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Character Interview - Matilda Dulac from "The Lone Wolf"

Last week, I posted an interview with Wil VanLipsig - the Lone Wolf. Now I'm posting an interview with his female counterpart, the love of his life, aptly nicknamed "Romance". Matilda Dulac isn't a push over. She's her own woman, strong, confident, up to the challenge of loving Wil and fighting by his side.

Dellani: What is your story?
Matilda: My story is found in “The Lone Wolf”

D: Who are you?
M: My name is Matilda Dulac. I'm the eldest daughter of Edmund and Mary Dulac.

D: Where do you live?
M: Wow, that's a little complicated. I was born on the planet Saltulle. The most infamous planet in the galaxy. The Mining Guild blew it up 10 years ago. Now, I live on board a small mining ship.

D: Are you the hero of your own story?
M: I don't know. Depends on your definition of hero, I suppose.

D: What is your problem in the story?
M: Most of my problems are caused by Commandant John Riley. He's psychotic & wants to murder the man I love and take over the Mining Guild.

D: Do you embrace conflict?
M: I suppose that would depend on what the conflict is. I don't run away, anyhow.

D: How do you see yourself?
M: I'm very independent, confident, focused on my career. I'd like more out of life, but for now, it's enough – mostly.

D: How do your friends see you?
M: The few that I have see me very much as I see myself.

D: How do your enemies see you?
M: I hope I don't have any of those.

D: Do you have a hero?
M: My old man is my hero. He knows more about mining than anyone else I know.

D: Do you have a goal?
M: I'd like to be the fourth female Captain in the history of the Mining Guild.

D: What are your achievements?
M: I joined the Mining Guild when I was 16 and made foreman faster than anyone in the history of Saltulle. After leaving there, my career took off even faster. I'm the youngest female Commander in the Mining Guild and I'd like to become a Captain.

D: Do you have any special strengths?
M: I'm smart and I'm quick to learn. I'm not afraid to take risks and try new things. I believe in myself and that confidence influences everything I do.

D: Do you have any special weaknesses?
M: I'm afraid someday I'll fail and that it will be astronomically disproportionate to my success.

D: What do you need?
M: I need more out of life than I've had so far. I need to be loved for who I am.

D: What do you believe?
M: I'm a little embarrassed to say that I believe in love at first sight.

D: What makes you happy?
M: Wil makes me happy.

D: What are you afraid of?
M: I'm afraid that somehow Riley will be successful and take Wil away from me.

D: What makes you angry?
M: John Riley makes me angry. The old weasel is slick and has stayed a step ahead of us. He's a snake and nothing would make me happier than killing him with my bare hands.

D: What do you regret?
M: I regret that I didn't marry Bobby when I had the chance. He died thinking I didn't love him.

D: What, if anything, haunts you?
M: Seeing Bobby's face as he fell into that bottomless hole. I watched him fall and couldn't do anything. I have nightmares sometimes about falling – forever.

D: Are you lucky?
M: Some people would say that I am. I think of myself as getting what I want because I'm focused and determined.

D: Have you ever failed at anything
M: You're kidding right? All the time.

D: Has anyone ever failed you?
M: Yeah, when Wil gave up and left 10 years ago. That hurt so much, I made myself forget him.

D: Have you ever failed anyone?
M: I failed Bobby. I couldn't save him.....

D: Do you like remembering your childhood?
M: I don't know how my mom did it, but she made growing up in a hellhole a wonderful experience. I had a great childhood and I hope when I have kids I can do the same for them.

D: Did you get along with your parents?
M: My folks are the most incredible people I know. Even if they weren't my parents, I'd be friends with them.

D: What in your past would you like to forget?
M: The way I felt when Wil left me and the look on Bobby's face when he realized he was going to die.

D: Who was your first love?
M: I fell in love with Wil when I was a girl. But he left. I fell in love with Bobby after that.

D: Was there a major turning point in your life?
M: When Wil walked onto the mining station and I saw him again after 10 years.

D: What is your favorite scent? Why?
M: Wil. I used to think he wore cologne, but it's just him. It's the most erotic scent I know.

D: Name five items in your purse, briefcase, or pockets.
M: I believe in traveling light. However, I'll always have my watch and my communicator wherever I go. If I'm going out in a hostile environment, I'll have my stasuit, water and food.

D: If you were stranded on a desert island, would you rather be stranded with, a man or a woman?
M: Women don't like me much for some reason. I think I intimidate them. If I had to be stuck with anyone, I'd like it to be Wil. He's interesting, intelligent, funny and knows more about survival than anyone else I know. He's also dead sexy.

D: How do you envision your future?
M: I hope we have children one day – and a quiet life somewhere.

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