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Good News!

Fantastic news! Second Wind Publishing has now got Ebooks available! Pop over and check it out!

See a Reader's Perspective

My friend Cherry De wrote an insightful post on my Word Press blog. Pop over and have a look!

Why Do I Write?

People love to talk to writers. I don't know why that is, but they do. Many are, I'm sure, trying to get published themselves and want advice. Others like the aura and mystique of a writer. They stand around in awe. While this is flattering, it's somewhat uncomfortable. Most of the writers I've met are somewhat shy and reserved. We may not come across that way when among others of our breed, but there is the tendency to want to shrink away from public acclaim.
Inevitably, when people find out you're a writer, they ask several uncomfortable questions. At least they are uncomfortable for me, because I don't have good answers for them yet. The first question I usually am asked is, "How do you think of the stories?"
After a brief 'duh' moment, I try to stammer something out, but it's vastly inaccurate and not very satisfying for them or me. Being a strong believer in the Greek concept of the Muse, I can't explain that the ideas and words pos…

Research - A Writer's Lifeline

I've got research on my mind because I'm writing a sequel to my historical romance, "Indian Summer". Although fairly conversant with the time period, new things pop up. I needed a timeline for the battle I'm going to include in my story. I could find a few basic facts, but it wasn't until I came across a website that was of important dates in Georgia history, that I got what I needed. Strange, since I'm writing something set in Florida. However, since the attack was led by General Oglethorpe and his troops were stationed in Georgia at the time, I suppose it makes sense.

Another fact that presented itself (from the Georgia timeline) was the name of an obscure fort that was attacked prior to the siege of St. Augustine. Fort Diego? Where's that? Obviously, this led to more questions than I had answers for. Initial web searches gave me a lot of information on Fort Diego in California (now San Diego), but didn't help the Florida research at all…