responses.

Below is an interview with the main character of my upcoming sci-fi novel, The Lone Wolf. Wil VanLipsig is a genetically enhanced super soldier. After living an artificially extended life, he's somewhat jaded and cynical.

Dellani: How do you learn best?

Wil:I learn best by doing. I've always been a hands on learner. The things I learn quickest & remember best are things I learned that way.

Dellani: How open are you to new ideas and information?

Wil: In my line of work I can't survive without innovation and information. A good commander plans for every contingency. Without information, I can't do that. I use the tools best suited to the job. Without new ideas & equipment, I'm s…