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Red River Writers Live & Robin Falls Kids Schedule

Monday:Tony Angelo –The Dreams of Our Children – Every other monthPeggy Grenne – Chirp with Peggy – 6 times a yearDellani Oakes – Dellani's Tea Time 4:00 PM EasternVirginia S. Grenier – Stories for ChildrenBarbara Hodges – Let's TalkDr. Thomas A GavinWade Zahares, Rose Cooper, Carolyn Watson DubischMarsha Casper Cook – A Good Story is a Good Story – 8:00 PM Eastern – Every week. 5. Lakisha Spletzer – Tell Me a StoryTuesday:Every Tuesday – Peter J. Dawson – Speak Out America Now, a current events showWednesday:Mike Marcellino – Notebookwriter – 8:00 PM EasternMen Read – Lt. Col. Karl Lenker, George Scott – 8:00 PM EasternFran Lewis – Book Discussion – 1:00 PM EasternDellani Oakes – What's Write for Me – 1:00 PM EasternAnne-Louise Sterry – Art of StorytellingThursday:Debra Simpson – Savvy Designs – 1:00 PM EasternShani Fenderson – The Christian Cafe – every other monthBarbara Hodges – No LimitsLinda Kozar, Sharon Leaf, Kelly Boyer Sagert – Gate Beautiful – Ev…

Getting to Know Sue O'Shields!

Sue is a wonderful author, though she's not yet published her novels. I'm thrilled and honored that she agreed to participate in her very first interview! ~ Dellani
When did you start writing?
Well, when it comes to story-telling, I think I became interested in writing when I got such positive response to a story I wrote in First Grade. Positive for me, anyway; it created a lot of laughter, and people were paying attention to me. The story went: "This summer for summer vacaton we went to Wiscon. Then we came home. My dog ran away and got hit by a car. The End." Everyone thought it was uproarious. Go figure.

By the way, the dog was fine. He got tapped by the car and in turn tried to bite it.

What gave you the idea for your first book?
Gee, do I want to answer this? Okay, okay, it was fan fiction about my favorite rock star. Back when I was thirteen, ALL the girls were writing about how they would meet Rod Stewart or the Bay City Roller of choice, so I wrote about how Georg…

Wednesday's Show

Due to the fact I had surgery last Monday, I've decided NOT to have my show on Wednesday May 25th. I thought I could handle it, but I'm still very tired & run down. Also, my other half is putting his medical foot down. My guests WILL BE on another show and I will keep you updated. ~ Dellani

Chatting with Barbara Ehrentreu

Barbara is an amazing lady who keeps an even busier schedule than I do. She took time out to answer some questions for me to share with all of you. Please welcome Barbra Ehrentreu!
When did you start writing?My first published poem was when I was in third grade. Then after college I started writing poetry and when I was teaching in Buffalo another poem of mine was published in the Buffalo Schools Bulletin. It wasn’t until I enrolled in a graduate program at Manhattanville that I took my first writing workshop and started to write seriously. I attended Manhattanville’s Writer’s Week and when my memoir was picked by my group and I read it to the entire audience several authors came to me and praised it. That was when I decided I was a writer, because I felt so comfortable with all of the authors. The following summer I joined a children’s writing workshop during Writer’s Week and began my first novel now being published.

What gave you the idea for your first book?I enrolled in a children’…

My May Shows

I’ve got a show today at 4:00 PM Eastern that I meant to announce earlier and forgot. My guests will be Dr. Barbara Becker-Holstein, Christine Fonseca, Deon Davis and (possibly) Anna Fowler–provided her weather & internet cooperate. Please listen in!–dellanis-tea-timeMy second show in May is slated for Wednesday, May 25th at 1:00 PM Eastern. My guests will be Michael Murphy, Dara England, Sue O’Shields & Anna K. Edwards. Be sure to tune in!–whats-write-for-me

Speaking of Fran Lewis....

Fran Lewis is an amazingly talented, creative, inspiring and thought provoking author. She's also one of the busiest people I know. She writes books & articles, reads constantly, writes book reviews, hosts shows on Blog Talk Radio and still has time to answer questions for my interview. I'm greatly honored and blessed to have such a wonderful friend.
When did you start writing?
I started writing when I was about 4. I do not remember a time when I was not writing stories, poems or passing notes to my sister under the blanket at night. My mom would say lights out but never knew we had flashlights under our blankets and note pads so that we could send each other messages whenever we wanted. Writing short stories, poems for cards and longer stories was always something that I loved doing. Writing my first children’s book was my Aunt Tova’s idea. She made me promise her before she passed away that I would do something with my writing skills other than write lesson plans and help…