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I Love Dialogue from Room 103

Marice Houston is a Deputy Federal Marshal who is back home for her tenth college reunion. While there, she hooks up with a longtime friend, Kris. Though she'd been staying in a motel when she arrived, she checkout so she can stay with Kris for the rest of her vacation. Lots of crazy things happen and at one point, Kris gets hit when someone is taking a shot at Marice. Now in the hospital, his room seems to be Grand Central Station. They've had cops, another Deputy Marshal, a police detective and now Todd, the motel owner, whose nephew was also shot. He gave Marice a kiss without realizing that Kris was there.
There was yet another tap at the door. Cox poked his head in again. "Some guy from down the hall, he wanted to say hello?" Todd. Oh, shit. I could only imagine what Kris would do or say. "I'll come out," I said quickly. "No. Bring him in. Old home week," Kris remarked, tight lipped. Todd shuffled in, staying by the door, his hands in his pock…

I Love Dialogue from Beach Babe

Fiona Cartwright and Dechlan Albright are working in Florida on a new television series. Since they're living in a relatively small town, word has gotten around quickly that there are celebrities present. It doesn't take long for folks to start recognizing them, even at the grocery store.
We got everything we needed for the meal and went to the cash register. The cashier looked up at us and smiled wide. “I just saw your picture on Facebook. Your picture doesn't do you justice,” she simpered at Dechlan. “You're so much dreamier in person.” “Thanks,” I snarled, feeling the spark of jealousy that was totally uncalled for. All I could think of was how Gator had cheated on me, or flirted with, every woman he met. “Thank you. May we get our groceries now? I believe we're attracting attention,” Dechlan said in a politely neutral voice. He didn't flash his smile or pose and preen like he sometimes does. “Rory, why don't you take Fiona to the car?” I wanted to protest…

Character Quotes from Full Measure

Grunting and bleeding Domino made another try. Suddenly, he was staring at the barrels of two nasty guns with equally lethal looking women behind them. Ann and Mickey kept him covered while Ralan cuffed his wrists behind him and gave him a thorough search. Jerking him upright by his cuffed hands, Ralan shoved Domino forward. "I'll kill you for this, Hendrix." "Yeah, yeah," Ralan said with a sneer. Domino slammed into Ralan's body, trying to knock him over. Ann tripped him as Mickey grabbed his cuffs, jerking his hands up behind his back as he fell. Domino howled as his shoulders wrenched. Dragging him upright, Ralan yanked on the cuffs again, making the big man scream. "You have the right to remain silent," Ralan said conversationally as he led him back to the waiting vehicles. "What took you two so long?" he asked politely as he wiped blood from his lip. "I was getting my ass kicked." "You looked like you could take him,"…

Red River Radio What's Write for Me Presents Janet and Chris Morris!

Wednesday, June 22 at 4 PM EDT, 3 CDT, 2 MDT, 1 PDT
Dellani and Christina are delighted to welcome back Janet and Chris Morris for another lively talk about their work as authors, their love of horses, music, mayhem and anything else that strikes the fancy. Janet has more books and short stories than can be easily counted. Well known for her fantasy and sci-fi work, she has also written historical fiction and any number of other genres. We're thrilled to have her back! Chris is not only an author, he also is a talented musician and has an amazing speaking voice. He has read several of Janet's works for audiobooks. It's always fun with the Morrises around. Join us for a lively and entertaining show.
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Janet Morris


I Love Dialogue from Savage Heart

Savage Heart is the sequel to Indian Summer. Set in 1740, things are heating up between the Spanish and British. A war in Europe, between the two nations, has dribbled over the ocean to the New World. As the situation worsens, the Governor decides to send the women to Jamaica for safety. Gabriella, of course, refuses.
"You're insufferable!" Manuel threw up his hands, tugging at his hair. "How can I do my job when I'm worried about you?" "And what will your job be? The most unavoidably difficult and dangerous? Why would you choose something easy? You live for the adventure, Manuel. Admit it. You hunger for the active life of a soldier again." "Nothing of the sort, Gabriella," he muttered unconvincingly. "Well, what then? Tell me. I demand to know!" "Very well." Manuel rubbed his chin, pursing his lips. "I am going to spy on the British soldiers and try to infiltrate the ranks as an Indian compatriot." Gabriella'…

Dellani's Tea Time Presents Social Media Show with JD, Karen and Marta

Once in awhile, Dellani and Christina talk to one another, as well as a few stellar authors, and chat about using social media to publicize yourself as an author. Listen in MONDAY JUNE 13 at 4:00 PM Eastern time (3 Central, 2 Mountain, 1 Pacific) when we chat with JD Holliday, Karen Vaughan and Marta Moran Bishop.
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JD Holiday Janosse the Goose, The Spy Game, The Great Snowball Escapade and more at Amazon JD'sBlog
Karen Vaughan Left for Dead, Jamaica Dead, Daytona Dead and many more at Amazon Karen'sBlog
Marta Moran Bishop The Between Times, Darkness Descends, Dinky: The Nurse Mare's Foal, and many more at Amazon Marta'sBlog
Rachel Rueben Hag, Eternal Bond, Fedelta. Rachel's Amazon page Rachel'sBlog
Dellani Oakes Lone Wolf, One Night in Daytona Beach, Room 103 and many more at Amazon Dellani'sBlog
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Lone Wolf Returns!

Wil's back and he's just as bad as ever (but in a totally hot and lethal way). Join him and Matilda as they wend their way into deep space, in a space race with the infamous John Riley. You can find Lone Wolf for sale at Amazon with this fantastic new cover! Please note, if it hasn't got this cover, it isn't the Dellani Oakes authorized edition and I don't get paid. (For full disclosure on this, click here.)
For your reading enjoyment, a teaser from Chapter 5 of Lone Wolf!
The room was Spartan with a single round table top sitting on crates. Three chairs surrounded it. The small room smelled of decay and mold. A timeworn ceiling fan moved the thick, moist air with very little effect. The beads jangled aside, moved by a gnarled, age spotted hand, more like a crustaceous claw than a human appendage. An old woman stepped through. The ancient, wrinkled face gazed up at them. Her clear, bright green eyes bored into theirs; steady, calm, unwavering. Wisps of thin, white hai…

I Love Dialogue from My Lifeguard

Drew Carlson is a lifeguard with a terrible love life. Every woman he's ever dated has ended up married to one of his friends instead. Then he meets Magda Yarkowsky, a Georgian from Georgia (The country near Russia and a state just to the north of Florida) His life changes from somewhat routine to far more exciting. On their first date, Drew takes Magda to dinner at a comedy club.
The lights dimmed and the owner of the club stepped onto the small stage to introduce the first act. The comedian took the stage and started talking. He was moderately funny, but Magda didn't really even crack a smile after the first few minutes. As they were sitting right by the stage, her silence was fairly obvious and it was making the comedian nervous, throwing off his timing. "Hey, lady, do you have a problem with me?" He stepped forward, pointing at Magda. His New Jersey accent wasn't entirely for his act. "I'm working hard up here." "My English is not so good. I n…